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Gb Whatsapp Plus Download

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Download Latest Version of GB Whatsapp of 2021. 100% Verified and all the working and useful features available in this custom app. Enoy all the latest features of GB Whatsapp in 2020 by downloading new version. This one of the Very popular app with custom features. GB Whatsapp is unofficial customised variant of Whatsapp app. WhatsApp Plus Download WhatsApp Plus Download Official App. Nowadays, who doesn’t use massaging apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger or even Instagram provides messaging features. But do you know that we can get more extended features in these apps. Yeah that correct we can get much more with in such social media messaging apps.

Download GB Whatsapp for PC Windows: GBWhatsapp 2020 is available for PC windows. Now you can download and use this GbWhatsapp Apk on your PC Windows. Here we provide the GbWhatsapp PC Windows download link. You can download this GBWa for PC free.

There are many PC users are looking for the GBWhatsapp App for PC Windows If you are also one of them. Then you are on the best website to download GBWhatsapp free. Here we provide the GB Whatsapp Last update for PC Windows which is very advanced than the GBWhatsapp older version.

WhatsApp Plus is a MOD of the base WhatsApp app which brings all of the salient features that users love, improving on that with some highly coveted features which users have been waiting for. Although there are a lot of other WhatsApp alternative apps out there, the WhatsApp Plus stands out in the unique offerings that it brings on board. With WhatsApp plus, you get to share up to 50MB files in a go – and you don’t have to worry about them being compressed for size either. To enjoy all these and more, simply download the WhatsApp Plus from the box above, Also Click Here if you want to read the full descriptions.

In this post, we will discuss the GBWhatsapp additional information, features and Installation process of this GbWhatsapp for PC windows. So you should read the full article patiently.

GBWhatsapp for PC Windows

GBWhatsapp for PC Windows is a modified Apk of GbWhatsapp official Apk. The developer of this app added many effective and amazing features of this app that makes it a perfect chatting messenger apk for PC Windows. Now it is a fully-featured chatting app for PC Windows.

Basically, this GbWhatsapp is developed for android devices. But people always try to make different fun with the original one. After made a complete rear of this official GBWhatsapp Apk, that has made a chatting Apk for PC windows. Now it is well-known as GB Whatsapp for PC Windows.

By using this Apk, people can make chat with their friends or family members. As well as they can send a voice message, emojis, video-audio or document files. It also allows for making video chatting.

With this all facilities, it became the most popular and best-chatting messenger Apk for PC Windows.

Download GBWhatsapp for PC Windows

If you are a PC Windows user, then you definitely use a chatting Apk on your PC Windows. I hope you are using a free chatting Apk with little features. There are many features are Blocked in this free Apk.

But GBWhatsapp for PC Windows is a different type of free messenger for PC Windows which helps you to use all features of this Apk. Here all features are Unblocked like GBWhatsapp Premium Apk.

This GBWA is very simple in technical facts and small in size with unlimited features. That’s why it works very fast on your PC Windows and it doesn’t take a vast space on your PC storage.


Before download the Gb Whatsapp for PC you ought to check the additional information and most uses features of this Apk. Below we provide the full information of this Apk and short features list. So look at a glance at the information.

Features Overview of Whatsapp GB for PC

When we want to use third-party software on our PC Windows, at first we check the features of this software. As usual, we need to check the key features of this GB Whatsapp for PC Windows before download this free software. Here we pick up the most useful and popular features in detail which help you use the Apk easily.

Customizable Theme

The first amazing matter of this latest version is the Customizable Theme. That means you can customize this Apk theme. As I mention before, there are many new themes is available in this Apk. These all unblocked to use. You can use any one of them. With this opportunity, you can customize your GBWA Apk theme by changing the boring design.

Junk Cleaner

This is a very important tool to thus users who don’t want to keep unnecessary spam on his GBWA account. Really Unnecessary spam and file make your account very slow. so this tool will rid you of the problem and make your account faster.

WhatsappGb Whatsapp Plus Download

Hide Online Status

This is an amazing feature of this Apk. Hide Online status from others is a very useful feature to all Mods Apk users. When you don’t want to publish that you are online. then you can hide your Online status from your Whatsapp plus friends. That means you can hide you from your friends.

Hide Blue Ticks

In GBWA Apk, users get a single tick when the message is sent and double ticks mean messages were delivered and double blue ticks which sands the sent message was seen. You can hide blue ticks and do not let others know that their messages were seen by you. That’s really very useful for you.

Hide Last Seen Message


Do you want to see your friends Message in hiding from his/her? If you think that, then this feature is very useful for you. By using this feature you can hide your seen option. That means you can your friends message SMS without knowing him. That’s really interesting or Not?

Writing Text Safely

Typing a text to your friends without knowing him/her. That means when you type a text/message to your friends he can’t see the “‘ Unknown is typing”‘ Notification. You can type a status like that hide typing status. this is an uncommon feature of messaging Apk.


MultiMedia Sharing Improved

In this new edition of this GbWhatsapp Apk. The developer has developed many facilities of this Apk. Basically we have got helpful by improving the Multimedia sharing system. Now we can send up to 100 + photos or up to 300 Mb files at a time. That’s only possible in the GbWhatsapp Mods. So its really helpful features to us.

There are many features you have seen in the above. If I discuss details all of these features. Then it will be so long. So I have cut short here. If you want to know the details of other features then ask me in the comment section below.

Multiple Accounts and Languages

The most useful feature for these users who want to make a dual account on his GBMods. Their dreams come true. Now anyone can make multi-account on their GBWhatsapp Mod Apk. That means you can use an account for your family or office and another for your Friends.

