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Tom And Jerry Movies List

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Tom and Jerry is an American animatedcartoon series. It is about two characters: a blue cat named Tom and a house mouse named Jerry.

Below is a list of the Tom and Jerry animated shorts.

1940–1958: Hanna-Barbera/MGM/UA cartoons[changechange source]

1940[changechange source]

001Puss Gets The BootFebruary 10Tom is named Jasper and Jerry is named Jinx in this short.

1941[changechange source]

002The Midnight SnackJuly 19First given names of Tom and Jerry
003The Night Before ChristmasDecember 6

1942[changechange source]

004Fraidy CatJanuary 17
005Dog TroubleApril 18First appearance of dog Spike
006Puss n' TootsMay 30
007The Bowling Alley-CatJuly 18
008Fine Feathered FriendOctober 10First cartoon in series to use A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon line at ending
009Sufferin' Cats!December 16First appearance of Meathead

1943[changechange source]

010The Lonesome MouseMay 22First cartoon in which Tom and Jerry speak
011The Yankee Doodle MouseJune 26First cartoon to win an Academy Award for Short Subjects. Last T&J cartoon animated by George Gordon.
012Baby PussDecember 25First appearances of Butch and Topsy. First T&J cartoon animated by Ray Patterson.

1944[changechange source]

013The Zoot CatFebruary 26Jerry speaks again.
014The Million Dollar CatMay 6Tom gets a million dollars from his aunt and moves to New York where Jerry abuses how Tom can't hurt any living being even a mouse to keep the money. This is the first time Tom wins a fight with Jerry.
015The BodyguardJuly 22Spike speaks for the first time
016Puttin' on the DogOctober 28
017Mouse TroubleNovember 23Won an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons

1945[changechange source]

018The Mouse Comes to DinnerMay 5
019Mouse in ManhattanJuly 7First T&J cartoon animated by Ed Barge
020Tee for TwoJuly 21
021Flirty BirdySeptember 22first apperance of duck
022Quiet Please!!!!!December 20Won an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons

1946[changechange source]

023Springtime for ThomasMarch 30First Tom and Jerry cartoon to be nominated for an Annie Award
024The Milky WaifMay 18First appearance of Nibbles. Also first T&J cartoon animated by Michael Lah.
025Trap HappyJune 29
026Solid SerenadeAugust 31Tom sings 'Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby' by Louis Jordan. Tom also speaks twice more in the episode, once for 20 straight seconds.
027Cat Fishin'September 21
028Part Time PalNovember 26
029The Cat ConcertoDecember 21Won an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons

1947[changechange source]

030Dr. Jekyll and Mr. MouseJune 14Nominated for an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons
031Salt Water TabbyJuly 12
032A Mouse in the HouseAugust 30
033The Invisible MouseSeptember 27
034Kitty FoiledNovember 22Only Tom and Jerry cartoon animated by Irving Levine.

1948[changechange source]

Little Orphan The 1948
035The Truce HurtsJuly 17
036Old Rockin' Chair TomSeptember 18
037Professor TomOctober 30
038Mouse CleaningDecember 11One of two cartoons not included in Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection.

1949[changechange source]

039Polka-Dot PussFeb 26, 1949
040The Little OrphanApr 30, 1949Won an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons
041Hatch Up Your TroublesMay 14, 1949Nominated for an Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons
042Heavenly PussJul 9, 1949
043The Cat and the MermouseSeptember 3
044Love That PupOctober 1First appearance of Tyke the dog. First cartoon to have Daws Butler (in the style of Jimmy Durante) voice Spike.
045Jerry's DiaryOctober 22First T&J film combining several earlier cartoons
046Tennis ChumpsDecember 10

1950[changechange source]

047Little QuackerJanuary 7
048Saturday Evening PussJanuary 14Only time that Mammy-Two Shoes' face is seen.
049Texas TomMarch 11
050Jerry and the LionApril 8
051Safety SecondJuly 4First cartoon to use 'Made in Hollywood, U.S.A.' on the end titles.
052Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood BowlSeptember 16
053The Framed CatOctober 21
054Cue Ball CatNovember 25
055Casanova CatDecember 23One of two cartoons not included in Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection.

