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Open Season 3 Movie Pictures

Open Season 3 Movie Pictures

Summary movie - Open Season 3

Boog (Mike Epps) plans an annual guys trip to spend time with his male friends. But Elliot (Joel McHale) has distanced himself from him since Elliot had started a family with his very own children. Boog is disappointed since everyone else wanted to spend time with their families which makes Boog go on a trip of his own, which leads him to a Russian traveling circus.While in the circus, Boog meets Doug (Matthew J. Munn), a lazy, scruffy look-alike grizzly bear who is tired of performing in the circus on the sidelines. He craves recognition as a full-fledged king of the forest, the ruler of wildlife. He also meets Alistair (Dana Snyder), a Spanish llama who is Doug's best friend. Doug convinces Boog to switch his life in the forest for Doug's place at the circus, which Boog later accepts the offer. But the whole thing turns out a scam since all Doug wanted to do was escape.Meanwhile, Boog falls madly in love with Ursa (Gina Torres), a female grizzly bear who was born in Russia and can effortlessly walk on a tightrope, juggle and dance. When the couple began working together, they have obtained much more as a harmonious duet than it might seem at first glance. When Boog's pals find out about Boog's disappearance, they (as well as Fifi and the other pets must put aside their differences) hatch a rescue mission to save Boog and Ursa.

Boog's friends rally to bring him home from a Russian traveling circus.

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Directed By: Cody Cameron
Actors: Matthew W. Taylor (Deni / Buddy / Ian (voice))
Diedrich Bader (Rufus (voice))
Kirk Baily (Additional Voices)
Jeff Bennett (Earl)
Charlie Bright (Elvis (voice))
Cody Cameron (Mr. Weenie (voice))
John Cygan (Nate (voice))
Georgia Engel (Bobbie)
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