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Silent Hill Alchemilla Walkthrough

Silent Hill: Homecoming Game Guide & Walkthrough by SH: Homecoming Guide. Next Alchemilla Hospital 2nd floor - Otherworld Prev Basics Fights. See/Add Comments. Get e-book version of this Guide: Silent Hill: Homecoming Game Guide & Walkthrough is also available in our Mobile App. Eventually, you and Cybil will reach the surface, and be running to get out of Silent Hill. It seems that Harry and Cybil both in 'awe' at the newborn baby, that blossomed in the darkness of Silent Hill. THAT'S THE END OF SILENT HILL, BE SURE TO WATCH THE CREDITS AND EVERYTHING ELSE BECAUSE YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THEM. SILENT HILLWALKTHROUGH AND STRATEGY GUIDE Written by Fungo This guide I hold very dear to me. It was written over the course of several nights and brought me back - way back - to the feeling I first had when I played Silent Hill for the first time. Harry wakes up to find that Cybil has brought him to Alchemilla Hospital.

  1. Silent Hill Alchemilla Mod
  2. Alchemilla Hospital
10/29/2016 12:14

Old silent hill.alchemilla is a fan made silent hill adventure.alchemilla mod gameplay walkthrough part 1creepy beggining.silent hill alchemilla is a mod created for halfsilent hill: revelation is a mod for half life 2 and was built to recreate the original silent.alchemilla gameplay.hill chapter.alchemilla mod. Silent hill: alchemilla is a half life 2 mod recreating the atmosphere.

Hospitalsilent hill: coming:.alchemilla hospital.hill origins, and shows the first two floors of the building.alchemilla mod walkthrough. This map is from silent hill origins,.alchemilla mod information walkthrough notes.silent hill alchemilla video walkthrough by lionantonny.5 videos on playlist.have you heard about alchemillasilent hill alchemilla is a half life 2 mod that aims to capture the.

Silent hill: alchemilla modalchemilla hospital, also known as alchemilla general hospital, is a medical.this article is a guide for a silent hill.silent hill 4: the room hd 80p walkthrough longplay.alchemilla mod information walkthrough notes maps music games mods.this is my complete walkthrough of silent hill: alchemilla mod.gaming nostalgia featuring: silent hill 3 pc.alchemilla.

Of silent hill games.gta san andreas hot coffee adult mod v2.1 for pc.half life 2 modsilent hill: alchemilla demoin the otherworld alchemilla hospital,.modrandom screencaps.silent hill: coming wiki guide.silent hill alchemilla is a half life 2 mod.silent hill fan projects. Alchemilla mod walkthroughalchemilla mod gameplay walkthrough part 2.

Terrifying experience of previous silent hill.the best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq.silent hill: revelation 3dunofficial silent hill: revelation facebook page silent hill revelation follows the events of the 1st movie and 3rd game,.this map is from silent.silent hill alchemilla video walkthrough. Forum. Contributors. Market.walkthrough chapter one: prologue chapter two:.

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Leave the bathroom and check the car outside for a map. (If you’ve beat it before, you might want to check the floor in the corner for the Channeling Stone.) Go down the steps and run through the forest. Check the well if you want, then continue until you come to a cemetery. Cutscene. Continue until you’re in the streets. Head down the main road past the flower shop and you’ll see a cutscene. Follow the smears of blood and you’ll come to an alley (there’s a fence partly open, you can save inside and pick up some heath if you want). Continue down the alley until you reach a non-paved, fenced-in area. Keep going. You’ll see a hole you can climb through, get the board, cutscene. Kill the monster and head back the way you came. Scene. Once you’re back on the street take the first st to your right and go into the first alley on your right. Check the dead guy. Continue down Katz st to find the apartment gate.
Woodside Apartments

There’s a map and a save square on the wall (through the only unlocked door). Head upstairs to 2f. Examine the unlocked rooms in this hallway before continuing anywhere else, you’ll get a flashlight (but a monster will attack right afterward, be prepared). Head back to the staircase and up to 3f. Cutscene. Drat… Examine unlocked door in same hallway to get a better weapon and head back down. Hey, what’s that sound north of here? Head down the narrow hallway and look through the bars. Then take the nearest door, there should be a key on the shelf nearby. Use it on room 202 and check the hole inside. Bzzz. Bzzzzz.

Now head back to the room you were just in and use the key on the clock. The writing on the wall gives you a hint what to do with the clock hands. Push the clock to get through to the next area. Highlight for the solution set the hands to 9:10

Here there is a health drink and a game save. Leave through the apartment door (as opposed to the hole) and go through the next door to the stairway. Go upstairs and go in the first unlocked door for a cutscene. Afterwards there is a key in the closet. Take it downstairs to go through to the courtyard. Kill the baddies in the pool and check the baby carriage. Go through the other door in the courtyard, cutscene in room 101. 104 has handgun bullets and a cutscene. Go through to the end of the 1f hall to get the canned juice and exit through this door, you’ll end up in the area where you first came in from the street. Go back into the other main door and up to 2f to use the canned juice in the laundry room (the one without a door). Go back down and outside, the trash chute is near the same door on the outside. Check it twice for a coin and an article. Head through fire escape past room 202.

