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Mohegan Sun Slot Machine Oddswireever

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When Connecticut's two casinos opened in the early 90s, they did so by reaching an agreement with the State of Connecticut to pay the state 25 percent of their monthly slot revenues.

As a result, both Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods must report their total slot earnings to the state each month. In December 2010, Foxwoods earned $45 million on its slot machines, an increase of 1.2 percent over December 2009.

Mohegan Sun took in $53.5 million dollars in December slot revenue. That's a 6 percent decline over December 2009, according to The Day of New London.

Slot machines at Mohegan Sun, Connecticut. We do NOT currently have any offers for Mohegan Sun. However, if you have NOT played at Mohegan Sun for 2 years or more and typically play at the levels outlined below, the URComped team will try our best to help you get COMPED by connecting you directly with an on property host. A world at play and a world to its own, Mohegan Sun offers the best in entertainment. Laugh along with hilarious comedians or catch a live band at Comix Roadhouse.Don't forget about Thursday night karaoke at where you can take your place in the spotlight to show off your skills! You deposit €100 and Mohegan Sun What Kind Slots Machine To Have get another €100 to play with. You now have a balance of Mohegan Sun What Kind Slots Machine To Have €200 and with “Real Money First” bonuses you are able to Mohegan Sun What Kind Slots Machine To Have cancel the bonus without losing any of your winnings (as long as your.


In reporting its numbers, Mohegan Sun actually revealed some interesting information some gamblers might want to pay attention to.

Overall in December, $673,412,991 went through Mohegan's slot machines. It's a staggering number, referred to as the handle, by casinos. But Mohegan Sun only kept 7.94 percent of that total amount. That means more than 92 percent went back to gamblers.

What may be even more valuable information to the millions of people who drop dollars into those ringing, buzzing and screeching machines is that Mohegan Sun also breaks down which machines actually give gamblers the best odds at winning.

The casino has 6,404 slot machines scattered throughout it's sprawling gaming floors, and as most gamblers know, you can toss your money into those machines in many different denominations. But what the casino's December numbers show is that some of the 'cheapest' slot machines, actually have the worst odds for patrons.

For example, Mohegan Sun kept 11 percent of all of the money that went into its penny slot machines, with 89 percent returned to the players. That must be why the casino has more penny slots, 2,532 machines, than any other type. Not surprisingly, the majority of Mohegan Sun's slot revenue comes from these penny slots. Nickel slot machines took 12 percent, and give back 88 percent in December.

On the other side of the scale, the casino's $2 slots kept just 2.03 percent of the money that went in, giving back just under 98 percent to gamblers. The best deal for players, if you can afford it, was the casino's $10 slot machines, which kept a minuscule 1.77 percent of the money put into them, returning 99.23 percent to those spending their hard-earned cash.

In the middle were the casino's quarter slots, which returned more than 91 percent of the money put in back to patrons, and the $1 machines gave back more than 93 percent to gamblers.

But for those who want to play those machines, their best bet may be to play Mohegan Sun's multi-denomination slots. Those are machines on which a player can choose to bet in different amounts. In December, they returned 95 percent of the money that went into them. So gamblers had better odds dumping quarters into a multi-denomination machine, than playing those same coins on the quarter slots.

Momentum Status Levels and General Questions:

What is the Momentum Program?
Momentum is Mohegan Sun's Rewards Program. It is a program that offers our guests a more personalized experience while they plan their visit and stay with us. It offers our guests more choices so that they can design their stay with us based on their individual interests.

Mohegan Sun Slot Machine Oddswireever

Why is the program called Momentum?
The program is called Momentum as a testament to the Mohegan Tribes progression over the years. Momentum the loyalty program is a tribute to the Mohegan Tribe and the exciting future that lay ahead.

What is the Core status card?
The Core status Card is the initial card that any guest who is 21 years of age, with a valid form of identification can sign up for. It is free of charge, just speak to a Momentum representative at the Cashier's Cage. Core has many benefits associated with it, so by signing up for the Core card guests will have all of the benefits associated with the card.

What is the Ignite status card?
The Ignite status card is available to guests who earn 25 status points based on their play during the six-month qualifying period. Guests who earn the Ignite Card will have all of the associated benefits that the Ignite card offers.


What is the Leap status card?
The Leap status card is available to guests who earn 250 status points based on their play during the six-month qualifying period. Guests who earn the Leap Card will have all of the associated benefits that the Leap card offers.

What is the Ascend status card?
The Ascend status card is available to guests who earn 1,500 status points based on their play during the six-month qualifying period. Guests who earn Ascend will have all of the associated benefits that Ascend members receive.

