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Microsoft On Screen Keyboard Downloadleadingdwnload

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  • It is possible that the on-screen keyboard was set to start automatically each time you sign in. To disable this, please follow the steps below: Click the Start button type Ease of Access Center then press Enter. Click on 'Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard'. Uncheck the “Use On-Screen Keyboard” checkbox.

Keyboard Layout Creator Microsoft is what you need to define your keyboard layout when Microsoft does not support your language or enter your favourite symbols in a text by a single click. Keyboard Layout Creator Microsoft widens the basic features on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 10.

You can make use of On-Screen Keyboard, if the physical keyboard on your computer is malfunctioning or not working. You will find below the steps to Enable On-screen Keyboard in Windows 10.

On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

The On-Screen Keyboard as available in Windows 10 is a full featured visual keyboard that appears on the screen of your computer.

Windows On-Screen keyboard has all the standard keys as found on the physical keyboard and it can be operated using a Mouse or Trackpad to click on the virtual keys.

The On-Screen Keyboard is not the same as Touch Screen Keyboard, which is only meant for Touch-Screen computers and cannot be operated by a Mouse or Trackpad.

On-Screen Keyboard is in addition to Touch-Screen Keyboard and there are multiple ways to Enable On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10.

1. How to Enable On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

The easiest way to enable On-Screen Keyboard on your computer is to use the Settings Menu.

1. Open Settings > click on Ease of Access option.


2. On the next screen, click on Keyboard in the left-pane. In the right-pane, toggle ON the option for On-Screen Keyboard.

2. Enable On-Screen Keyboard at Start up

If the actual keyboard on your computer is going through problems, you can make the On-Screen Keyboard to open at Startup.

1. Type Control Panel in the search bar and click on Control Panel Desktop App in the search results.

2. On Control Panel Screen, make sure you are in Category view and click on Ease of Access option.

3. On the next screen, click on Ease of Access Center.

4. On Ease of Access Center, scroll down and click on Use Computer Without a Mouse or Keyboard link located under “Explore all Settings” section.

5. On the next screen, select Use On-Screen Keyboard option > click on Apply and OK to save this setting on your computer.

After this, you will always find On-Screen Keyboard available for your use, as soon as the computer starts up.

3. Enable On-Screen Keyboard on Login Screen

Having the On-screen Keyboard available at the Login screen can be helpful, if you are worried about the possibility of being unable to Login to your computer, due a non-functioning physical keyboard.

1. Open Control Panel > click on Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center.

2. On Ease of Access Center, click on Change Sign-in Settings option.

3. On the next screen, select Type Without the Keyboard option in “At Sign-in” column.

4. Click on Apply and OK to save this setting on your computer (See image above).

After this, you will find the On-Screen Keyboard available and ready for your use at the Login Screen.

  • On-Screen Keyboard?


This on-screen keyboard is great for use on ultra-mobile PCs, tablet computers, kiosks, Surface, etc. You can use a mouse, touch screen, pen or any other pointing device for typing.


Microsoft keyboard software downloadMicrosoft On Screen Keyboard Downloadleadingdwnload

You can customize the on-screen keyboard's look and behavior (the position, size and number of keys, the colors, and the skin) with the ability to select from a large number of available templates.


It has additional advantages compared to the regular keyboard and is well suited for people with disabilities.

Join over 100,000 satisfied users around the world



The on-screen keyboard displays the characters that are actually typed in any language, which allows you to type text without a localized keyboard. You can quickly switch between languages with just one click or touch.

Free On Screen Keyboard Download

Fully Customizable

You can customize the on-screen keyboard's look and behavior (the position, size and number of keys, the colors, and the skin) with the ability to select from a large number of available templates.

Developer Support


If you are writing your own software (kiosk software), you can use the special functions to control the on-screen keyboard: show, hide, move, and change layout or any other parameter.

Icons on the Keyboard

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro displays shortcut icons of Windows and popular applications.

FeaturesComfort On-Screen Keyboard ProComfort OSKWindows 7
Tablet PC Input Panel
Win 7
Windows 10 / 8
Touch Keyboard
Win 10
Automatic Appearance
The on-screen keyboard appears when the text cursor is placed in a text field. You can also install a Browser Extension to enable this feature.
Touch Screens and Tablet Mode
The keyboard supports all touch screens and is compatible with tablet mode.
Text Suggestions
When you type, you’ll see a selection of words you might type next, based on your past conversations and typed letters. If you select any of the suggested words, they will be inserted into the text.
You can specify gestures for some specific actions: type capital letters, spaces, delete word to left, close the keyboard, etc. You can modify actions for each swipe type, or disable only some of them. Learn More
Auto Repeat
When a key is pressed and held, the keyboard types and continues to type the appropriate symbol at regular intervals until the key is released. This is the common behavior for a hardware keyboard. So you can use the on-screen keyboard for playing games on your mobile PC with a touch-screen.
Ability to customize the keyboard layout and create your own keyboard types.
Developer Support
Support for programmatic control of the on-screen keyboard.
Application shortcut icons that are shown on the on-screen keyboard.
Transparency: the ability to change the opacity of the keyboard.
Zooming: the ability to change the size of the keyboard.
Floating icon next to the text cursor to invoke the keyboard.
Sounds: the ability to assign sounds to keystrokes.


We have customers interested in a customizable keyboard, so they can add their own keys and such, and yours seems perfect for this. In fact, its a great little piece of software, I will recommend it wherever I can!

Thank you very much for your time and really like the virtual keyboard from Comfort Software. Sure beats the built in Win8 or Acers virtual keyboards!!

I have been using the microsoft virtual keyboard for years and have not been satisfied with it's limitations. Yours has all the features i have always wanted. Nice work!

i've just bought your on-screen keyboard. i must say it's the best virtual keyboard i found on the internet. very impressive work :)

Keyboard On Screen Pc

I really like this software. I have to write in many different languages, and yours is the best software yet I have seen for that.

Given the lack of numeric keypads on the new, smaller ultrabooks those of us who need to use ASCII codes and Unicode inputs are stuck unless we have an auxiliary keyboard available, which when traveling isn’t always possible. So far it looks as though your virtual keyboard solves that problem.

Whoa! Very cool!! One could make some wild layouts! Thanks for your help.

Thank you very much! This is still one of my most useful programs.


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