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Publication Order of Magic and Mayhem Books

  1. Magic And Mayhem Universe
  2. Magic And Mayhem
Switching Hour(2015)Beschreibung bei Amazon
Witch Glitch(2015)Beschreibung bei Amazon
Witch in Time(2016)Beschreibung bei Amazon
Magically Delicious(2016)Beschreibung bei Amazon
A Tale of Two Witches(2017)Beschreibung bei Amazon
Three's A Charm(2018)Beschreibung bei Amazon
Switching Witches(2019)Beschreibung bei Amazon

The Magic and Mayhem book series is a wonderful series of romance, fantasy, romantic comedy, magic, and paranormal romance stories. It is comprised of a total of 6 books released between 2015 and 2018. The series is written by a successful American writer named Robyn Peterman. The main characters of this series are depicted in the form of werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, and other paranormal entities. Robyn has set the plots of all the books in this series in different locations in West Virginia. She has created the lead characters for the series in the roles of Kia, Zelda, Roger, and several others. The books follow the life story of Zelda. She possesses magic and was destined to become a white healer. Instead, she uses her magical powers to obtain free designer clothes and visits numerous paradise islands for an unstoppable streak of vacations. All this suddenly comes to an end when Zelda accidentally drives over her cat. This act lands her in a special prison for witches in the Salem city.

Zelda is made to wear the orange suit all the time and she hates it a lot because orange is her most unfavorite color. Later, the poor girl is released with diminished magical powers on the condition that she has to carry out a task or risk being turned into a mortal being. To add to her difficulties, Zelda is not told what the mission really is. She is asked to guess it and complete before the end of All Hallows Eve. Zelda doesn’t know which direction to head to perform the seemingly impossible task. Every step she takes further, Zelda faces obstacles. She is forced to bear the hatred of the animals in the surrounding areas, who seem to be convinced that she is a Shifter Whisperer. Zelda does not have any idea about what that means. The werewolf in her company thinks she is her his mate. Seeing her miserable state, Zelda fears that she might end up losing her immortality.

Magic and Mayhem (also known as Duel: The Mage Wars), is a fantasy/mythology-themed real-time strategy game published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in late 1998. The game was released for PC (Windows). The player assumes the role of Cornelius, a young magician who yearns to become his uncle Lucan`s apprentice. He arrives at Lucan`s home shortly after graduation from the Hermetic Academy. Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book One Publisher's Summary Released from the magic pokey and paroled with limited power is enough to make any witch grumpy. However, if you throw in a recently resurrected cat, a lime-green Kia, and a sexy egotistical werewolf, it's enough to make a. Let's explore this forgotten realtime strategy classic of battling wizards: Magic & Mayhem, as well as its contentious sequel, The Art of Magic.

When she learns that her task is to save a group of werewolves, Zelda is taken in for a surprise. She doesn’t think she is the right person for the job, but has to oblige anyhow. Robyn Peterman has written the stories from the point of view of Zelda. A number of critics have praised her efforts in coming up with such an exciting series of romantic comedy stories. Robyn’s fellow writers describe this series as a funny, fun-filled, fast-paced, and sexy series. The factors that make it worth reading include its powerful characters, magical delights. Sidesplitting stories, and wonderful setups. The critics believe that this series can be enjoyed by all the fans of Janet Evanovich and Amy Schumer. Such wide-scale praise and appreciation have helped the series sell thousands of copies in all parts of the world.

The success of this series helped to increase the popularity of Robyn Peterman even more. She went on to establish herself among the top-ranked authors of the genre, thereby adding more fame to her name. Also, Robyn received many accolades and recognition for her work in this series as well as the ones that followed later. A spin0ff series called Magic and Mayhem Universe series has been developed by various authors, including Isabel Michaels, Rose Pressey, Kris Calvert, H.M. McQueen, Deanna Chase, etc. This series is a Kindle Worlds series and is set in the same universe as the original series and continues to depict the adventures of Zelda as she takes on various other missions as per her parole conditions. Every author has created exciting characters that go along very well with Zelda in their respective novels. This series also received wide acclaim and became immensely successful.

An excellent novel of this series is entitled ‘Magically Delicious’. It was self-published by Robyn Peterman in 2016. The primary characters of the book include Mac, Zelda, Fabio, and a few others as well. This novel’s story takes place in Assjacket, West Virginia. It starts by showing that Zelda is pregnant with her first child. Her condition starves her so much that she feels tempted to chocolate cookies and tangy drinks. She is surprised to find that the whole town has decided not to consume carb-filled diet. Zelda hates to know, especially when she is desperate to eat everything filled with carbs. Later, she comes to know that a witch has cast her magic on the town that has led to this particular.

Zelda makes up her mind to find this evil and make her undo the magic, so that she can satisfy her hunger of delicious foods. This seems to be easier to say that actually do. Zelda’s pregnancy makes it difficult for her to deal with the nasty witch residing in the gingerbread house of her town. To add to her problems, Zelda is always surrounded by carb-eating fairies speaking French and 3 familiars who live in a defacing property full of profane graffiti. Zelda fears that she might give birth to puppies because she was knocked up by a werewolf. She doesn’t deny that having a passionate romance with the werewolf of her dreams was quite awesome, but she seems scared to bring her children in a world with no magic of her own. Mac supports her by being by her side and her Fabio makes sure that she eats all the right things that make her babies healthy.

