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Powerbook G4 Restore Disk Download

WindowsPowerbook G4 Restore Disk DownloadPowerbook g4 restore disk download
You got the wrong disks. The newest operating system to ship with the Titanium Powerbook G4s was 10.2.6.
The only 10.4 which will install on the Titanium Powerbooks are discs which look like *
Contact the seller of the Powerbook G4 and ask for the original discs.
If they lost them they should contact Applecare. The discs must be sold with the computer as they are only licensed for use with that computer.
If you lost them, you should contact Applecare. Here's AppleCare's phone numbers worldwide:
In the future make sure only to buy Macs with the original discs.
- * Links to images I reference with an asterisk are off of my personal website which I may get compensation from.
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Powerbook G4 Restore Disk Download Iso

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