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Pubg Selalu Force Close Paralel Space

Hook up your favorite devices and get in-game fast. The GT15 features one reversible Type-C™ (USB-C™) port with peak interface bandwidth of 10Gbps via USB 3.2 Gen 2 for fast charging and data transfer, plus six Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports that give you plenty of space for all of your favorite peripheral devices. Tips dan Trik Rahasia Main PUBG Mobile Agar Selalu Menang - Permainan dengan genre Battle Royale memang sedang digemari oleh pecinta games di tanah air bahkan seluruh dunia. Kita sudah disuguhi bagaimana apiknya games Rules of Survival serta Free Fire: Battleground.Kini Tencent membawa PUBG Mobile ke Google Play Store untuk Android, setelah sukses dengan versi PC. Pubg Selalu Force Close Paralel Space For Mac Review title of blast2fire A game I use to enjoy turns for the worse. I've lost so much interest in PUBG, and most of all, I've lost a lot of respect for the Developers down at Bluehole. However, before the 1.0 update was released, the developers had so much passion and dedication towards PUBG. Seiring dengan kepopuleran game itu, terkadang muncul beberapa kendala yang dialami oleh pemainnya seperti misalnya force closes. Cara untuk mengatasi PUBG keluar sendiri itu perlu diketahui oleh semua player. Tanda dari force closes atau game keluar sendiri adalah dengan munculnya notif bertuliskan “Sayangnya Aplikasi Telah Berhenti”. PUBG LITE Dengan bangga mengumumkan bahwa Layanan Open Beta akan diperluas ke lebih banyak region, dan kali ini adalah Rusia dan beberapa negara Eropa! Untuk merayakan perluasan ini, kami telah mempersiapkan penawaran spesial jadi jangan sampai kelewatan untuk bersiap sebelum game diluncurkan. Official launch date: 10 Oktober 2019.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an addictive combat-style game that has drawn hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. As new players hop into the mix, many are looking for a beginner’s guide that explains the game in detail. Info about maps as well as techniques for looting and winning, are some of the most commonly searched topics about PUBG. And that’s why we wrote this complete guide, to provide beginner and intermediate players as a go-to reference for playing the game. Heck, even advanced players can benefit from this.

In this guide, we’ll cover the core aspects of the game, definition of simple terms, as well as basic strategies and techniques you can use to enhance your game. You will also find links to other PUBG guides that explain a particular aspect of the game in detail. Make sure to check them out.

Table of contents

PUBG Settings

Let’s start with the game settings. Whether you like it or not, PUBG settings will greatly affect the way you play your game. Of course, playing the default game settings are fine too, but you will have a far better gaming experience if you customize the settings to your own personal touch.

  • PUBG system requirements. Maximize your gaming experience and chances to win by tweaking the system requirements to your advantage. And yes, this is a big deal. Having the right settings can spell the difference between an average player and a pro player. PUBG Pro Sensitivity Settings
  • FPS Settings. This stands for ‘frames per second’ and has something to do with in-game graphics settings. FPS settings are the most basic settings that you should adjust for maximum PC performance. While you might need to set this according to your system’s capabilities, here’s a good starting point that many pro players use as their FPS settings:

Screen Scale: 100-103

Anti-Aliasing: High

Post-Processing: Very Low

Shadows: Very Low

Textures: High

Effects: Very Low

Foliage: Very Low

View Distance: Very Low

Pubg Selalu Force Close Parallel Space Pc

V-Sync: Off

Motion Blur: Off

Try the above FPS settings for starters. If you find that your PC can handle more detail without degrading in performance during actual gameplay, you can try raising the above FPS settings.

  • Video/Display Settings. Your video settings can also help your gaming PC perform better in-game and increase your frames per second. Here are some areas you can adjust to improve video quality. Under ‘Display Settings’:

Display Mode: Full Screen

Resolution: Use Your Native Screen Resolution

Lobby FPS Cap: Set the highest possible FPS that your PC can handle

In-Game FPS Cap: Set this to “Unlimited” if your gaming console has sufficient capability. If you want the game to adjust to your system settings, use ‘Display Based’ option instead.

