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Isla Paradiso is a world featured in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. The town is an archipelago of many islands and is used to showcase the many features of Island Paradise.
Isla Paradiso is located in the seas, consisting of two main islands and many small islands scattered around. The town is similar to Sunlit Tides, which is also based on a tropical island theme, although Isla Paradiso has even more islands. Unlike Sunlit Tides, which has a Pacific theme, Isla Paradiso has Caribbean and Spanish themes. The architecture of the town is either Spanish, beach, or modern.

Isla Paradiso has unique features that are not available in other worlds by default. For instance, it’s the only world that has diving areas for Sims to scuba dive and explore underwater, although some advanced players can also make their own in other worlds. It also has 8 hidden islands, surrounding the town, which can be discovered in certain ways. Once discovered, the island will be automatically owned by the discoverer. Sims can turn the island into a private secondary residential lot, or into a resort. Similar to World Adventures adventure destinations, Isla Paradiso is also scattered with treasure chests, hidden in the islands or underwater.

There are 3 pre-built resorts in Isla Paradiso, which have unique themes of their own. The resorts are Hobart’s Hideaway (beach style), La Costa Verde (Spanish style), and Sparkling Sands (modern style). Hobart’s Hideaway can be purchased for free, and it is intended to be a starting resort to help players familiarize with resort management. In addition, there are many ports and premade houseboats in Isla Paradiso. Other residents can be seen moving the houseboats, so it’s not only the player who will move the inhabited houseboats.

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Sims 3 cc

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Sims 3 Cc

One special feature from Isla Paradiso is Kraken sightings. The Kraken will occasionally appear underwater when the houseboat is in the middle of the ocean for a long time, and may attack Sims if they are on a boat. The Kraken will only appear in Isla Paradiso due to the depth of the oceans there; most other worlds in The Sims 3 have shallow bodies of water that cannot support the Kraken. However, the Kraken may be sighted far out into the ocean in Sunset Valley and Lucky Palms, where the water is deep enough

Sims 3 downloadWorldssims

Total number of lots: 118
Lots 20×20: 4
Lots 20×30: 13
Lots 30×30: 9
Lots 30×40: 8
Lots 40×40: 6
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 2
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 2
Lots 64×64: 13
Odd-sized lots: 61

