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Are you looking for a quick and easy to edit method of speeding up your web design process? Well, you have come to the right place. We have collected fifty pre-built responsive HTML5 templates that – with just a little bit of creative tweaking – will have your web design project live in no time. And the best thing of all is all of the website templates are all completely free!

A ready-made template is the perfect option for you to build a powerful website for your business. There are numerous professionally designed templates available, but quite often, they require a high degree of customization. Eventually, you find yourself with lines of code to change to get the required result. It’s great if you know the basics of HTML and CSS, but what’s the option for those users who don’t know a thing about coding?

All of the free website templates in this collection have been sourced from trusted websites. They are also built with the latest web design trends in mind and combine a striking look with unmatched functionality.

If you’re looking for free Bootstrap templates and UI kits, check out this post.

Apollo (Free)

Built for professional photographers, Apollo is a beautiful and free one-page web template for showcasing your shots.

So you’d like to play with G-Code but don’t have any sample g-code files? For starters, be sure to check out our Free G-Code Tutorial. It’s full of examples on a case-by-case basis. Want completed programs? No worries, here’s a bunch of examples: G-Code Examples for Milling Machines. Boomerangv4.ncc: 3D profiling job on a boomerang. HTML Templates Free Download. CSS, HTML5, Basic, Simple. Get Them All Now!

Connect Multipurpose Landing Page Template (Envato Elements)

Global – HTML5 Website Template (Free)

The free HTML5 Global web template can be used as a one-page portfolio site or be easily edited to work as a creative agency website.

Array Minimal Landing Page Template (Envato Elements)

Hook Dark HTML Template (Free)

Fold Multipurpose Software & App Template (Envato Elements)

Scribbler Website Template (Free)

A responsive HTML template for coding projects with a clean, user friendly design.

Seppo Corporate One Page HTML Template (Envato Elements)

Doob Agency HTML Template (Free)

Nobel Minimal & Versatile Multi-Concept Template (Envato Elements)

Howdy vCard (Free)

Built in a modern style, Howdy is a minimally designed resume-style web template that would be perfect for creative designers or photographers.

Parker Software & Startup Landing Page Template (Envato Elements)

Atomic HTML5 Website Template (Free)

Pisend Minimalism Blog HTML5 Template (Envato Elements)

Photon (Free)

Photon is a free one-page HTML5 template that supports images with parallax effect and buttons with some fantastic hover effects. Choose this template to give your online resume a striking look.

Blunes Minimal HTML Portfolio Template (Envato Elements)

Ellie Responsive Landing Page Template (Free)

Opta Minimal Portfolio & Photography Template (Envato Elements)

Flexbox Responsive Landing Page (Free)

A responsive landing page template built with CSS Flexbox.

Ocularus Minimal Photography HTML Template (Envato Elements)

Landed (Free)

If you need an up-to-date website with advanced functionality, the Landed template would be the perfect choice for you. It features a full-screen hero image at the top of the homepage, and comes with support for lazy-loading images, parallax effect layouts, and much more.

Solid Landing Page Template (Free)

Colossus (Free)

The Colossus free website template offers a clean and responsive layout that allows you to engage more visitors as it automatically adjusts your pages to any screen resolution, whether on desktop or mobile.

Viral (Free)

The Viral free HTML5 template features a clean and minimal layout with a full-width image hero section in the header, mega-menu and a fanatstic selection of buttons with hover effects.

Ion (Free)

Need a powerful template for a blog? Ion would be a great option for you. It offers a clean and minimal design, full-width hero image at the top of the homepage and a fixed mega-menu.

Abele (Free)

The free web template Abele features a responsive design, mega-menu, large hero area, etc. It could be a great fit for any online news or educational blog.

Transit (Free)

Use the free Transit website template to give your site a brand new look and style, along with unmatched functionality.

Luna (Free)

Howdy vCard (Free)

Built in a modern style, Howdy is a minimally designed resume-style web template that would be perfect for creative designers or photographers.

Sedna (Free) UI Kit (Free)

ActiveBox (Free)

Horizons (Free)

This is a simple template with a clean and minimal layout. It could be the perfect website template for any business or news blog.

Highlights (Free)

Highlights is a one-page website template specially designed for online CVs and portfolios. It offers a full-screen slider and responsive design that makes the website perform equally well on screens and devices of different sizes.

Linear (Free)

Linear is a great option if you need both a conservative and modern look. It supports images with parallax effect and a clean layout.

Thomsoon Responsive Portfolio (Free)

Game of Thrones Responsive Template (Free)

White One-Pager (Free)

Forkio One-Pager (Free)

Tessellate (Free)

Tessellate is a clean single-page template.

Pichichi (Free)

Pichichi is a responsive portfolio template.

My Kingdom (Free)

My Kingdom is a flat corporate responsive template.

Harbour (Free)

Harbour is a flat portfolio free website template.

Html Sample Code Free Download

Treviso (Free)

Treviso is a clean portfolio template. The download also includes the PSD files.

Overflow (Free)

Overflow is a single-page multi-purpose template.


Start (Free)

Start is a free multi-purpose single-page template that has been built with Bootstrap 3.

Big Picture (Free)

Big Picture is a free single-page portfolio web template.

Freebix (Free)

Freebix is a clean multi-purpose template.