Another mind-blowing novel written in this series by Robyn Peterman is known as ‘A Tale of Two Witches’. It was published in 2017. It features the chief characters like Zelda and Sassy. The two are described as best friends. They met each other for the first time when they were cellmates in prison. This funny story proceeds further by describing the inner workings of the mind of Sassy. She lives a happy life with her love, Jeeves, by her side and their 4 adopted chipmunk children. Sassy doesn’t wish to ruin her happy family and allow things to proceed as they are at the moment. But, when she comes to know the bad guy Bermangoggleshitz is her father, things begin to change at a rapid rate. Sassy doesn’t know what to do. Seeing her situation, Zelda approaches her to have a chat with her. Knowing that they are the ones who can keep the magical world safe, they work out a plan to destroy the evil minions of Bermangoggleshitz. They try everything in their capacity and successfully deal with the problem of Bermangoggleshitz once and for all.

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  1. Magic & Mayhem
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Description of Magic & Mayhem Windows

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One of the best games I've played in the 1990s, Magic & Mayhem is a severely underrated real-time fantasy strategy game designed by Julian Gollop, of X-COM fame.

The game is in many ways an improved version of Julian's early Commodore 64 classic Lord of Chaos, but gameplay is much more fine-tuned and addictive. One of the strengths of Magic & Mayhem is the fun storyline that is a bit hackneyed, but very well integrated into the campaign, and develops into a full-blown fantasy intrigue after a few scenarios.

Magic And Mayhem Universe

You are a novice wizard, who start off looking for your uncle Lucan who mysteriously disappeared. The game, similar to X-COM and Fantasy General, is mission-based: you must win a scenario before advancing to the next. There are hordes of fantasy monsters to fight, spell ingredients to collect (more on that later), and allies to recruit in hectic battles. In M&M, though, even this gameplay feature is part of the plot: in the first scenario, you learn of an evil wizard who you suspect has something to do with your uncle's disappearance. After you weaken the wizard enough in a magical duel, the culprit teleports out of the map, leaving behind a blue teleport portal. You, of course, follow him... into another map/scenario.

In this way, your goal in each scenario is basically to find the wizard and defeat him to open up his teleport to a new scenario. Within each scenario, the plot unfolds through speech bubbles which are shown when you talk to a friendly character. Some of the scenarios are clever, and there is a few RPG-style traps and puzzles to figure out, most of which are of the simple 'find the button to press' type. And the missions themselves are quite varied; although there's invariably a wizard to defeat, you must accomplish sub-goals to trigger his appearance. For example, in Thebes you have to play off two enemy tribes, redcaps and centaurs, against each other. These sub-goals keep the missions from being boring or repetitive.

Magic And Mayhem Isowesternagents

Combat, as in most real-time games, is fast and furious. But fortunately you can hit SPACE to pause the action to give orders to your minions. Talking about minions-- this is where M&M really shines. In a very original concept (at least for anyone who's never played Lords of Chaos, a very crucial factor of success is the different monsters you can summon to aid in your battle. Think of it as several 'monster summoning' spell in classic RPG, except here we have numerous such spells, each summoning a unique creature.

Magic and mayhem

In order to cast any spell, you'll need mana, which can only be collected from magical 'places of power' which must be found on each map. In order to ensure a full supply of mana, you must control these places of power by ordering one of your summoned minions to guard it. Needless to say, if THAT minion is killed by the evil wizard's monsters and HE gains control, you're as good as dead if that was the only place of power you controlled. Needless to say, this feature makes for a very interesting strategy facet of the game, as you must carefully find a balance between summoning new creatures, casting defensive spells and at the same time targeting enemy wizards. The terrain is 'alive' in that squares can burn, rooves can burn and collapse on creatures causing them damage -- and creatures can also burn.

As if that's not enough, M&M also boasts another unique feature: spell ingredients and alignment. By mixing and matching the various ingredients and magical items, dozens of different spells/monsters can be created depending on your lawful, neutral or chaotic use of the ingredients. Unlike RPG games, you don't run out of ingredients once you collect them, and the fact that more powerful ingredients are found only in later scenarios ensures that you won't have access to all the spells/monsters too quickly. Not only that, but the combination of spells and monsters you can create makes for almost unlimited tactical options-- you can cast protective spells on a weak minion to make him stronger, for instance, or increase his speed. The RTS element of the game is therefore very different to anything you're likely to have played before (unless you remember the original Lords of Chaos game). The game also features a 'grimoire,' a spellbook of sorts that contain a wealth of information about every new spell/monster you gain, characters you have met, and places you have visited.

With respectable AI, very addictive gameplay, and a unique blend of strategy and action, Magic & Mayhem is a must have for anyone with even a slight interest in real-time strategy games. It's unlike any game you've played before, and the sheer depth and scope must be experienced first-hand to be appreciated. Definitely another Julian Gollop masterpiece- highly recommended!