Smoothed Frame Rate: Set this to off

Again, this is just to give you an idea of what video settings affect gameplay. It’s up to you to find the right mix that fits your preferences and your PC capabilities.

  • Audio Settings. There aren’t a lot of audio settings available on PUBG except for the basic ones for volume levels. If you want to hear all the little in-game details such as footsteps and distant gunfire, use headphones and set all in-game volume levels to 100. If the sound gets too loud for your liking, adjust the main volume mixer of your PC but keep the PUBG volume levels at a max. It is also recommended that you turn off any SFX plugins before playing PUBG so that these plugins won’t hinder the game audio in any way.

Mouse DPI. DPI stands for ‘dots per inch’. It has something to do with how much ground your mouse can cover on the screen per inch you move on your mouse pad. It sounds technical but it’s really not. In our mouse sensitivity guide (link given earlier), we mentioned that most pro players use a DPI setting of 800 or lower.


Parachuting is a very crucial part of your PUBG game. Getting out of your plane to parachute towards your desired landing zone needs proper timing if you want it to be effective.

It is a good idea to get out of the plane around 1-2 kms away from your desired destination, then glide your way towards it without opening the parachute. As soon as you are within landing distance of the drop zone, tilt your direction downward and open your parachute. However, this is not a hard and fast rule.

You can choose to parachute diagonally downwards, or circle around your desired landing spot until you reach the ground. Try not to stay too long on your parachute, or else your enemies will beat you to the landing zone.

Dropping Zones

Choosing a dropping zone can make or break your game. Land on a crowded zone and you instantly risk being the target of enemy gunfire early on. Land on a forgotten unpopulated drop zone and you don’t get access to good weapons and loot.

The important thing is that you balance risk with reward. If you do choose a competitive landing site, try to get there first, move fast, and be prepared to fight your way through.

Finding Guns

As a general rule, you will find more guns in highly populated towns/drop zones. This means, the more guns available on a specific location, the more dangerous it is to be in. Whenever possible, try to land on the top floor of a building and gradually work your way down, picking up weapons along the way.

Don’t try to find your ideal gun as soon as you land. Get any handy weapon as soon as possible so that you can defend yourself in case you run into an opponent early. Safety is top priority when you start the game. As soon as you’re safe, then find the weapons you ideally want to use towards the end of the game.

PUBG Weapons

There are a variety of weapons you can choose from within PUBG. Choosing your weapons will depend on what kind of game strategy you want to play.

