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Microsoft Surface Serial Number Lookup

How to find or identify my NEW Microsoft Surface model?

Please provide a valid Device Serial Number. Required Fields Not Present. The characters entered do not match the picture. Please try again. How can we help you? Change Confirm your Device Serial Number/Check Warranty Tell us about your device: Country/Region. Model number as well, When ever you buy a communicating device check the settings and on 'my device' section it should tell you all the numbers for a particular device, Model, serial, other info. If you can get the Digitize'r out it should have a number on the Flat cable, or on the ribbon cable.

Posted by Poya Moradi on May 7th 2020

Which Surface model do I have?

(Updated on 05/07/2020)

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1. When was my Surface Pro released?

2. When was my Surface Go released?

You've come to the right place! Lately, it's become more and more difficult to keep up with all the new tablets being released, and even worse the naming conventions that come with them. Microsoft recently released its newest Surface model - 'Surface' (Latest releases: Surface Pro 6 was released on October 16, 2018, and the Surface Go was released on August 2, 2018). However Microsoft had already released a model named 'Surface' back in 2012 and Surface models are generally confusing, so we're here to help you easily identify which Surface model you have!

So which Surface do I have?

While it's not difficult to find out what model Surface you have, the process does have a few steps involved. Some models have a 4-digit number located on the back next to the serial number which can be inputted into Google for an instant result. However, some models do not have this 4-digit number so we'll need to take an alternative approach-

1) - Firstly, you must locate the serial number located underneath the stand on the backside

Microsoft Support - How to find your serial number [CLICK HERE]

Identify Surface Model:TIP: The fine print can be hard to read so take a photo and enlarge it for easier readability.

Alternatively, you could download the 'Surface' app from the app store which will also show you your serial number.

Microsoft Surface Serial Number Lookup


2) - Secondly you'll need to decode your serial number to see exactly which model you have, head over to the Microsoft support page linked below where you'll be able to add in your serial number and it will provide you with the Surface model-

Microsoft Surface Model Release Dates

Surface Models

ModelDate Released
SurfaceOctober 2012
Surface 2October 2013
Surface 3May 2015
Surface GoAugust 2018
Surface Go 2May 2020

Surface Pro Models

Surface ProFebruary 2013
Surface Pro 2October 2013
Surface Pro 3June 2014
Surface Pro 4October 2015
Surface Pro 5June 2017
Surface Pro 6October 2018
Surface Pro 7October 2019
Surface Pro XOctober 2019

Surface Neo Models

Surface NeoOctober 2019

Surface Duo Models

Surface DuoOctober 2019

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Serial Number Lookup

Surface Book Models

Surface BookOctober 2015
Surface Book 2November 2017

Surface Laptop Models

Surface LaptopJune 2017
Surface Laptop 2October 2018
Surface Laptop 3October 2019

Surface Studio Models

Surface StudioDecember 2016
Surface Studio 2October 2018

Surface Hub Models

Surface HubJune 2016
Surface Hub 2SJune 2019

Microsoft Surface Book Serial Number Lookup


Look Up Microsoft Serial Number

We hope that this makes it a bit clearer in regards to your tablet type from Microsoft, and here is a little help on some ruggedized cases that pairs well with the Surface Pro line of tablets. Check out our action rugged case options or Surface Pro 7 6 5 4 MagConnect Mounting Solutions.

Microsoft Surface Lookup By Serial

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