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List Of Vampire Knight Characters

List Of Vampire Knight CharactersList

Kaito Takamiya

Read The Signs as Vampire Knight characters from the story ♈️ Zodiac Signs ♓️ by Yukari-Nightshade (Yukari Nightshade) with 6,219 reads. Zodiac, astrology, fac. The Vampire Knight manga series and its anime adaption features a relatively small cast of characters created by Matsuri Hino. The series takes place in an alternative future of earth where global warming occurred ten thousand years ago giving rise to immortal vampires and dramatically reducing the number of humans. Their opponents, the vampire hunters were borne of a necessity for humans to. Of the 104290 characters on Anime Characters Database, 18 are from the anime Vampire Knight. Yuuki is the main character of Vampire Knight. Together with Zero, she is the school guardian of Cross Academy. Kaname Kuran 14. Kaname Kuran is the head of the Moon Dorm in Vampire Knights and is. This is all the Vampire Knight Characters all on a big list and ive also put it with the theme song so enjoy no photos or music belong to me.

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Kaito Takamiya (鷹宮 海斗, Takamiya Kaito?) is a young hunter and a teacher-in-training. He is first introduced in the light novel Vampire Knight: Ice Blue's Sin (ヴァンパイア騎士 憂氷の罪, Vanpaia Naito: Aisu Burū no Tsumi?) and does not appear in the manga until the second arc when Matsuri Hino needed another hunter character; Hino liked Ayuna Fujisaki's creation so much, she asked to use him.

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According to Kaien, Zero and Kaito share Yagari's attitude because they trained under him. Kaito was trained by Yagari with Ichiru and Zero after his former teacher was wounded. During that time, Kaito picked on Ichiru for his physical weakness and Zero for his soft heart. Later, Zero and Kaito become more friendly. He is a ruthless vampire hunter and trusts no one. His elder brother was bitten by a Pureblood and on his first mission with Yagari, he insisted on killing his brother himself. Kaito is invited to the academy by Kaien to be a student ethics teacher, while they are relying on his competence as a skilled hunter to assist the Hunter Association's organization. Kaito makes his own plans, inviting Yori to sneak into a vampire soiree, later revealing to Zero that it was to stir up the vampires as an excuse to hunt and as a test on Zero's control around them. He later reveals that his role is to observe Zero and invites Zero to rely on him as Zero once did on Yuki.

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Zero orders Maria to take Hanadagi's servant to Taito, and he guards her with Hanabusa and Maria. Handiagi's servant is angry that the Vampire Hunters are letting Sara do what she wants, and Kaito agrees. At the Hunter's Association, she is angry that Sara is there with Zero, and Kaito tells her that she would get killed if she tried to attack Sara when Handagi's servant asks to be let free to kill her.