  • Assault Rifles. These are standard weapons of choice among PUBG players. Examples of this type of gun are: M416, AKM, Groza, AUG A3 and Scar-L. Assault rifles, or ARs, use smaller size ammunition such as 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm. Assault rifles can switch between single and automatic fire, with very good range suitable for open field battle.
  • Submachine guns (SMGs). SMGs are good for medium to close distance firing range. They are extremely effective in close quarters battle or indoor combat. They can effectively switch from automatic to single firing mode. Some good SMGs are Vector, UMP45, Uzi, and Tommy Gun. Most SMGs use longer sized ammunition, usually 9 mm bullets or .45 ACP.
  • Sniper Rifles. You know the drill. Sniper rifles are perfect for long range, ‘lying in wait’ style of fighting. With the right practice, you can use PUBG’s sniper rifles to kill enemies hundreds of meters away without being seen. Just find a good sniping position, wait for your enemies, and zero in on them. There are only four sniper rifles in PUBG as of this writing: AWM, M24, Win94 and Kar98K, with AWM being the one able to deal the most amount of damage (AWMs are usually found in weapons crates or supply drops).
  • Shotguns. PUBG has a variety of shotguns that you can use for close range shooting. These are good startup weapons to pick up. There are different ones available, such as the S12K, S686 and Sawed Off shotgun just to name a few.
  • Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs). These are specialized, high precision weapons used for pinpoint shooting. They combine the capabilities of assault rifles and sniper rifles. Some examples of good DMRs are QBU, VSS, Mini 14, SLR and SKS. Most DMRs can fire single automatic and semi-automatic mode with relatively less recoil.
  • Light machine guns (LMGs). Light machine guns have an amazing rate of fire and a higher magazine size. But they usually take a long time to reload. Some available LMGs in PUBG are the DP-28 and M249. While it’s fun to use an LMG to rain bullets on your enemies, you also need to be careful when it’s time to reload (because it takes longer than usual).
  • Pistols. Of course, no first-person combat game would be complete without pistols. There are a lot of available pistols or handguns available in PUBG, which can be convenient weapons to use if you ever run out of ammo at any time. While pistols are no match for assault rifles and snipers, they are a whole lot of fun to use every now and then.
  • Melee weapons. You can also pick up a variety of melee weapons such as the frying pan, crowbar, sickle and machete. These weapons are especially useful in zombie mode, when there are no other weapons available, or when you simply want to give a more dramatic end to a knocked down opponent. Also, pan protects a small area of the body from bullets. Crossbow. This is a weapon that is on a category of its own. While shooting through a crossbow may be more difficult than firing automatic weapons, it can rival sniper rifles when it comes to range of distance. So if you want to try a different style of playing, the crossbow can be very interesting, and entertaining to use.

PUBG weapon damage chart

In this section, let’s break down each PUBG weapon and compare them in terms of damage inflicted, fire rate, and average amount of shots required to kill opponents. Knowing the capability of each gun/item can really help you pick the right weapon that suits your strategy. It will also help you to build the right kind of firepower in the actual game:
In the table, shots to Kill for Chest and Head are both for Level 2 Chest Armor and Level 2 Helmets.

Sniper Rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns

SMG damage stats


Pistols and Sidearms

Best Guns in PUBG

Determining which gun is the best in PUBG is ultimately a matter of preference. Weapon stats can give you a good guide, though (provided in previous section). Use the damage stats as a starting point. Then decide which gun/s are the best for your style of playing.

Choosing which guns to use is one of the most enjoyable part of playing PUBG. Refer to this “best guns” list to get an idea of which guns are best to use:

Best PUBG Assault Rifles

  • Scar-L – This is one of the best AR available in the game, mainly because of its stability and low recoil compared to other guns. Using a 3X or 4X scope and aiming down the sights, the Scar-L can take down enemies from a good distance with less difficulty.
  • Groza – This weapon deals the same amount of damage as the AKM, and has the 2nd highest rate of fire. One disadvantage of this gun is that it’s only available from weapon’s crates. You can’t find this gun lying around in spawn locations.
  • M416 – The M416 is a favorite among many PUBG players. It has a fire rate of 0.086 seconds (the highest among all assault rifles). The gun sound of the M416 is also satisfying to the ears, giving players a certain kind of shock factor in actual gameplay.


  • Vector – The Vector gives you a good rate of fire, but its main problem is its limited magazine size. You constantly need to reload and run the risk of running out of bullets in the middle of a gunfire. Still, it’s a leading weapon of choice for many players. Coupled with a good assault rifle, the Vector can give you lots of kills.
  • UMP45 – This is the ultimate submachine gun. Light and easy to use, and it doesn’t recoil a lot. The UMP45 can actually rival some assault rifles when it comes to killing power, and it almost functions like an assault rifle when you use it. The thing about the UMP45 is that it is using 45ACP Ammo. So it’s a bit less powerful than SMGs that use 9mm ammo. The magazine capacity is only 25, and 35 with an extended mag.
  • UZI – The UZI provides one of the most rapid rate of fire among all SMGs, and can particularly be damaging at close range. You can use this for close quarters and indoor battles with great results. The UZI can be a bit limiting if used for long range shooting, because of its recoil.