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Magic and mayhem universe

Xzoviac2020-02-150 point

to get the in-game Music to work download the ISO, mount the .cue Change Deamon tools light's cd drive to B, use Disk Management if Deamon tools wont let you. then run the RIP version with the CUE mounted - that should fix everything
install quicktime alternativ player if in game movies are not playing
And running Compatibility Trouble Shooter fixed the text bug

Xzoviac2020-02-130 point

install quicktime alternativ player if FMV's are not playing
And running Compatibility Trouble Shooter fixed the text bug for me

spellsan2020-02-090 point

pls i need- play disc- for play, any crack cd?

Matthew2020-02-080 point


Cupit2019-10-113 points

I have uploaded screenshots if it helps or if anyone is curious, this what the menu text looks like for me:
New Game
Game Menu

Cupit2019-10-112 points

I am also having this weird main menu issue where the text is all wrong. Everything says 'Load Game' or 'Quick Battle'. Even the preferences. When starting a new game, the difficulty options all say 'Experience points' instead of 'Apprentice' 'Wizard' etc. If I start the game anyway, I am unable to save. It just crashes to desktop when I try. I have the same probem on multiple machines, both Windows 8 and Windows 10. I've tried installing it multiple times from my original 21 year old CD and the download from this sight. I can't find any info on this. I remember having this problem about 3 years ago but I somehow fixed it by accident and don't know how I did. Does anybody have any idea what's causing this let alone how to fix it?

Blank one2019-08-231 point

Plays fine apart from the text in the menus which isn't correct, in that the text displayed doesn't match the button. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?
Running on windows 10

leontas2019-02-03-1 point

Well.. it doesn't work for me. I mean it says that It need cd to be mounted and it is, but it doen't work.
Another question, does anyone know the ports to forward for this game

AramGO2018-12-240 point

Hi. If you want to avoid a sound bug (pickview) that can be really annoying here is the fix.
1) Go to 'Sounds' folder.
2) Rename Picview1 and Picview2 to 'Picview1' and 'Picview2'.
3) ¡Done! Happy Gaming.

Red_2018-08-111 point

Magic And Mayhem

If you want to try a harder solution but that allows you to just play afterwards, here are some ideas:
Videos can be played in-game with a fix from the Application Compatibility Toolkit, 'VirtualRegistry'. At least that's how I solve it on my PC.
Get the ACT here . You should download a small installer, follow the instructions. When given the choice, just choose the application compatibility thing (the first in the list, normally). It's actually a very small download, the rest you can leave unticked.
Then launch the Compatibility Administrator 32bit.
Right-click on the 'new' database in the list on the left, then 'Create New'. Enter tha game name, and the executable location (to chaos.exe). Then skip the next page and at 'Compatibility fixes', check 'VirtualRegistry'. You can test this right away (Test Run), and/or simply move on and end the steps without adding anything else.
Then click on your new database and save it (FileSave for example). Give it a database name (e.g. Magic & Mayhem) and then a file name (this will be your backup file, to be opened with the ACT). Then do Fileinstall, or right-clickinstall on the new database. Done!
As to the music, if you mount the CD into a drive which letter is set *before* your actual CD/DVD drive, it should play. Or try B: or A:. Your CD mounting tool may give you the option to easily change letters, or use Windows's Disk Management.= (take care of what drive you're tweaking there!).
Another option would be DxWnd (, which now has tools to emulate CD audio and to change the music volume. The embedded help should explain everything you need. It's longer to fix that way, but if it works, it'll be a 'fire and forget' thing after that.

J2018-05-050 point

Yes, videos and music won't work.
That said, even when playing it with the original cd the music has some issues. I feel the best way is to just play the soundtracks Celtic I-IV, Greek I-IV and Medieval I-IV (depending on the realm you're in) with a media player in background. You just need the .mp3 files for that, which can be gathered if you download the iso version below, mount the cue file and rip the tracks.
Regarding the videos: There are negligible imo. But you can find them in the FMV folder on the cd (i.e. the mounted cue file). Intro0.avi and Intro1.avi are the start, watch Celtic.avi once you've left the celtic realm, Greek.avi once you've left the greek realm and Medieval once ... well, once you've finished the game, basically.

Thessael2018-05-010 point

Sorry about last post, but autocorrect tried to help me:)
I ment music slider in preferences ofc:)

Thessael2018-05-01-1 point

Anyone knows how to mąkę music play in game? In potions i gry to set volume up but to no effect.
After entering preferences again music slider is set to 0 again.
Playing on Windows 10

Hawkeye2018-01-150 point

Thank you very much, for providing such a great classic game :)

ManuelR2017-12-300 point

I'm so happy about this
Thank you so much! :D

Jonas2017-12-030 point

Thanks so mush!!!

Fan2017-12-010 point


Dragonar2017-08-240 point

I remember playing this game when i was younger...
Thanks for uploading it!

fab2017-07-01-1 point

You are being very helpful! Thanks!

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