1951[changechange source]

056Jerry and the GoldfishMarch 3
057Jerry's CousinApril 7Nominated for an Academy Award
058Sleepy-Time TomMay 26
059His Mouse FridayJuly 7Rarely aired on television due to racial stereotypes.
060Slicked-up PupSeptember 8
061Nit-Witty KittyOctober 6
062Cat NappingNovember 8
063The Flying CatDecember 13Tom is shown without his tail for a second.

1952[changechange source]

Tom And Jerry Movies List 2017

064The Duck DoctorFebruary 16
065The Two MouseketeersMarch 15Won an Academy Award. Nibbles speaks for the first time and is renamed Tuffy.
066Smitten KittenApril 12Second T&J film combining several earlier cartoons.
067Triplet TroubleApril 19
068Little RunawayJune 14
069Fit to Be TiedJuly 26
070Push-Button KittySeptember 6Final appearance of Mammy Two Shoes.
071Cruise CatOctober 18
072The Dog HouseNovember 29

1953[changechange source]

073The Missing MouseJanuary 10Only Tom and Jerry cartoon scored by Edward Plumb
074Jerry and JumboFebruary 21
075Johann MouseMarch 21Won an Academy Award
076That's My Pup!April 25
077Just DuckySeptember 5
078Two Little IndiansOctober 17Jerry takes two little little orphan mice on a cub scout retreat.
079Life with TomNovember 21Film combining several earlier cartoons
080Puppy TaleDecember 19

1954[changechange source]

081Posse CatJanuary 30
082Hic-cup PupApril 17
083Little School MouseMay 29
084Baby ButchAugust 14
085Mice FolliesSeptember 4
086Neapolitan MouseOctober 2
087Downhearted DucklingNovember 13
088Pet PeeveNovember 20Made in both standard and widescreen formats
089Touché, Pussy Cat!December 18Nominated for an Academy Award. Part of the Mouseketeer series.

1955[changechange source]

090Southbound DucklingMarch 12
091Pup on a PicnicApril 30
092Mouse for SaleMay 21
093Designs on JerrySeptember 2
094Tom and ChérieSeptember 9Part of Mouseketeer series
095Smarty CatOctober 14Film combining several earlier cartoons
096Pecos PestNovember 11Final Tom and Jerry cartoon with Fred Quimby as producer
097That's My MommyNovember 19First Tom and Jerry cartoon with William Hanna and Joseph Barbera as both producers and directors. Nominated for an Annie Award.
098The Flying SorceressDecember 22

1956[changechange source]

099The Egg and JerryMarch 23CinemaScope remake of Hatch Up Your Troubles
100Busy BuddiesMay 4
101Muscle Beach TomSeptember 7Nominated for an Annie Award
102Down Beat BearOctober 21
103Blue Cat BluesNovember 6
104Barbecue BrawlDecember 14Produced in Perspecta Stereo

1957[changechange source]

105Tops with PopsFebruary 22CinemaScope remake of Love That Pup
1Give and TykeMarch 29Only Spike and Tyke appear
106Timid TabbyApril 19
107Feedin' the KiddieJune 7CinemaScope remake of The Little Orphan
2Scat CatsJuly 26Tom and Jerry do not appear in cartoon
108Mucho MouseSeptember 6
109Tom's Photo FinishNovember 1

1958[changechange source]

110Happy Go DuckyJanuary 3
111Royal Cat NapMarc2001 - The Manision cath 7Final Mouseketeer series cartoon
112The Vanishing DuckMay 2Last appearance of the Duckling and George.
113Robin HoodwinkedJune 6Last appearance of Tuffy.
114Tot WatchersAugust 1Last Tom and Jerry cartoon in CinemaScope and Perspecta Stereo. Last appearances of Joan, Jeannie, and the baby.

1961–1962: Gene Deitch/Rembrandt Films cartoons[changechange source]

The following thirteen cartoons were directed by Gene Deitch, produced by William L. Snyder, and animated at Snyder's Rembrandt Films in Prague, Czechoslovakia. All the cartoons were released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1961[changechange source]

115Switchin' KittenSeptember 7Last appearance of Lightning.
116Down and OutingOctober 26
117It's Greek to Me-ow!December 7

1962[changechange source]

118High SteaksJanuary 1
119Mouse Into SpaceFebruary 1
120Landing StriplingApril 1
121Calypso CatJune 1
122Dicky MoeJuly 1
123The Tom and Jerry Cartoon KitAugust 1
124Tall in the TrapSeptember 1
125Sorry SafariOctober 1
126Buddies Thicker Than WaterNovember 1
127Carmen Get It!December 1

1963–1967: Chuck Jones/Sib Tower 12 cartoons[changechange source]

The following 34 cartoons were produced by Chuck Jones in Hollywood, California. They were released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. These cartoons all were released on DVD in 2009 as part of Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection.