Best PUBG Shotguns

  • S12K – Truth be told, relatively fewer players use shotguns as their weapons of choice. Shotguns are often used when no other guns are available. But when you do need a shotgun, try to go for the S12K. It provides a rapid rate of fire. It also uses assault rifle attachments. So it’s motto should be “shoots like a shotgun, feels like an assault rifle”.
  • S686 – This weapon is the ultimate double barrel shotgun. It deals devastating amount of damage at 15 meters or less. It also has a fast fire rate, though you will need to reload more often. Use this when you have to. Also, there is little room for error with the S686. If you miss, the enemy will probably end up killing you. But if your shot hits home, it’s goodbye for your opponent.

Best PUBG Light Machine Gun

  • M249 – By far, this appears to be the best LMG available. Why? Because of its magazine size of 100 bullets! Though reloading this gun will take longer than usual, you will enjoy an advantage over your opponents because it will take you a longer time to run out of magazine. The M249 also has the fastest rates of fire among all light machine guns and even assault rifles. However, this weapon is only available from supply drops.


The choice of which DMRs to use in PUBG will still depend on what map you are playing. For example, we wrote a separate article on The Most Effective DMR To Use On Erangel.

But speaking of the game in general, here are some of the most popular and effective DMRs to use on any map:

  • SKS - The SKS is one of the best DMR/carbine type of gun in PUBG. It has a decent base hit damage of 53 and an initial bullet speed of 800 m/s. Perfect for steady shooting across medium to long range distances.
  • SLR - This semi-automatic DMR uses 7.62mm cartridge and has an initial bullet speed of 840 m/s. You might want to use this to take down those enemies shooting at you from afar.

Best PUBG Sniper Rifles

  • AWM – The AWM is the most dangerous and powerful sniper rifle in PUBG, if not the most devastating weapon in the game. Refer to our weapon damage chart to see its stats.
  • Kar98K – Unlike the AWM which can only be found in air drop packages, the Kar98K can be seen lying around and available for looting. This is the “standard” sniper gun in PUBG. However, you can rarely kill an enemy with the Kar98k using one shot, except if it’s a headshot.
  • M24 - It’s a good alternative to the Kar98K. The M24 deals lesser damage but it has higher muzzle velocity. It’s like trading power for speed. But using the M24 doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice too much fire power. In fact, it still deals a base hit damage of 75.

Best PUBG Pistols

  • Skorpion – The Skorpion is categorized as a pistol, but it actually functions more like a pocket SMG. Yes, it’s a pistol with an automatic firing mode. That makes it quite dangerous.
  • P1911- High impact .45 ACP rounds at close range. That’s the best way to describe this gun.
  • Deagle - Short for “Desert Eagle”, this is considered one of the most powerful handguns in the game. It deals the highest pistol damage (62), and also boasts a decent bullet speed of 450 m/s. Though recoil is harder to control, the devastating damage it can inflict is all worth it.
Pubg Selalu Force Close Paralel Space

Other Weapons

  • VSS – Many players shy away from the VSS but in reality it’s a great gun to use for long range shooting. While not as powerful as a sniper rifle, it can deal damage to enemies from a far distance, while maintaining steadiness and avoiding extreme recoil. The VSS gunfire also sounds muffled by default, so far-off enemies will have a hard time knowing where you are based on gunfire sound alone.

Tier List

For you to better understand the best weapons in PUBG, we have grouped them into a Tier List as follows:

  • God Tier (Best Weapons): Weapons included here are the AWM, M249 and Flare Gun.
  • Tier 1 (Strong Weapons): M24, SKS, Kar98, Groza, SLR
  • Tier 2 (Above Average Weapons):AKM, M416, Scar-L, M16A4, QBZ96, Mk47, M762
  • Tier 3 (Average Weapons):S1897, Uzi, UMP45, Vector, Tommy Gun, DP-28
  • Tier 4 (Below Average Weapons):S686, P18C, VSS, S12KTier 5 (Worst Weapons): P92, P1911, R1895, Crossbow, Sawed Off.

