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Manual Input Visiolivingfasr

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IP/Network video surveillance Visio icon library, the essential icons for drawing system diagrams. The library contains rich icons including network cameras, central management equipment, display equipment, server, clients, network security transmission equipment, access control, intrusion alarm system, intercom, building automation etc all kinds of icons related to security field. Additionally, you can download a PPT file that contains IP video surveillance Visio icon library.

Please note your computer must have installed Microsoft Visio software, so that you are able to open .VSD file, and Microsoft PowerPoint to open PPT file.

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Visiplex product manuals and user guides for paging products and wireless accessories.

Download Security Camera Visio Library For Free

Source Googledrive:
Hikvision Visio Library: Download Link (.VSD)
Uniview Visio Library: Download Link (PPT)

IP/Network Security Camera Icon

Icon for all kinds of security cameras including standard box camera, vari-focal lens box camera, weatherproof housing, bullet IR camera, 3G/4G IP camera, thermal image camera, cube camera, panda Wi-Fi camera, button camera, pinhole camera, USB camera, mini dome camera, PTZ dome camera, panoramic camera, PTZ camera, PTZ IR camera, HD-SDI camera, HD camera, network PTZ camera.

Camera Accessories Icon

ManualVisiolivingfasrManualManual input

Icon for Stainless camera installation pole/stand, LED white light, Infrared illuminator, flashlight, Radar, vehicle detecting module, traffic signal light detector, traffic controlling unit, video analytics unit, UPS, 2in1 lightning protection module , PTZ, bracket for PTZ camera, bracket for box camera.

Video Storage Icon

Icon for PC DVR, embedded DVR, hybrid DVR, NVR, IPSAN, CVR, stackable decoder, RS485 distributor, Matrix, IP keyboard, RAID cabinet and more.

Security Display/Monitor Icon

Icon for LCD display, LCD TV, CRT monitor, LCD TV Wall, DLP screen, dual LCD display, LED display and more.

Server for Video Surveillance Icon

Icon including PC client, stack-able server, slice server, centralized server, stream server, TV wall server, NAS, GIS, PAG, smart query server, WEB server and more.

Communication&Transmission Icon

Icon for satellite, microwave radar, wireless bridge, base-station, cellphone, iPHone, iPad, telephone, GRRS modem, video telephone, police body camera, 30CH intercom, 500CH intercom, Serial to RS232 module, wireless module, police car, patrol car, escort car and more.

Access Control System Icon

Icon for access controller, RFID reader, RFID reader with keypad, hotel lock, patrol pole, fingerprint reader, door opener, single access control module, card, IC card, POS machine, X-ray scanning machine, metal detector, magnetic door lock and more.

Conference Audio Equipment Icon

Icon for conference controller, amplifier, digital receiver, DVD, microphone, microphone controller, speaker, headphone, mixer, wireless mic, security mic, wireless RF receiver and more.

Building Automation Icon

Icon for ceiling speaker, outdoor speaker, preamplifier, value, network controller, DDC controller, satellite receiver, signal mixer, distributor, video intercom.

Some icons including PC-DVR, NVR, DVS, Matrix, Keyboard, PTZ camera, dome camera, box camera, TV-wall, EPON card, ONU, Voice gateway, IP telephony, Call control server, VoIP service server, Router with voice module, MCU, integrated videoconferencing terminal, split video conferencing terminal, SPK basic telephone, commercial telephone, manager telephone, video phone, handset, PBX, convergence center client, multimedia gateway, File service, Email serviceļ¼Œ Exchange application, Notes application, FC HBA card, TOE HBA card, 24-port switch, 48-port switch, Disk, Disk drawer, Disk array controller, Disk chassis, Tape, Tape driver, Storage controller, Functional module, Neocean low end products, Expansion cabinet, FC router, distribution switch, edge switch, L2 switch, stack-able switch, relay device, ISDN, Bridge, Hub, Office connect hub, baseline hub, IPv6 router, PAD, VRP versatile routing platform, Wireless bridge, wireless NIC, Enhanced AP, wireless switch, AP3750 management AP, enterprise AP, 3Com Wireless 11abg PCI Adapter, indoor desk antenna, indoor ceiling antenna, outdoor omni-directional antenna, outdoor sectorial antenna, outdoor panel antenna, bridge back-reflecting antenna, wireless coverage, IDS router, intrusion detection system, billing gateway, security gateway, SecBlade VPN module, IPS, SecBlade module integrated switch, Deep inspection firewall, Firewall, Eudemon1000Firewall, embedded firewall

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Visio has a few options for changing how you view the drawing. The View tab lists all the possible view options that you can use on the canvas. We will look at some of the commands that are useful in changing view modes.

Slide Snippets

Manual Input Visiolivingfasr Model

The Slide Snippets Pane is available only in the latest Office 365 version of Visio. Basically, slide snippets allow you to directly export a Visio diagram as a PowerPoint slide.


Manual Input Visiolivingfasr Definition

To take a slide snippet, click the Slide Snippets Pane in the View tab to open it. Then, select an area of the drawing that you want to export to a PowerPoint slide and click the Add button in the Slide Snippets Pane. Add a title in the Enter title here... field and click Export to export the captured drawing to a PowerPoint slide.

Manual Input

Presentation Mode

The Presentation Mode shows a full screen view of the drawing without any distractions. This mode can also be toggled by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

Ruler, Grid and Guides

You can toggle between showing the vertical and horizontal rulers, the grid, and the guides by toggling the corresponding checkboxes in the Show area of the View tab. The scaling of the rulers and grid can also be adjusted. The grid allows to easily snap objects so that they are placed correctly on the canvas.

Manual Input Visiolivingfasr Python


The Zoom section comprises of commands that allow you to change the zoom levels of the canvas. You can also fit the contents to window or adjust the contents to fill the page width.


The Window section lists commands that allow to arrange multiple windows on your screen. You can directly open a new window or arrange windows side by side. You can also cascade windows for easy switching between them.