Picku (Free)

Picku is a free minimal website template for photographers and creatives.

Prologue (Free)

Prologue is a modern multi-purpose left-sided sidebar template.

Caprice (Free)

Caprice is a clean business web template.

Landing Page (Free)

The Landing Page Template has been built with Bootstrap.

Mamba (Free)

Mamba is a flat, single-page template that has been built with Bootstrap.

Landy (Free)

Landy is a flexible single-page template.

Escape Velocity (Free)

Escape Velocity is a free responsive HTML5 site template designed in a flat style.

Serendipity (Free)

Serendipity is a free and responsive single column blog template.

Responsive Wedding (Free)

Responsive Wedding is a free, feature-rich HTML5 responsive template that uses jQuery Waypoints and ScrollTo for a fluent single-page layout.

Uisual – Minimal Landing Page Templates for Startups (Free)

A fantastic collection of six minimally designed and free HTML & CSS landing page templates for startups.


Go ahead and find a suitable template for your website and give it a brand new look and enhanced functionality. With any of these HTML5 templates you will surely cultivate a growing audience and increase your conversion rate.

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HTML is super easy to write, but when creating webpages you often need to do the same repetitive tasks, such as creating forms.

In this user guide, I have compiled 10+ ready-to-use HTML snippets to fasten your front-end coding.

HTML5 Starter Template

When starting a new project, you need a starter template. Here is a concise and clean template to serve as a basis for your HTML5 projects.


Load JavaScript Asynchronously

One of the best features of HTML5 is the possibility to asynchronously load JavaScript files. This is done very easily, simply by adding the async attribute to your script tags:

This simple code snippet shows an asynchronous loading of a JavaScript file. This will make the page load much faster as the browser will simultaneously load both the HTML and the JavaScript file.

Define Viewport for Responsive Websites

When creating a responsive website, setting the viewport is a must.

The following HTML snippet should be inserted into the head section of your document.

This HTML snippet set the view on all screens at a 1×1 aspect ratio and remove the default functionality from iPhones and other mobile devices which render websites at full-view and allow users to zoom into the layout by pinching.

Get Directions Form (Google Maps)

Here is a simple yet powerful code snippet to create a form where the user can enter his location to get directions to a specific place. Very useful for contact pages.


Base64 Encode of a 1*1px “spacer” Gif

I don’t recommend using transparent “spacer” gifs, but I know that even in 2019, people are still using them from time to time. If you’re one of them, you’ll probably enjoy this Base64 encode of a 1*1px “spacer” gif. Way better than using an image.


Regexp Pattern For Email Validation

HTML5 allows, among other things, to validate emails using a regular expression pattern. Here is a ready to use input field with the regexp pattern to validate an email address.

Bootstrap Login Form

A very basic Bootstrap form template that can be easily enhanced and modified to suit almost any need. Use this HTML snippet as a starting point for almost any kind of simple forms, such as login forms, contact forms, etc.

Valid Flash Embed

Are you often embedding Flash files into your html pages? If yes, you’ll better save the valid flash embed code below for future use.

Insert HTML Video With Flash Fallback

Another great feature of the HTML5 specification is definitely the video tag which allows you to easily embed video files.

Unfortunately, older browsers can’t deal with embedded HTML5 videos. So here is a complete HTML snippet with a flash fallback for old browsers.


iPhone Call & SMS Links

With the release of the iPhone, Apple introduced a quick way to create call and sms links. Here is a sample code snippet to keep in your snippet library.

Autocompletion With HTML5 Datalists

Using the datalist element, HTML5 allows you to create a list of data to autocomplete a input field. Super useful! Here is a sample code to re-use in your own projects.


Country Dropdown List For Web Forms

Here’s another time saver: A ready-to-use dropdown list with all countries.
Due to the size of the code, please see source directly.

Downloadable Files

HTML5 allows you to force download of files using the download attribute. Here is a standard link to a downloadable file.

Restrict Uploads To Specific Mime Types

The accept attribute was introduced in the HTML5 specification. Used on an input type='file' element, it restricts file upload to specified mime types:

The accept attribute allows to specify a comma-separated list of mime types that will be accepted for upload. In the above code snippet, only images are accepted.


Source: David Walsh

Crash IE6

In 2019, most people have finally upgraded from the horrible Internet Explorer 6 which gave nightmares to every front-end developer for years. But some persons are still using it. If you want to get rid of this prehistoric browser for good, here is a very funny code to include in your HTML pages.

This code will crash IE6. Bam!

Html sample code free download excel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HTML Snippet?

Free Html Software Download

An HTML snippet is a small portion of source code in HTML markup. Snippets like those featured in this user guide are easy to re-use in your own projects, hence their popularity among developers.

How Do I Insert HTML Code to a WordPress Post or Page?

Download Html Code

When displaying an HTML snippet on a WordPress post or page, make sure to encode the HTML code and embed it with <pre> and </pre>. For more information, please refer to this display code in WordPress guide.

Html Sample Code Free Download Windows 10

What Kind of Hosting is the Best for HTML?

Free Html Script Codes

Pure HTML pages can be hosted on any hosting plan. Bluehost provides a secure platform for HTML and PHP sites for $3.95/mo. More information can be found on our best web hosting guide.