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how To Read Edc17c64 Ecu By Ktag Ktm100auto Diagnostic Tool

V2.13 KTAG K-TAG FW V7.003 KTM100 ECU Programming Master Version from; V2.13 KTAG K-TAG Firmware V6.070 ECU Programming Tool Doest Work; What Best ECU Programmer Tool can read EDC17? Ksuite 2.08 download: fix Ktag sw 2.13 fw 6.070 internet connection; Multi-language Ktag v7.020 China Clone 100+ ECU Types list (Lots pictures).

  1. RED-VECU 6.BLACK-GND 7.BLACK-GND 8.PURPLE-VPP 9.RED-VECU 10.WHITE-CAN H Tip 3- to rework ktag hardware is necessary with good component, buy too necessary good power supply Tip 4 - ECU tuning tools for reading BMW F-series EDC17C41 Ktag v6.070 - YES Need rework hardware to read EDC17C41 as tips above say KTM100 v7.003- YES BMW ecu EDC17C41.
  2. KTag ECU remapping tool - Our rating 10/10. The KTag is an on the bench programming tool that gives the tuner complete access to the ECU. The KTag is one of the most user-friendly bench tuning tools that can be used to read and write tuning files on the bench.
  3. Here comes the guide on how to read data of EDC17C64 by KESS V2.And before reading,you need to ramove the ecu form your car,read How to Remove ECU for Range Rover Sport,it may give you some advice.Then you need to open the ecu,read EDC16/EDC17/MED17 ECU Opening Guide,it is helpful to you.
  4. Car OBDII diagnostic tool, odometer correction tool, ECU chip tuning tool, car key programmer, OBDII software technical support center. 2017/04/03 Kess V2 or Ktag to read and write Edc17c46 ECU by OBD?

Experience of Kess v2 Master or Ktag to Read VAG Passat EDC17C46 ECU

As we all know the kess v2 and ktag all the ECU chip tuning tool, Kess V2 and Ktag use same K-suite software for obd 2 tuning, So customer can choose Kess V2 and Ktag either for ecu tuning. Here share use Kess v2 v4.036 or Ktag to read and write EDC17C46 ECU experience for customer reference.
How did the kess v2 OBD Tuning tool read edc17c64 ecu? Check Following Steps:
ECU: Passat 2.0TDI 2000 with BOSCH EDC17C46
Programming way: in Tricore Boot Mode
Operating system: I loaded OK on Win 7 laptop

1. Starting:

Though KESS V2 (FW 4.036) K-suite software has released to the newerKess V2.12/V2.13, I prefer using Ksuite V2.08 (cause I’ve seen several KESS V2 owners worked perfect on fw 4.036 and 2.08).

how To Read Edc17c64 Ecu By Ktag Ktm100auto Diagnostic Tool

I have already loaded V2.08 on the laptop and directly open the Ksuite on desktop.

Press on car icon button

Pull down the vehicle list and select my car model and ECU type

2. Then referred to the EDC17 ECU tricore boot mode instruction

Select the plug-in needed: BOSCH EDC17 C46 VAG (P269)

Select TOOL-> ECU DATA, wait the KESS V2 ECU programmer to process until it reached 100%

3. Task successfully completed. This time, select “READING” ECU, starting communication, identifying ECU…

Successfully read vehicle information. Proceed to read ECU

4. Reading ECU is in progress. Name the ECU data and save the ECU data to a certain folder.


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How To Read Edc17c64 Ecu By Ktag Ktm100auto Diagnostic Tool Code

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