And the Other thing is Languages. There are many languages has added in this last update. You can chat with your foreign friends with any language.

How to Install GB Whatsapp for PC Windows

Are you thinking How to Install GBWhatsapp for PC Windows? If your reply is positive then we can help you to Install GB Whatsapp on PC Windows 10/8/7/8.1?

Though it is very simple to Install GB Whatsapp PC some users ask asked about How to Install GBWhatsapp for PC Windows. That’s why here we provide an easy and simple method to Install this Whatsapp Gb on your PC Windows.

So follow the full Instruction below Install this Apk on Your PC Windows.

As you Know, GBWhatsapp Apk is an Android Apk. So you need to use an Android Emulator for PC Windows free.

  • First of all, download free BlueStacks as an android emulator.
  • Now open the Blestacks cracked file from your download manager.
  • Switch on the Install button and start the installation process.
  • Complete the Installation process.

Now start the Real fun with GB Whatsapp

  • Run your Bluestacks on your PC Windows screen.
  • Here search for the GB Whatsapp for PC Windows 10/7/8.
  • Select the GbWhatsapp last update and download for PC Windows.
  • After complete the download process, open the Gb Whatsapp Apkrexdl file.
  • Now complete the installation process, as usual, the general system.

Congrats for Install the GB Whatsapp for PC Windows. Now enjoy the GBWA on your PC.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

mods by BlueWhatsAppPlus team

Blue WhatsApp Plus download page for run more than one number and to control the privacy and also to modify themes and colors .
With the modified Blue WhatsApp Plus you can run more than one whatsapp on the same android device with the official application on play store .
We do this modification to give us a better control and to maintain our privacy as a users to whatsapp during chatting with friends and when we communicate with all the whatsapp users .

Date: 18-2-2020
🏷 Base:
🔴 Exclusive Added Voice Changer for voice notes (Chat > 3-dot > Voice Changer). Record voice note and send.🎤
🔴 Exclusive Added preview and confirm before sending sticker (FMMods > Conversation)
🔺 Added Option to delete downloaded emojis packs
🔺 Added Archived row in home screen now takes themes color
🔻 Fixed Slow messages sending in groups
🔻Other WA extended deadline for new privacy policy to 15 May.


Fixed Random crashes when messaging groups
Fixed sending messages in groups take long time
Fixed Blue Tick on Reply crashes
Fixed Swipe Row crash
Fixed Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
Fixed crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
Misc Other fixes and improvements

Date: 03-December-2020

Gb Whatsapp For Pc Download

Free Download Whatsapp Gb For Android

[Base Update] to
[Enabled] Disappearing messages option
[Added] Mention Mark
[Added] Online/Offline Dot
[Added] Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with normal Blue tick on Reply option)
[Added] Load theme from ZIP file
[Added] Click on Status caption to copy
[Added] archive chat
[Re-Added] Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
[Added] new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
[Added] Advanced Search
[Added] new Custom Wallpaper UI
[Re-Added] Hide Recent Chats Option
[Re-Added] Hide Other Contacts Option
[Re-Added] Hide Frequently Contacted Option
[Fixed] New menu now closes automatically
[Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
[Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!

Download Gb Whatsapp Latest Apk

The advantages which enjoy with the modifying Blue WhatsApp Plus:

Gb Whatsapp Download For Windows

  • You can change the theme of the blue whatsapp plus application , its color, the icon and also the notifications icon .
  • Until no one bother you, you can stop their calling one by one or for all .
  • Adding record for the deleted messages , you can now see the messages that the other caller deleted it at any time you want.
  • Possibility to hide photos and videos from the gallery and keeping the possibility to see it through blue whatsapp plus application.
  • When someone send a message for you in any group it will show a sign @ down the chat .
  • Exclusive, Recover them, now when someone delete a message from your phone an advice will tell you about the message that he wants to delete.
  • Exclusive,You can see the description of any group inside the chat.
  • Activate the feature of putting adescription for the groups
  • You can hide the date and the last seen for you.
  • You can send broadcast message for groups , like the choice of broadcast for contacts but also for groups.
  • You can stop the internet to blue whatsapp plus only, to not be disturbed from anyone during working on the other applications.
  • You can hide any chat from the main page of whatsapp.
  • A collection containing more than 30 Font you can change them in this update.
  • You can schedule sending a message in anytime for any contact you want.
  • You can stop the automatically updating for photos and videos and voices for every chat in a separately.
  • A full record shows you who see your profile or when he is online.
  • You can chat with numbers that are not saved on your phone or calling them .
  • It will shows you a signal with the collective messages to distinguish it from the normal.
  • You can set an application password that is open only by it
  • Instead of 30 seconds you can put video of 7 minutes duration for the status.
  • Instead of 16 mega you can send video of 30 mega size.
  • Instead of 10 photos you can send 90 photos at one time
  • You can send the photos with high original resolution.
  • Instead of 16 mega you can send a sound of 100 mega size.
  • In the status you can write a text of 250 word instead of 139 only .
  • You can copy the status for your friend.
  • The links will appear in a normal shape and you can visit it without saving the sender number or the group admin.
  • For every group there is a counter, counting the messages sent from every member.
  • You can preview the media before downloading it.
  • When copying more than one message at the same time you can hide the contact name and the date message.
  • You can filter the messages inside the group so it will shows the messages of one person separately.
  • You will receive a notification message telling you that your friend change his profile picture.
  • Discrimination the group admin during sending messages inside the group so it shows beside his name : Group admin.
  • As a group admin you can control their settings and not everyone in the group
  • You can delete a message you send it wrong from all recipients finally from their whatsapp application.