Best PUBG Attachments

Attachments are accessories and add-ons that enhance the power and effectiveness of your weapons. Your PUBG experience isn’t complete without them. Here are the best attachments to use in PUBG:

  • Scopes. You can find 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x scopes in PUBG which will help you better see through a longer distance. Scopes are the best gun attachments you can use in PUBG which have the best direct impact on game outcome. Also you can find 15x scope in supply drops.
  • Suppressors. These are items you attach near the nozzle of your weapon which muffle the sound of gunfire. Essentially, suppressors are ‘silencers’. When you have suppressed (silenced) fire, it is harder for enemies to locate you using audible cues. There are different suppressors designed for Assault Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, and Sniper Rifles. They’re the best things created since sliced bread.
  • Compensators. Think of compensators as tools to minimize the recoil on your weapon. When you have this attachment, your gun doesn’t move around as much when you are firing. This makes it easier to rain bullets on your enemy without losing your aim. Compensators can be used for Assault Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs.
  • Flashhiders. This attachment hides the flash from your gunfire, and is useful in situations when you are trying to avoid detection. It is harder for opponents to fire at you when you’re hiding in a good spot and they can’t locate you based on where your gunfire flash is coming from.
  • Extended Mag. Worried about the limited magazine capacity of your weapon? You can solve that problem by picking up an extended mag. This will immediately increase the number of bullets you can load into your weapon, giving your opponents an instant nightmare in the process.
  • Quickdraw Mag. You can use this attachment to reduce the amount of time it takes to reload your weapon. Very useful if you’re using a gun with a slower reload time.

Zeroing Distance

Picking the right weapons is important, but you also need to be able to aim and shoot successfully at enemies from a distance. This skill is called “zeroing distance” and can be developed through practice. You can also improve your ability to zero in distance using certain settings and in-game adjustments. We wrote a full, in-depth guide about it here: PUBG Zeroing Guide

Canted Sights

The “Canted Sight” is a new attachment in PUBG that serves as a secondary scope on your weapon. Mastering the use of canted sights can greatly improve your PUBG skills. Of course, there are tips and tricks that will help you maximize its use and reach its full potential. We wrote a detailed guide about here: How To Use Canted Sight


Best PUBG Equipment

In this section, we will discuss the best PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds equipment to use that will increase your chances of winning the game:

Pubg selalu force close parallel space pc
  • Armour (Vests). Your body armour will lessen the damage dealt by enemy attacks. There is a variety of armour you can loot in PUBG. Police vests are categorized as Level 1 and Level 2 armour, while military grade vests are categorized as Level 3. As you get closer to the end of the game, make it your goal to have Level 3 armour.
  • Helmets.These will protect you from head damage and will make it harder for enemies to eliminate you with a single shot. Here are the helmet levels in PUBG:
Level 1 – Motorcycle Helmet
Level 2 – Military Helmet
Level 3 – Spetsnaz Helmet
  • Grenades. There is a variety of grenades available in PUBG. Here they are:
Frag grenade – used properly, frag grenades can be devastating to the enemy. To increase your chances of killing opponents with frag grenade, you need to practice “cooking” it before throwing towards them.
Smoke Grenade – use this to create a smokescreen and block enemy view to cover a teammate, shroud an exposed position, or simply keep the enemy guessing about your intentions.
Flash Grenade – temporarily blind your enemies by throwing a flash grenade right in front of them. It takes timing and execution, but it can be done.
  • Backpacks. You start the game without a backpack, but as soon as you land, you can start looking for a good backpack where you can place all your looted items. Backpacks come in levels 1 to 3, with the highest level able to store the most amount of equipment.

Best PUBG Vehicles

Learning about the different vehicles available in PUBG, as well as how to use them effectively, can give your PUBG skills a great boost. And let’s face it: driving these vehicles is fun!

