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Knoppix 8.1 Download

Hi All,
I read this thread with interest because I have a similar issue.
I used the technique detailed at the end of this pos as the OP's resolution but before reading this thread. by that I mean I had created an ISO image and burned it to DVD to boot Knoppix 8.1. From there I created a Pen drive using the Flash Knoppix app.
I'm never sure which option to choose but, like the O.P. I wanted a persistent partition and don't mind if it takes up the entire USB drive so chose the encrypted partition with all the remaining space. This is a 16Gb Pen drive.
When I boot from the drive it does work, I get to Knoppix 8.1 desktop but I get an 'Overlay Partition too small' error in the boot dialogue. Also, when I attempted to do an 'apt upgrade' I run out of space and the upgrade fails. At this point I am unsure whether upgrading in this manner is acceptable practice but would have assumed the option unavailable if it were not possible?
So, some enlightenment on what is or should be/not be possible using a 16Gb flash drive and an installation of Knoppix 8.1. I envision having a mini, portable, secure Knoppix system to cart around in my pocket for emergencies
Thanks for any insights.

Knoppix 9.0

  • I installed Knoppix 8.6 to a 32 gb pendrive, with 10gb overlay partition, using the flash-knoppix command, on Knoppix 8.1 which I run from a pendrive. The iso image of Knoppix 8.6 was on the HD. The laptop has 4gb RAM, intel core i3 proc. The problems when using 8.6 are: 1. In the boot options 8.6 can boot from only USB-HDD and not USB-EFI.
  • DOWNLOAD KNOPPIX 8.6.1. This enables Disqus, Inc. To process some of your data. Disqus privacy policy. KNOPPIX 8.6.1 add to watchlist send us an update. 3 screenshots: runs on: Linux filename: KNOPPIXV8.6.1-2019-10.

Knoppix 9.0 Download


Knoppix 8.1 Download Windows 7

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