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Hardstyle Kicks Free

The free hardstyle kick loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these hardstyle kick loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Du du du dudunKey:GDid lots of distortion and modulation on a 909 kick and lots of ott Free Hardstyle Drum loops download 150bpm. 'Nu Hardstyle & Hardcore Kicks' is a new sample pack including distorted and filtered kicks. With 119 heavy kick drums, this powerful sound library is suitable for styles such as Gabber, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Hardtek, Techno, Rave and Drum n Bass.

Hardstyle Drum Kit

When it comes to hardcore techno, and style/genre like gabber, hardstyle, speedcore, new style hardcore, oldschool gabber, etc.. the kick drum is the more important part of the production:

the kick drum has to be ridiculously strong, and/or distorted, mangled to death, strong solid fat devastating and incredible.

For me the best combo is drum synth or sample + distortion (and couple of other effects like compression, distortion, EQ, and more distortion).
But sometimes it’s nice to have a dedicated plugin ! Here we go with the freeware plugins :

1. Gabber Master! VST by John Merrik

direct dl : Gabber Master VST download!

It’s a Windows-only VST, it seems it has been created with Synthmaker, and should work well in 32 bit VST hosts sequencers.
The GabberMaster VST is sample based with a nice variety of samples, and some parameters for destroying the sound.
Instant gabber hardcore breakcore speedcore terrorcore !

2. Bassdrum::Murda VST by Distocore

KicksHardstyle kick free

Distocore Bassdrum::Murdaaaaaa

Information and download :

Concept by I:GOR , this free plugin is more sophisticated and is a powerful drum synthesizer:
You have 3 oscillators with many waveforms to choose from, envelope sections for the pitch and the volume.
The audio signal goes to filter + distorsion + bit crusher + eq.
Now you can create powerful hardcore kick drums from scratch.

3. Hardcore Kicks Lite VST by the CoreStylerz

Information and download :

This one lets you make some noise too.
It is “facebook-like-ware”, not really freeware, but it’s nice and deserves some supports.
some agressive ear-destroying presets show the potential of this hard kick generator.

4. Synth1 by Ichiro Toda !

Synth1 VST !

Or any synth with at least one or two oscillator, a pitch envelope and some saturation / distorsion / filter / EQ effect.

– turn off all effects
– start with OSC2 (mix 100% to the right), choose the triangle waveform,
– activate the Modulation ENVelope for Osc2 : set Attack to zero and turn up the Decay and AMounT
that’s a basic kick drum
Now you can destroy it with the effect section :

– choose analogic distorsion (A.D) or DECImator.
– for more funkyness, you can also add a filter lowpass (or bandpass) + filter envelope, crank up the resonance to add screaming.
Or choose a square waveform instead of the triange.


now you can mix with a kick sample, layer it, resample, do anything you want


Only Synth1 audio examples :

Hardstyle Kick Serum


5. Virtual KickLab XL by Angular Momentum

it’s here :

A kick dedicated free plugin for Windows, you can create bass drum from scratch.
It’s not as ferocious as the other plugins in this list, but it can do some solid kicks.
It’s more clean, the saturator and distortion aren’t dirty enough.
But you can produce nice kicks out of it.