  • Motorcycle. Do it the bad boy style by gearing up on a motorcycle. You can even take one of your teammates with you for the joyride. Try throttling at full speed then drive over a hill or elevated area to have your motorcycle fly. Pure bliss!
  • Buggy. Available in most maps, the buggy provides a stylish ride and a fast way of transport. The disadvantage of this vehicle lies in its lowered frame. While it may be good for racing, it may not have the same mojo when driving across hills and rocky areas.
  • UAZ. This is one of the best vehicles, and it is available in most maps. The UAZ looks like a 4-seater jeep, and comes with both open and closed top. The main advantage of this vehicle is protection from enemy gunfire. Though a bit slower, the UAZ is ideal for squads because it has 4 seats.
  • Sedan. Sedans in PUBG come in different colors and styles, and are the most common vehicles to find in the game. Nothing beats a good old Sedan when it comes to your basic needs for transport. So if you need to get out quickly from a certain location, finding a handy car parked nearby might just be what you need.


Driving in PUBG is a fun experience. Your driving experience will vary depending on your game view. If you’re using first person view, it will really look as though you are really driving the vehicle (or riding as a passenger) in real life. If using third person, you’ll be able to see yourself from a bird’s eye view and maintaining better control of your driving. You may also slip your head out through one of the windows and aim at approaching enemies if you are a passenger. There is also an option to switch seats (all are window seats though).

Spawn Locations

Spawn locations are places on the map where a huge amount of weapons, equipment, and cars can be found. One of the first things you need to do when studying a map is to find vehicle spawns. Once you find a good vehicle, drive over to a known gun spawn location to start looting weapons and upgrading your gear.

In this PUBG detailed guide, we have outlined detailed spawn locations for all maps in the game. See the section on Maps later.

Killing Guide

Nothing gives you more satisfaction in playing PUBG than increasing your kill count. However, in PUBG, it’s either you kill or be killed. Be aware that the players you want to shoot also want to do the same thing to you. That’s why you need to be smart about it.

Here are some tips for getting more kills:

  • Use hard cover. It is better to shoot when there is a hard surface between you and the opponent. Becoming partially covered by trees, boxes, walls or cars will give you a slight advantage over enemies.
  • Minimize the enemy’s line of sight. If your opponent sees only a smaller portion of your physique, he will have a lesser area on his screen to shoot at. You can do this by crouching, lying down on a safe position, or partially covering yourself with bushes when engaging in gunfire.
  • Always be moving. While it may be tempting to sit like a duck when you don’t know where the enemies are coming from, being a stationary target is never a good idea. Keep your enemies guessing by being always on the move. Make it hard for them to shoot at you by becoming a constantly moving target.
  • Don’t rush into killing an enemy. When you spot an unsuspecting enemy, don’t rush into the kill. Your top priority is to avoid detection while trying to get a clear shot. As soon as you have a clear line of sight and you’re sure that you stand a good chance of killing the enemy, make your move.Always make sure your gun is loaded. It may seem funny, but it is common for many players to engage in a firefight without fully reloading their gun. This leads to getting killed. So always make sure you are locked and loaded before raining fire on your enemies.

Blue Zone

The blue zone is like a force field area of the map that closes in on surviving PUBG players as the game progresses. It gradually restricts the playing area as it gets closer to the endgame. Getting stuck in the blue zone will deal you some damage. Early on, the damage is very low, but the closer you are to the end of the game, the more deadly the blue zone becomes.

To avoid getting stuck in the blue zone, always be on the move, pay attention to the map and watch out as the playing area gets smaller. If you can get to the ‘safe zone’ (area not covered by the blue zone) earlier than your opponents, you just might seize that endgame advantage over them and let them deal with their own blue zone problems.

Gameplay – How To Win In PUBG

Winning in PUBG takes guts, determination, skills, teamwork and the right strategy. Being a great shooter doesn’t equate to winning the game. In fact, sometimes you need to avoid enemy contact in order to stand a higher chance of survival until the end.