Blue Creek Apartments

Examine the toilet for a combination, use it on the safe in the next room for some ammo. Go to the hall and go through the door with the EXIT sign to find a map of this area. Room 109 has a cutscene and you get another coin and a knife. 105 has White Chrism (if you’ve beat the game before) and a coin puzzle. Solve this to get a key. Use it on 209 and save in the room on the other side of the balcony. Go back out and use the stairwell key.

Cutscene. Dodge Pyramid Head until he runs away. Just keep out of his way and use the strafe buttons.

Go down stairs when all is clear and exit.


* map (in first stairs area)
* coin (prisoner) room 109
* Knife room 109
* White Chrism: 105 (only if you’ve already beat the game)
* Room 209 key: from solving coin puzzle, 105
* stairwell key: room next to 209, accessed by walking across balcony
streets again

Head to Rosewater Park. Keep going through until you can see the lake. Cutscene. Head to gas station and examine car for a pipe. Examine newstands. Go to bowling alley, keep going through until you see Eddie and Laura. Head back out and go through the alley with Maria. Try the door and she’ll open it for you. Head up stairs and out the other door. Keep going until you’re at the hospital. Enter.

Brookhaven Hospital

Directly on your left is a map of the building. Go into the door in front of you for a save and a key. Kill any monsters and go upstairs to the locker room for a shotgun and a bent needle. Examine the jacket in the room across the hall for a key to the 1F examination room. The board inside has a code on it.

Go back to the 2F hall and take the first door to the right. There is a code on the typewriter. Go into the unlocked rooms across the hall for another key and items. Go to the third floor via the stairs.

Go into the wing through the doors and use the code on the door at the end. You’ll get a scene in S3 and there is a key in the desk. Health up and go to the roof. Cutscene. Check your health.

Go into the special treatment rooms to find a code. Draw it and try to figure out what each number could be (it can be ambiguous, and numbers can be upside down or backwards). Input all possible combinations of this number into the lock at the end of the main wing of this floor until it opens. Hey, what a prize for all that work!

Go into the shower room and combine the hair and needle on the drain. Save game in S11. Head to elevator. Cutscene. Shoot the hanging guys, keeping out of their way with the strafe buttons.

Alternate Hospital

You can save here. M6 has a battery and a key. Go to the main stairwell and make your way to the basement. Pick up the copper ring. The day room has something in the fridge. and take the elevator for a cutscene. answers (highlight) Q1: 00x, Q2: X00, Q3: 00X. Use the answers on the box in the 3f storeroom for some goodies. Save. Back to the hall with the lady’s picture on the door. Use the rings on it. Run! RUN! Run to the elevator and don’t stop. Cutscene. Go to the director’s room (1F) for a lobby key. Exit.
Streets/Park/Historical Society

Alchemilla Hospital

From the hospital you need to travel in a southeast direction, towards Saul Street. There will be a gate/door to go through. Near where you come out of the door is an RV, enter it for a save point and items. Near the corner of Saul and Lindsay (it’s on the map) is a house with a letter and a wrench. Head back up to Rosewater Park. Go down until you find the statue (it’s not far from the west entrance, down a couple of sets of stairs). Check behind it and use wrench. Head up Nathan Ave. to the Historical Society.

You can save in here. Check the paintings and cases if you want, then head down through the hole. And down. And down… Make a right in the hallway and come to a room with a hole. Jump down, then beat the walls with a pipe or plank. The door on the right has a key inside. Use your battery when you need it, the check the locked door. The keys that are blank need to be pushed, there are only 6 possible combinations, try them until it opens. If there are less than 3 blank keys, try combinations of the two keys that are blank. Don’t mind the bugs. Jump down.

Silent hill alchemilla mod

Toluca Prison

Grab the health items and the “Tablet of Gluttonous Pig.” The second desk on the left has the Prison map. Go into the door leading to the U-shaped cells and showers on your left, kill baddies, take the left hand part and go into the stall to get the “Seductress” tablet. Exit area. Go to the left hallwith cells (the right is locked for now) and check the cells to get a Wax Doll. The doors in the middle of this hall lead to a small area with bullets and a large prison yard. Get the bullets if you want, then continue to the other cellblock. Check the cells for the Tablet of Oppressor and some ..unique… paintings. Now you need to check out the prison yard. There’s a platform in the center, use the tablets on it. When you exit you’ll automatically get a Horseshoe. Now head through the second cellblock area and out the other side.

The first door opposite you has a first aid kit, you can go to another hall via the next room. Come back into the other side of the first-aid kit room to get the lighter. Other doors in this area are a bathroom with a savepoint, and an office with lots of ammo and a hunting rifle. Go through the metal gate in the hall and examine the floor panel. Combine the lighter, wax doll, and horseshoe on it. Continue. Go through the double doors in this next area and through the morgue. You’ll have to jump down another hole. Get into the elevator and pick up the items. When you get to the bottom (finally….) you’ll come to a room with a newspaper and a save point.

