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Why Is My Download Speed Suddenly So Slow

If you’ve found that your download speed is great, but your upload speed isabysmal, I’ve got a possible solution for you. I struggled with this issuefor a while and decided to write down my findings in a blog post in case I, oranyone else, runs into this in the future.


In fact, this is the second such blog post I’m writing: a couple years ago,I hit the the inverse issue and documented the solution in a blog post calledGot slow download but fast upload speeds over wireless? Here’s afix.That post has had several hundred thousand views and helped many people (checkout the comments—I even got a marriage proposal), so I’m hoping this postwill be useful too!

Here’s your tldr: upgrade your router’s firmware.


This means your network is blocking torrent files, or is blocking your outgoing port. To check this, try downloading a Featured Content torrent on another network. If you can download a torrent on another network (particularly a fast wifi network), then it’s likely that your wifi network is causing the issue. My download speeds were good until earlier this evening, when they suddenly dropped to a crawl. I'd made no settings changes in between, or any driver/system updates. There is another computer in the house (running Windows 8) which is having no connectivity or speed issues. So I guess somehow I continously got routed to a very slow server or so? Still, my ISP (Ziggo) is the largest ISP of The Netherlands, so you guys should definitely look into it. Tracing using my normal DNS server leads to: (and times out). I have 100 Mbps speed but last update 25 gb i download 2 Mbps. There is not open another program or something else but still so damn slow i test it my download speed has no problem but when i try to download update but getting slower. P.s what kind a shity forum this i cant add screen picture in topic.

I noticed that on all my devices - a Macbook Pro, iPhone, Windows desktop -webpages were sometimes taking a long time to load; it was a bit intermittent,but everything from google maps to gmail suddenly got very sluggish. I haveone of their higher tier Internet plans from Comcast, so this was prettydisappointing.

I ran a bandwidth test on and the results wereroughly the same across all of my devices:

At 57 Mb/s, the download speed was great; however, the upload speed was a mere0.17 Mb/s, which is pretty much unusable. In fact, I had to re-run the testseveral times, as occasionally, the upload portion of the test would get stuckand never complete.

The solution

Why Is My Download Speed Suddenly So Slow Windows 10


I tried rebooting the router, the cable modem, tweaking a bunch of settings,but nothing helped. I also checked with Comcast to ensure there were no issuesour outages in my area, and of course, everything was fine.

Why Are Downloads So Slow

Finally, I stumbled upon the solution: a firmware upgrade. My router, aCisco/Linksys E1200, was using firmware version 2.0.02. I went over toLinksys’ supportpage,found my router, and saw that a newer version, 2.0.06, was available. Here’s asnippet from the release notes:

The notes for version 2.0.04 are especially interesting, as they fix bugs with WMM(which was the cause of problems in my previous blogpost),QoS, and more.

I figured it was worth a shot, downloaded the 2.0.06 firmware, and installedit through my router’s admin UI. The instructions for upgrading the firmwarewill not be the same for all routers, but here’s roughly what you need to do:

  1. Go to []( and login to your router.If you've never done this, look for instructions that came with your router ordo a google search to find the default username and password.
  2. Click on 'administration'.
  3. Click on 'firmware upgrade'.
  4. You should see a page like this:
  5. Click 'Choose File' and select the firmware file you downloaded.
  6. Click 'Start Upgrade'. DO NOT unplug your router or click anything else inthe meantime; let the upgrade complete!
  7. Wait a minute or so for your router to reboot.

The results

After the router restarted, I re-ran my speed test, and the results weremuch nicer:

The download speed is still a zippy 57 Mb/s, but now the upload speed isfast too, at 11 Mb/s, or nearly 70x faster than what it was before.Woohoo!

Why Is My Download Speed Suddenly So Slow Like

I hope you found the post helpful. If your router has a differentfirmware upgrade process, leave a comment with the steps you followed soothers can find it. Happy web browsing!