1963[changechange source]

128Pent-House MouseJuly 27

1964[changechange source]

129The Cat Above and the Mouse BelowJanuary 1
130Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?March 22
131Much Ado About MousingMay 24
132Snowbody Loves MeSeptember 2
133The Unshrinkable Jerry MouseDecember 6

1965[changechange source]

134Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of LifeJanuary 21
135Tom-ic EnergyMarch 7
136Bad Day at Cat RockApril 26First to feature Chuck Jones' signature
137The Brothers Carry-Mouse-OffMay 15
138Haunted MouseMay 30
139I'm Just Wild About JerryJune 14
140Of Feline BondageAugust 2
141The Year of the MouseAugust 30
142The Cat's Me-Ouch!September 15

1966[changechange source]

143Duel PersonalityFebruary 6
144Jerry, Jerry, Quite ContraryFebruary 28
145Jerry-Go-RoundMarch 6
146Love Me, Love My MouseMarch 21
147Puss 'n' BoatsApril 4
148Filet MeowApril 18
149Matinee MouseMay 9Film combining several earlier cartoons.
150The A-Tom-Inable SnowmanJune 20
151Catty-CorneredSeptember 21

1967[changechange source]

152Cat and Dupli catJanuary 20
153O Solar MeowJanuary 29
154Guided Mouse-illeMarch 10
155Rock 'n' RodentApril 07
156Cannery RodentApril 14
157The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.April 21
158Surf Bored CatMay 5
159Shutter Bugged CatJune 23
160Advance and Be MechanizedAugust 25
161Purr Chance to DreamSeptember 08

1975: The Tom and Jerry Show 48 cartoons[changechange source]

The Tom & Jerry Show having 16 Episodes with 48 segments, each segment with 7-8 Minutes. The following 48 cartoons were produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with MGM Television in 1975 for ABC based on the theatrical Tom and Jerry short series. This series marked the first time ever that Tom and Jerry appeared in animated installments produced exclusively for television. The show is currently owned by Warner Bros. Television through Time Warner's acquisition of Turner Entertainment.

1975[changechange source]

162Stay Awake Or ElseSeptember 06
163The Ski Bunny
164No Way Stowaways
165No Bones About ItSeptember 13
166An Ill Wind
167Beach Bully
168The Mammoth ManhuntSeptember 20
169The Wacky World of Sports
170Robin Ho Ho
171Safe But Not SorrySeptember 27
172Gopher Broke
173The Super Bowler
174Tricky Mc TroutOctober 4
175The Tennis Menace
176Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse
177Castle WizOctober 11
178Grim And Bear It
179The Flying Sorceress
180The Kitten SittersOctober 18
181Termites Plus Two
182Planet Pest
183The Hypochondriac LionOctober 25
184Give Em The Air
185The Egg And Tom And Jerry
186Watch Out Watch DogNovember 1
187The Super Cyclists
188The Police Kitten
189The Outfoxed FoxNovember 8
190Towering Fiasco
191The Lost Duckling
192Beanstalk BuddiesNovember 15
193Two Stars Are Born
194Son Of Gopher Broke
195The Sorcerers ApprenticesNovember 22
196Hold That Pose
197The Supercape Caper
198ChickenrellaNovember 27
199Double Trouble Crow
200Jerry's Nephew
201See Dr. Jackal A Hide!November 29
202Planet Of The Dogs
203The Campout Cutup
204Triple TroubleDecember 6
205The Bull Fighters
206Cruise Kitty
207Its No PicnicDecember 13
208Big Feet
209The Great Motorboat Race

Tom And Jerry Movies List

Tom And Jerry Movies List

2000: Made-for-TV cartoon[changechange source]

2000[changechange source]

210The Mansion CatApril 8Final short directed by William Hanna before he passed away in March 2001.

2005: Warner Bros. Animation cartoon[changechange source]

Tom And Jerry Movies List 2000

2005[changechange source]

Tom And Jerry Full Episodes

211The Karate GuardSeptember 27Directed by navidjt and Spike Brandty. Nominated for an Annie Award.

The Night Before Christmas

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