This area really isn’t as hard as it looks. James will draw a map as he goes, so in this first area you may want to walk around first, killing the few baddies, and don’t go down any ladders. Directly across from you is a door with wires across it. The T-shaped area takes you down to a circular area and Pyramid Head’s lair, you don’t have to go down there (yes, he’s in the hall there) but he’s easy to avoid and if you go into the door in there, you get his Great Knife (not very useful, but cool-looking). Otherwise, run into the next closest hallway and down. Kill baddies and run to the end of this underground hall and up the ladder. You should see a weird-looking cube with faces on it. For easy/normal, press right once and up twice. In hard, it’s random, so just keep trying and turning around to see if it worked. Go down the steps in the puzzle room and watch the scene. Return and examine the fuse box for wire cutters. Take these back to that first door with wire across it.

Make a right and go down the ladder, and go up the first ladder you come to. Go up, then take the other ladder down. Go around this area (check map) and up the semi-hidden hallway. Take ladder up. Get bullets. Take other ladder down. Take the first left ladder. Take the next left path. You end up in an area with a locked door and steps leading to another door. Go in this door, watch cutscene, and when you return you can get through the locked door. Save game. Walk through hall for a cutscene or three. Equip shotgun and kill the monster.

Continue to next hall. Note the hanged men in the first door, and go to the next door around the bend. Read the poem, figure out who is innocent (go back to hanged men if necessary) and pull one noose. If you do this right, there will be a key in the hanged men room. If not, there will be monsters in the hall. Go through the door next to the noose-room and use the key. Keep going through the hall until you reach a door. Keep going through the unlocked door to get items until you reach a cemetery. Examine graves, pick up items. Jump into the grave in the corner. Ha. Now you’ll meet Eddie again. Equip shotgun. Shoot him until he enters the next room. Pick up ammo. Continue. Strafe around, shooting him before he fires (hopefully, otherwise heal quickly) and shoot him several times until he falls. Go through the large doors. There is a barrel with a save point.


Toluca Lake

Watch the cutscene closely, you’ll see the lighthouse light before he pushes off the dock, and notice that he pushed off in a DIFFERENT direction! Turn slightly to the right until you see it again, steer toward it, correcting your direction as necessary. When you get close enough, you’ll see a cutscene.

Lakeview Hotel

Before entering, check the fountain to the left for an item. Then enter and get the map from the wall. There is a Fish Key in the the Restaurant (and a cutscene). When you leave, watch out for enemies. Equip Shotgun. Go into the area with the 2 narrow staircases, go to basement elevator to get a can of Thinner. Go to the main hall of 1F for a save point and a key in the recpetion area, then head up the stairs to the right hand door. Check map and enter the Cloak room. Get items, use Fish key on the suitcase for the 204 key. Use it on room 204. Pick up the Elevator Key on the desk, then go through the hole in the wall and examine the bed. Use thinner, notice code, use it on the suitcase on the floor. Get music box. Head to the other wing of this floor and use the key on the door beside the elevator.

Save. Go into elevator, read notice. Put every damn thing you have (yes, even weapons and health) onto the shelf. Re-enter. Go to 1F. Get the map. Ignore the brightly-lit blue door in front of you and check every other unlocked door first. You should have a videotape, can opener, and another music box before you go to the blue door.

Check the map before you go, note the boiler room. Bear left in the basement hall (you can’t fight) and go through the second door you come to. Enter to get health and the bar key. Continue bearing left in the hallway to come to the other end, it’s better-lit. Go into the door at the very end, ignoring enemies. Pick up items, use can opener on can. Go into the bar. Use light bulb on lamp, leave the bar through the other door. Ignore enemies! Run up the steps around the corner, back up to the main hall, go up big staircase and enter the left hand door to get back to the elevator room. Get your items back and head back to the main hall. Check out the music box, use the music boxes (where they go depends on difficulty). Basically:

Cinderella: Shoe/midnight
Snow White: Beauty/awoke from death
Little Mermaid: no words/happy

click the names above for screens of where to find them

Play music box, get the stairwell key. Use on the 3f stairs (back to the narrow staircases). Enter 312. Use tape on the VCR. Cutscene.

Alt. Hotel

If you have the dog key you can enter the Observatiob room. You can enter the reading room downstairs if you want to listen to the headphones or get the Crimson Ceremony book. The rooms now magicall transport you around, to avoid this nonsense just take the top right door, then follow that hall to the far end. You need to use the elevator to get to the basement. It’s now quite flooded. Run through to the stairwell for a cutscene. Leave through door, you end up in the normal stairway. Go up. Run through hall to the door at the very end. Save point.

Cutscene. Fire shots now and then while running in a circle. They’re slow. Eventually a cutscene will take over. Examine the bodies for two eggs (Pyramid Heads lay eggs! Who knew?). Use these on the doors, enter a door. Continue to hall. You can listen to the entire conversation if you want, or leave early.

Run up steps. Cutscene. Use hunting rifle, fire one shot at a time then run/strafe to acoid attacks and repeat. She’ll eventually fall. You can now hit her with any weapon (the Great Knife is fun). Watch ending.

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