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Virtual Binders are a new way of working with collections of electronic files, media and other content. The Binder concept is based on the simplicity of working with physical binders of documents - but updated for working with electronic files and media on tablets, laptops and PCs. Mar 04, 2016 Directly link your color-coded virtual binders to call lists, floor plans and other safety information already organized within your NaviGate Prepared system, or upload new documents to your binders. Premium belt clips and cable clamps for Virtual Reality.

About BinderTV:

BinderTV an online network that will showcase and focus on the rich 150+ year history of International Harvester Co. and its products, from IH Farm, Construction, lawn equipment, to refrigerators to big and little Trucks. From IH’s early days of the McCormick reaper to the later days of the offspring companies that came from IH including Navistar, CaseIH and Cub Cadet could be covered. The first program on this network will be The Great American IH Truck Build-Off. Our Second exciting program will be “Inside IH”!


Find BTV made programming on our YOUTUBE Channel! Please remember if you like what you see on BTV to subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel! It will help support our production efforts. Thank you checking us out and we hope you enjoy BTV!

Oct 23, 2016 I've long since admired a program called the gDoc Digital Binder. It's a personal organizer, rather like the filofax paper-based system of old (apologies to anyone who still carries one). Unlike Microsoft's OneNote, Digital Binder actually resembles a ring binder on screen, with pages that you can turn. You can include absolutely any type of information in a binder, including Word documents.

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The preview showcase application Digital Binder has now been replaced with Digital Binder Pro.

The pricing model has also changed and Digital Binder is now only available as a yearly subscription, in packs of 10 users (minimum).

For further information, please contact Nikec Solutions directly using the Contact section or visit our website.

Virtual binder softwareSoftware

Digital Binder provides all the familiarity of a paper binder with the power of digital. You won’t have to change the way you work.

Virtual binder software

Virtual Binder Software

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Windows Compatible Only (not Mac Compatible)