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Petz 5 Online For Free

Feel free to send asks for clarification or more details! I just wanted a place to direct people instead of assorted past posts in the event of basic questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want to play Petz again, do you know where I can buy or download the games?

In my journey through old Petz fansites, I’ve found one possible download.

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These files are from [Carolyn’s Creations], a reputable site in the Petz world. However, I haven’t tried them myself, and I can’t guarantee they’re safe for your computer. The second requires you to edit your registry. And there’s always the chance it’ll be even buggier on the new Windows than the CD version.

However, if you want to try downloading the Petz game, there are two options:

[Petz 5 Fooler]: sounds like a watered down version of the game?

[Petz 5 CD Backup]: more involved install but sounds like the full game.

I might be able to help you do some troubleshooting if things aren’t working, but if it’s really buggy, you’re going to be on your own. Graphics issues are probably Petz 5 the game having issues, though, and not these specific installs. For that, I can help troubleshoot (try running as admin in compatibility mode first).

Petz 5 Online For Free

Honestly, I recommend buying the games instead. If you check [Amazon], you can regularly find used games for under $15 or $10 if you’re lucky. If they’re all overpriced, wait two weeks and check again. I don’t believe they’re being manufactured anymore, but the games go up for sale as people clean closets or whatever.

Q: Can Petz work on a Mac?

Petz 5 Online For Free

I have yet to hear of an example of Petz running on a Mac OS yet. The company never released a Mac version of Petz games because the market back then was mostly Windows for gaming. If you know what you’re doing, there are ways to run Windows programs on a Mac OS - primarily by partitioning your hard drive and installing Windows alongside Mac or by running some sort of virtual Windows client. Essentially, you simulate Windows and then run Windows programs. I’ve never done it and can’t help you much, but honestly, Petz is already buggy on modern Windows systems, so I suspect it would be extremely buggy being run on a Mac. That’s my dose of pessimism, but if you’re determined then knowing how to partition hard drives and such is a useful skill anyway, go forth and Google! (And feel free to drop me a line about any success.)

Q. Can you help me get Petz working on Windows? The graphics look really glitchy!

Glitchy graphics is a common issue on Windows 7 and possibly Vista as well. The first thing to try is to run it as admin in compatibility mode. If you right-click the icon you use to play the game, go to Properties at the bottom, then tab over to Compatibility. You can check a box to run it in compatibility mode for and then select Windows XP. If that one doesn’t work, try a few others around XP. Also try selecting the Run as an administrator option. (Windows will ask you about letting it change the hard drive when you run the program, just say yes it asks that for any program run in administrator mode.)

If it’s still not working and you fool around with a ton of options around there, I’d head to Google. You can ask me to try to help, but I’ll just be using Google (albeit with technical knowledge to filter results through).

Q. What is PetzA?

You may have seen me post things with the [PetzA tag]. This is a program developed by Sherlock Software [link] which adds a lot of useful tools to Petz 2-5, and I highly recommend taking a look at the page and considering it. I use it mostly for being able to take multiple pets out at a time, though I have fiddled with sliders.

Petz 5 online, free