Here are some tips for winning in PUBG:

Duo Mode


When playing in duo mode, it’s important to stick together and use every advantage that you have. Duos can be formidable opponents in PUBG, especially if they have a good give and take style of play. Try to share high level loot with your partner and complement his or her game. Avoid getting too close to each other, but also avoid getting too far away from your teammate. This way, if one of you gets knocked down, the other one would be standing nearby to heal.

Solo Mode

Playing solo can be extremely tough and scary if you are a beginner. There is no one to watch your back or help kill your opponents. When going solo, your number one priority is survival. Unless you are a world-class pro player like Shroud, avoid enemy contact early on as much as possible. Arm yourself with the highest level of guns, armor, helmets, and equipment. Avoid head-on engagements with squads, but instead try to encircle them and take them one by one. Good luck.

Event Pass

The event pass is like a monthly ticket that allows you to unlock rewards and items. It also allows you to level up your character with new skins, body gear, and clothing. Does this help you win the game? Well, maybe. But one thing for sure is that it makes winning more fun.


No matter how good a player you may be, it is guaranteed that YOU WILL GET HIT. That’s a given. That’s why you also need to prioritize medical items when looting. Also, if you have a decent supply of medical items in your backpack, you can share it to a teammate who might need it later. Make no mistake about it. Healing wins games!

Better Aiming

If you can’t aim, you can have the best weapons with you and still get killed many times over. Aiming can be improved by practice and by using the right attachments. Use of compensators and thumb grips can help reduce recoil and scope-in time. Whenever you can, try to aim down the sights while crouching instead of firing from the hip while standing. Your aim is much more reliable when aiming down the sights (which brings us to earlier tip: use a thumb grip to make aiming with a scope faster).


Vaulting is the act of climbing over a hard structure in front of you. You can perform vaulting by using the jump button while running towards the structure, such as a wall, crate, or stone (this is an automatic mechanism in your PUBG character, but it requires proper timing).

This is especially useful when attacking a house or building strategically. Instead of going through the usual entrance, vault through the fences, walls, or windows. This will surprise your enemy in many ways.

PUBG Zombies Mode

Winning in zombie mode is a different beast. You’re not just fighting other players, you are dealing with hordes of zombies as well. How to win ? Well, don’t waste too much ammo on regular zombies (just run from them or attack in melee). Save up your bullets to use against big boss zombies and actual human players.

PUBG Strategies

There are many different strategies you can use in PUBG to win more games, but there is no single strategy that will win every time. For beginners, we advice that you master the basic flow of the game first. Try to get better in each step and aspect of the game such as : parachuting, choosing landing spot, early game survival, looting, shooting at enemies, mobility, stealth, navigating through the blue zone, and so forth.

Try to avoid the mindset that PUBG is all about killing opponents. Not really. The goal is to survive until the end of the game and be among the last set of players to compete over the chicken dinner. Everything you do in the game is parallel to that ultimate goal in mind. You upgrade your gear, you try to get the best guns, you stay alive, you keep your teammates alive, because you want to have better chances in the end game.

PUBG Map Comparison

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has four available maps as of this writing, each offering a different theme, terrain, and gameplay experience. Here’s a detailed guide for each one of these maps:


Also known as the “savage map”, it is the smallest map in PUBG and is a favorite among many players who prefer intense gunfire and fast game pace. Sanhok map has a mountainous jungle theme, which makes for exciting firefights. It differs from all other maps because of its compact size. And because there is fewer space, players have no choice but to engage in enemy contact sooner than expected. We’re created a full guide with tips and tricks for Sanhok. PUBG Sanhok Map Guide


Vikendi is also known as the “snow map” because of its frozen tundra terrain. This map provides a totally different experience compared to Sanhok, Miramar and Erangel. The design of the houses and the white open fields make it seem like you’re in the Northern part of the world. But aside from the beautiful scenery, there is a lot of danger lurking in Vikendi. The seemingly lifeless houses can be occupied by enemy snipers, lying in wait just to kill you. And if you’re in Vikendi’s night mode, spotting enemies is doubly hard. Here is our full guide for Vikendi: PUBG Vikendi Map Guide


