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Review On Renault Can Clip China Cloneauto Diagnostic Tool

Can CLIP V165 Renault is tested OK and working perfectly. This post is on Clip V165 test report; it can cover almost all Renault vehicles and perform OBD diagnosis and reprogramming. It is tested ok on clone Renault clip interface.

CLIP V165 test report:

Renault and Nissan 2 in 1 diagnostic tool is One device support both Renault and Nissan. Renault CAN Clip and nissan diagnostic tool Support Multi-languages. Buy nissan renault 2 in 1 auto scanner is good choose for nissan and renault car owners.

  1. Renault makes: Renault Megane II BMOU F4R for example
  1. Clip V165 compatible diagnostic interfaces:
  1. CAN Clip Vehicle Communication interface is the Dealer Level Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool for Renault car, Renault Can Clip is designed to diagnose Renault car models including automatically test all Renault models' computers, reprogramming, airbag test and other functions.
  2. Renault CAN Clip,CAN Clip v200 for Renault is the professional diagnostic tool for Renault cars, which detects all the information relating to the vehicle, reprogramming, airbag test, computer test etc.
  3. So, here comes the Renault CAN CLiP diagnostic tool review for you to checking what CLIP can do for which cars. Thanks to all users for feedback. Mord: users need a laptop with a 1024x768 screen or higher, it needs XP to SP3 installed, all the extra updates shouldnt make any difference. The reno applications all overl.

Renault clip interface best quality with AN2131QC chip ($131.25)

Renault clip interface best price ($120.75)

PS: for two optional clip interface difference and similarities:

  1. Test OK and K.O report:

OBD diagnosis -OK

Review on renault can clip china cloneauto diagnostic tool

Reprogramming ecu -OK

ECU programming – Not ok

Key programming – Not OK

For ECU programming and key programming, Renault-COM Bluetooth is a good replacement among china clones.

Where to download Can CLIP V165?!zlBGDS4Y!BYP27QHEDfBkmZ2f9dY7j7RcDaZBCFIu_wh1Ic9YTeM (Unknown security, free but not tested)

(tested 100% OK)

Attach pictures: CLIP V165 OK on Computer test fault codes:


Review On Renault Can Clip China Cloneauto Diagnostic Toolbox

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