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Wifi Serial Port

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Airconsole Pro is the Bluetooth / Wifi to Serial and Ethernet adaptors for use with iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Android. Provides RS232 Serial connection over Bluetooth (Low Energy or 2.1), WIFI or Wired Ethernet in a single unit. 4 hour battery life and comes with Many many features, including auto-discovery, full control over baud rate and other settings, detailed management webpage (and built. Wireless Serial Port using TCP We start by configuring each of the modules, one as a TCP server and one as a TCP client. Copy and paste the commands in the left hand column of the following table into a. Looking for the easiest way to send and receive data from an ESP8266? A great starting point is understanding how to configure your ESP8266 to send and receive a UDP packet. You can use UDP to communicate with other ESP8266 devices, your computer or many other WiFi.

Make a converter that transform data from Serial to Wi-Fi/Ethernet and vice versa, by using Arduino.

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Components and supplies

Arduino UNO
PHPoC Shield 2 for Arduino
PHPoC Smart RS232 Board

About this project

Why should we do it?

In the era of IoT, do you still own any serial device?

For me? Yes, I do. I have a Pan-tilt camera which only supports RS485 interface, and I am not gonna throw it away any time soon. There are tons of serial devices over there in the real world, not to mention that most of industrial devices still use serial interfaces. Serial communication is simple, cost-efficient, reliable, and can come to the rescue whenever you need to get the console access to the device.

But, we are living in the era of IoT! Isn't it great if we can add network capability to those serial devices, so that we are able to access them from wherever we want.

Here I will show you how I made a simple Ethernet to RS232 converter by using Arduino Uno and PHPoC Shield. TCP data that bypasses Ethernet connection can be transformed into serial data, and vice versa.

So, how to make it?

I use a Smart RS232 Board for serial interface. Along with a PHPoC Shield 2, they are stacked on an Arduino Uno.

Each Smart RS232 Board has an RS-232 port, and is addressed by ID, which can set by manually setting DIP switches. For example, in this project, the board is addressed as 1.

A PHPoC shield supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, but you can only choose either of them for network connection. In my project, I set up an Ethernet connection for PHPoC Shield.

With a small change in hardware setup, this can become a Wi-Fi/Ethernet to RS232/RS422/RS485 converter. Maybe with more effort, you can even make a Wi-Fi/Ethernet Serial gateway, since an Arduino board can carry up to 14 smart expansion boards, and by combining with a PHPoC shield, it can support up to 4 TCP connections simultaneously.

In my project, Arduino board with PHPoC shield works as a TCP client. That means, it can connect to a TCP server via Ethernet network. Well, TBH, you can just call my project 'TCP to Serial converter' as well.

Arduino code does the straightforward work: read the incoming data from serial, then forward it to TCP server, as well as read incoming data from TCP server and send it to serial.

You can take a look at the screenshot below for the demonstration:

Wifi Serial PortWifi Serial Port

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Wifi Serial Port Arduino

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April 30, 2019
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Wifi Serial Port Esp8266

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