The largest map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Miramar has extensive open fields across a long stretch of desert. Because the map is quite big, the game pace can be naturally slower. Enjoying Miramar can be an acquired taste, but it doesn’t mean that it is inferior in any way compared to the other maps. Use of long range weapons, such as sniper and assault rifles, can be especially useful in this map. Miramar is a markman’s ideal map, and while the action can take a long time to build, it gets more and more intense as the game progresses. For tips and tricks on how to succeed in Miramar map, check our full guide. PUBG Miramar Map Guide


Technically, Erangel is as big as Miramar at 8 X 8 km, but it has a smaller land area. Erangel is the first ever PUBG map available and is a favorite among hardcore players of the game. Succeeding in this map takes a combination of stealth tactics, strategic looting, patience, and skillful shooting. The map also features a lot of interesting locations with clusters of unique buildings, houses and structures. Enjoy endless possibilities for strategy by exploring each town and structure. Search for valuable loot and look for good shooting spots. Erangel is entertaining and intense at the same time. We wrote a full guide about it here: PUBG Erangel Map Guide


The best looting locations for each map are listed as follows:

Sanhok. The highest concentration of quality loot can be found on Paradise Resort, Ruins, and Bootcamp.

Miramar. You can find the best loot at Hacienda Del Patron, Pecado Casino & Gym, and Prison.

Vikendi. High grade loot in great quantity can be found in Goroka, Dobro Mesto, and Volnova.

Erangel. Your dream weapons and equipment are found at Military Base, Pochinki, and Mylta Power.

Do note though, that these best looting locations come with a higher degree of risk. So tread softly.


Don’t sleep on the frying pan. While there is no cooking involved in PUBG, you can use the frying pan as a highly effective melee weapon. You can also carry it around your back to act as an extra layer of armor. Bullets simply bounce off the frying pan so it makes it harder for your opponent to kill you from behind.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Here are our best kept tips and tricks on how to get good in PUBG and win more matches:

How Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

In this separate guide, we discuss how to approach battlegrounds using the right in-game strategies and techniques. How Battlegrounds Works in PUBG

How To Survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Most PUBG pros are masters of survival in the game. In fact, we believe this is the key to winning! Here are our survival and stealth tips and tricks: How To Survive in PUBG

Differences in PUBG on Console and PUBG on PC

Playing on PC and playing on console have its differences. Knowing these key differences will help you become a skillful player regardless if you’re using Xbox, PS4, or PC. Differences in PUBG on Console and PC

Chicken Dinner

Chicken dinner is the ultimate coveted reward, the final outcome of your successful gameplay! If you follow the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, practice more often, and improve on each game aspect, you will find that you will win more chicken dinners.

It is normal to feel nervous or jittery each time you play in the endgame, especially when it’s down to the final 2 or 3 players left. But as you play more PUBG end games, you will have lesser nerves and gain more experience.

Interesting PUBG Stats

Let’s briefly discuss some interesting PUBG stats that can directly affect and improve your game:

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  • The hitting accuracy

Increase your accuracy and you increase your kill ratio. You stand a higher chance of winning MVP award in your game if you have a high degree of accuracy. Check out this guide: Accuracy In PUBG

  • Players Death In Different Blue Zones of Erangel

Find out the stats on what areas/stages of the Erangel blue zone are more lethal to players. Knowing this info will help you avoid becoming a blue zone victim. Different Blue Zones of Erangel

  • Hot Spots and Safety Locations in Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok and Erangel

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Know the safest spots in each map, as well as the most dangerous spots where the action takes place. Check out our guides below:


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All in all, you can skip the learning curve and spare yourself a lot of unnecessary game deaths by using the GOSU AI Assistant. This will provide you a huge headstart and edge over other players who simply do trial and error.

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