What is the Soar status card?
The Soar status card is available to guests who earn 5,000 status points based on their play during the six-month qualifying period. Guests who earn Soar will have all of the associated benefits that a Soar member receives.

What are the qualifying periods?
Qualifying periods are April through September and October through March.

Is a PIN required?
Yes, the use of the PIN (Personal Identification Number) for transactions is required for your security.

Is there a brochure that will give me the details of each card level?
Brochures will be available at the Cashier's Cage. Additionally, the Momentum page contains information including benefits.

Benefits and Status Card Requirement Questions:

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Is the Momentum program clear on what it takes to get to the next card level?
Yes, the program is very transparent, and the gaming requirements should be easy to understand.

What are the benefits associated with each card level?
You can view the benefit chart here

Will I receive extra benefits playing at a higher rate?
When you play at a higher rate, you will earn more Status Points and Status Points are how you move up to a higher Status Card level. As you move up levels, your benefits will increase. You can also earn bonus Momentum Achievement Awards as you increase the Status Points that you earn within your level.

How will I maintain or upgrade in the program?
You would upgrade or maintain your card level based on the Status Points goals required at each card level. Check how many status points you have earned with your Host/Player Services Representative, Momentum Representative, Kiosk or on

How can I check how many (Momentum Dollars, Momentum Achievement Awards, Offers) I have or how they were used?
Please visit or any of the kiosks located throughout the property to access this information.

Will swipe and win and other daily promotions still exist?
Mohegan Sun Casino at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas will offer a variety of promotions

Can I get information at a kiosk or Cashier's Cage about my card status?

Can I get more information about the card levels on the kiosk? Slot Machines?
Yes, you can get information about your card level in detail at the Kiosk. Information will not be available in detail at the slot machine. The checking of your Momentum Dollar balance and Free Slot Play available will be accessible at the slot machines.

Who can I contact to discuss any questions I may have?
The Momentum representatives at the Cashier's Cage and the Host/ Player Services teams are here to answer any questions you may have

How are direct marketing offers be determined?
Direct Marketing offers will be based on gaming activity.

Momentum Dollar Questions:

What are Momentum Dollars?
Momentum Dollars are a guest’s spendable points that can be used at participating restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and entertainment tickets. These dollars can also be redeeming as Free Slot Play directly at a slot machine. These dollars are earned through rated casino play. One Momentum Dollar is equivalent to one dollar when using them for purchases in participating outlets or two dollars in Free Slot Play.

Do Momentum Dollars Expire?
Momentum Dollars will expire after 12 months of inactivity.

Are Momentum Dollars and benefits recognized at other Mohegan Sun properties?
Yes! Momentum Dollars will still be redeemed dollar for dollar at Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment properties that have Momentum Rewards.

Status Point Questions:

What are Status Points?
Status points are earned through gaming and determine what card level members fall into.

Does 1 Momentum Dollar equal 1 Status Point?
No, Momentum Program Status Points and Momentum Dollars will be earned at a different rate.

Are Status Points earned at the same rate throughout every card level?
Yes, Status Points unlike Momentum Dollars are earned at the same rate throughout every card level.

How many Status Points do I need for each card level, Leap, Ascend and Soar?
Leap requires 250 Status Points, Ascend requires 1,500 Status Points and Soar requires 5,000 Status Points. Once a guest reached the required Status Points during any qualifying period they will automatically be upgraded to the Status level that they earned. If a guest already has a Leap, Ascend or Soar card they will need to earn the required amount of Status Points during each qualifying period to retain their card.

Do Status Points expire?
Status Points will be reset to zero at the end of each qualifying period.

Achievement Award Questions:

What is a Momentum Achievement Award?
Momentum Achievement Awards are set Status Point Goals that have an associated award attached to them. At each instance that the guest reaches a set Status Point Goal (250, 500, 750, 1,000 etc…), they will be awarded with the associated prize level that is connected with that goal. Awards will be available at the kiosk every time they hit one of the set Status Point Goals. Guests can earn multiple awards each day by hitting multiple Status Point Goals.

Mohegan Sun Slot Machine Oddswireever Machine

Where can I redeem these awards?
All awards can be redeemed at the Kiosk. They will be available for 30 days on the kiosk from the date that the guest has earned the award.

Mohegan Sun Slot Payouts

Do Achievement Awards expire?
Achievement Awards do expire after 30 days from the time of earning is they are not redeemed at the kiosk. If the guest redeems the reward at the kiosk, in the instance of Free Slot Play, Free Bet voucher, the guest has 30 days to redeem the voucher for the award or use the free slot play on a slot machine.