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Sqlite Viewer For Windows

Supports scanning and viewing of corrupted SQLite database files

The SQLite database manager not only allows to scan the database files but also recovers corrupted SQLite database contents. So, you don’t have to bother whether you have healthy or corrupt SQLite database.

Featured with search and preview option

The SQLite database viewer is provided with a feature of search and preview option. With the help of these features, one can easily search, locate the database files and open SQLite files. After this, files can be previewed easily in the preview panel.

No DB file size limitation

What SQLite GUI tools are available for Windows to edit/manage SQLite databases? The goals are: free user-friendly easy to work with SQLite databases for create, delete, fill tables import (csv, xls, mdb.) and export. Sqlite Database viewer provides Query feature to execute select statements. Users can easily find any particular component and read it too. User can input either single query or a multiple query and hit the execute button to get the result in PDF or CSV file format. This option plays a vital role for experts to identify a particular evidence. SQLite Database Reader is very helpful to view SQLite files on Windows machine. Also, it provides a search option for viewing multiple database files. I must say this application is really amazing. DB Browser for SQLite is a light GUI editor for SQLite databases, built on top of Qt. SQLite is a worldwide used and standard database format used by both of the popular mobile platforms iOS and Android as storage medium. There are multiple desktop and mobile Web-browsers and instant messaging applications which use SQLite to store data. SQLite Viewer can be a sophisticated medium to view details of this database. SQLite Viewer software provides an excellent solution to view and browse DB Files for SQLite users. It gives a smart interface that allows the users to preview the recorded tables and other database objects. With the use of this SQLite manager, one can scan and view corrupted database files.

This SQLite editor does not impose any sort of limitation regarding the size of the files to be uploaded.

Scans quickly the DB files

This SQLite manager scans the database files quick and fast so that it has become one of the best Windows SQLite viewer online.

Intuitive interface

This SQLite manager is equipped with an interactive and intuitive SQLite GUI so that even naive users can work on this software with ease.


The SQLite browser is strongly compatible with other versions of Windows SQLite viewers i.e. SQLite2 and SQLite3. It also runs very smoothly on all the versions of Windows OS.

Product FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
View & Browse SQLite DB files
Open SQLite files without SQL Server
Preview SQLite DB objects: tables, indexes, rules etc.
Preview corrupt SQLite DB files
Supports all versions of SQLite DB files
24*7 Technical Support
Export and Save to MDB/MDF fileNo

Online Live Video of SQLite File Viewer Software

The online video given below will help you in understanding the working procedure and how to use all features of the SQLite File Viewer Software. Observe this video tutorial given by the expert team of SysInfoTools, that represent each and every steps of file preview process.

Sqlite viewer for windows

Steps to open and view SQLite files

SysInfoTools SQLite Viewer tool is designed to have a preview of the entire data residing in SQLite files using below simple steps:

Launch SQLite File Viewer, click Open to select a database file and click OK to begin the scanning process.
Wait until the scanning process gets done.
Here you can see the recovered SQLite files in the preview pane of the software.
Sqlite Viewer For Windows
Click Upgrade button if you wish to save the recovered data.
How to view SQLite database using SQLite viewer?

This SQLite database viewer is supportive to both healthy and corrupt DB files.

Follow these steps to view or open SQLite files:

  • Launch Sysinfo SQLite viewer online
  • Select the SQLite files from your system
  • Choose the scanning mode and start scanning of database files
  • Now view the files from the tree-structure preview
Can I import these SQLite database files into a different file type?

No. This feature is not provided in our free version of the software. To get access to this feature, you’ll have to purchase the full version.

Is there any sort of limitations associated with the file size to view the SQLite database?

No. There is not any such type of limitation. You can upload and preview a file of any size to the SQLite database.

Does the SQLite tool supports corrupted SQLite database files?

Yes, this free Windows SQLite viewer tool supports both healthy and corrupt SQLite database files.

Can I sort a database according to fields?

Yes. You can sort and view a particular field in the database by just clicking on that individual field.

Product Overview

What is Sqlite Database Viewer

Possibility is, you might not have noticed it, but certainty is you must have used Sqlite in one way or the other. In many terms, Sqlite is compared to the client/server SQL database engines like Oracle, MYSQL; but the truth is, it is trying to work around another type of problem. For example: While database engines emphasize more on scalability and availability, Sqlite focuses on rendering local data storage that is meant for distinct applications and devices. User can use this free application to read Sqlite DB files successfully because it is a high quality software to browse Sqlite files.

Advantages Of Sqlite DB Browser

Sqlite is an excellent relational database management system that used by most developers for private and commercial use because it has ability to use without configuration so this viewer application plays an important role to read Sqlite data files as.

Sqlite File Reader

Browse and view Sqlite files, Scan and repair corrupt database file to preview, No size limitation to require to browse the files, View overall components like tables, triggers

Product Screenshots
Step 1: Launch The Tool
Step 2: Browse & Add Sqlite File

Sqlite Format 3 Editor

Step 3: View Sqlite Database
Step 4: Export Option
Watch Live Video Here
Sqlite Viewer Specifications

Demo Version Limitation

The demo version of the tool provides you with complete preview of data. But to export the carved evidence, the demo version need to be switched with the upgraded PRO version.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 8 & All Below Windows Versions
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor
  • RAM: 1 GB of RAM
  • Disk Space: 55 MB of free hard disk space
General FAQs
Is it capable to view and repair corrupt Sqlite data?

This application is fully able to view, recover corrupt Sqlite files, but you can't export these files by using this freeware utility.

How many databases can add at once?

The software allows to add one Sqlite data file at a time.

Can I install this freeware app with every version of Windows OS?

Yes, it is Windows base software and users can install it with all Windows Operating Systems including latest version 8.1.

What are Sqlite versions that supported by this application?

Sqlite Viewer For Windows

The toolkit presently supports Sqlite‚ 3.7.7‚‚ 3.7.8‚ 3.7.9‚ 3.7.11‚ 3.7.12‚‚ or 3.7.13‚ versions and preview .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3, .fossil and other formats.

What are the minimum system requirements to install this tool?

Sqlite Db File Viewer

To install the software, you must have minimum 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM and 10 MB free space on the hard drive.