List of lots and houses in Isla Paradiso world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot addressLot sizeBuilding nameFamily nameAnchor place
Isla Paradiso – Central
54 Civic Center26×26Nautical Museum (Art Gallery)
58 Civic Center30×26Ble Sky Movie Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
68 Civic Center24×40Paradise Pub (Visitors Allowed)
70 Civic Center24×23Costa Verde Corp. & Alyssa’s Bookstore (No Visitors Allowed)
74 Civic Center20×12The Painted Lady – 2br, 2baVidal
76 Civic Center20×12Colonial Casa – 4br, 2.5baCollins
78 Civic Center20×15Fiesta House – 1br, 2baSenorita Hernandez
80 Civic Center26×26Beso de Sol Garden (Small Park)
90 Civic Center48×26Los Libros Libary (Library)
100 Civic Center64×64Civic Center (No Visitors Allowed)
102 Civic Center30×20(Visitors Allowed)
The Plaza64×44Plaza Park (Big Park)
Isla Paradiso – North
1 Alto Road40×40Luxury Villa – 2br, 1.5baAlto
15 Dolphin Lane60×60
75 Fiesta Circle64×64La Costa Verde (Resort)
6 Greenbeard Road40×40Humble Home, 2br 2ba
10 Modern Mile50×50Modern Marvel – 2br, 2ba
17 Paradise Road40×30Casa del Sol, 2br, 2baThe Lonely Lover
25 Paradise Road30×20
27 Paradise Road20×20Cozy Cottage – 1br, 1ba
36 Paradise Road40×30The Palms Gym (Gym)
45 Paradise Road64×64Sparkling Sands (Resort)
51 Paradise Road40×30The Oasis – 1br, 1.5ba
53 Paradise Road30×4010 Sea Shell WayHan
63 Paradise Road35×25Oceanview Cemetery (Graveyard)
65 Paradise Road30×30A Modern Folly – 2br, 3baMedina
69 Paradise Road30×30Bachelor Pad – 2br, 1ba
5 Sea Spray Lane30×25Sweet Water Pool (Pool)
7 Sea Spray Lane30×20The Spanish Queen – 2br, 2baHamada
9 Sea Spray Lane30×30Personal Paradise – 2br, 1ba
77 Paradise Road64×64
79 Paradise Road30×30
10 Sea Shell Way35×35
10 Sunshine Street36×50Trade Winds Spa and Bistro (Visitors Allowed)
100 Universidad Boulevard64×64Accolades Institute and Stadium (Visitors Allowed)
Manufactured Sands, Isla Paradiso64×34Sparkling Sands Beach (Beach)
Smuggler’s Point, Isla Paradiso22×22Smuggler’s Lair (No Visitors Allowed)
The Bluff, Isla Paradiso50×50El Hospital (No Visitos Allowed)
The Hilltop, Isla Paradiso30×40Greenbeard’s Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)
Peaceful Port, Isla Paradiso30×50Peaceful Port (Port)
Picturesque Port, Isla Paradiso25×50Picturesque Port (Port)
Pleasing Port, Isla Paradiso50×30Pleasing Port (Port)
Premium Port, Isla Paradiso25×50Premium Port (Port)
Pretty Port, Isla Paradiso25×50Pretty Port (Port)
Prominent Port, Isla Paradiso25×50Prominent Port (Port)
Promising Port, Isla Paradiso25×50Promising Port (Port)
Isla Paradiso – South
5 Beach Boulevard30×20Casita Azulita – 0br, 1baTorres
1 Camino del Ray40×40Castillo de Ichtaca – 5br, 3baIchtaca
6 Camino del Ray21×15
11 Ocean View Road30×20Adobe Abode -3br, 1baThe Lone Artist
6 Ocean View Way15×20Cemeterio Antiguo (Graveyard)
1 Sharks Bay20×30Sea House – 2br, 1baOjeda
2 Sharks Bay30×20
1 The Overlook30×30Ichtaca Community Garden (No Visitors Allowed)
2 The Overlook25×25Island Jewel Park (Small Park)
Crystal Cove, Isla Paradiso46×36Crystal Waters Beach (Beach)
Shimmering Sands, Isla Paradiso35×25
The Lonely Beach, Isla Paradiso30×30Solitude – 1br, 1 baThe Loner
Port Pescado, Isla Paradiso25×50Port Pescado (Port)
Port Playa, Isla Paradiso30×50Port Playa (Port)
Port Plenty, Isla Paradiso25×50Port Plenty (Port)
Port Popular, Isla Paradiso30×50Port Popular (Port)
Port Primavera, Isla Paradiso25×50Port Primavera (Port)
Port Prosperous, Isla Paradiso25×50Port Prosperous (Port)
Surf Island
15 Riviera Road40×40
25 Riviera Road40×40Holiday House – 3br, 1baBabes on the Beach
16 Scuba Street20×30(No Visitors Allowed)
15 Scuba Street30×20(No Visitors Allowed)
14 Scuba Street20×20Fortunate Fishing (Fishing Spot)
13 Scuba Street25×20Seasiode Stuff Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
11 Scuba Street40×20Petite Park (Small Park)
10 Scuba Street20×20Island Beauty – 1br, 1ba
12 Scuba Street30×30Cruzita’s Groceries and Diner (No Visitors Allowed)
12 Shaka Bra Road25×25Rebecca’s Cafe (Visitors Allowed)
13 Shaka Bra Road15×10Mi Casa – 1br, 1ba
33 Surf Circle35×45
45 Surf Circle25×25Sundancer – 2br, 1ba
47 Surf Circle30×20
101 Surf Circle64×64Hobart’s Hideaway (Resort)
Bella Vista Beach, Surf Island54×50Bella Vista Beach (Beach)
Sandy Beach, Surf Island30×40Spirit of the Sea – 2br, 1baLos Amigos
Sandy Shore, Surf Island30×40Seaside Escape – 1br, 1ba
Port Perilous, Surf Island25×50Port Perilous (Port)
Port Placid, Surf Island25×50Port Placid (Port)
Port Pleasant, Surf Island30×50Port Pleasant (Port)
Other islands
Port Pyre, Fire Island30×50Port Pyre (Port)
The Flats, Fire Island50×50
Ocean View, Isla Romatica40×40
Land’s End, Isla Zamora20×20Surf Shack – 0br, 0baVaradi
Dry Land, Kraken Island30×30The Modern Hideaway – 1br, 1.5baThe Siren
Seaside Retreat, Science Island30×20(No Visitors Allowed)
The Hill, Science Island30×20My First Research Facility – 1br, 1baThe Scientist
The Lab, Science Island50×60Naulitius Laboratories (No Visitors Allowed)
Retreat, Serenity Isle15×25
The Hideaway, Shark Bite Island30×20
Port Pepper, The Lonely Isle30×50Port Pepper (Port)
Hidden islands
64×64Beryl Shoals
30×40Cay to the City
50×60Diver’s Den
30×30Mermaid’s Secret
60×60No Trouble Atoll
64×64Plumbob Island
64×64Plunder Cove
25×30Refuge Island
House boats
10×12Aquaholic – 1br, 1baThe AnglerPort Prosperous, Isla Paradiso
12×17Atlantis – 1br, 2baDreggPicturesque Port, Isla Paradiso
17×22Fantasea – 2br, 1baThe PrincePretty Port, Isla Paradiso
10×12Happy Houseboat – 1br, 1baPromising Port, Isla Paradiso
12×17Odyssey – 2br, 2baPort Placid, Surf Island
12×17Our First Houseboat – 2br, 2baAriasPort Pescado, Isla Paradiso
12×17Sea Spirit – 1br, 2baThe RomanticPort Primavera, Isla Paradiso
17×22The Floating Fortress – 3br, 2baPleasing Port, Isla Paradiso
17×22Tide Runner – 2br, 1baScottPort Perilous, Surf Island
10×12You’re On a Boat – 1br, 1baPort Popular, Isla Paradiso
64×64Davy Jones’ Locker (Diving Area)
64×64Pearl’s Deep (Diving Area)
64×64Rocky Reef (Diving Area)
64×64The Mermaid Grotto (Diving Area)

World Sims 3 Lovers Walkthrough

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