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Future Just Like Bruddas Downloadzerodigital


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My slim my slime

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too yo food flse type beat add(:

“Just Like Bruddas” Zaytoven’s staccato piano keys punctuate Future’s ruminations on the afterlife, giving “Just Like Bruddas” a classical feel. Future - Just Like Bruddas Prod by Zaytoven by Future published on 2015-01-15T01:07:59Z. Appears in playlists Monster by user678568079 published on 2014-12-16T02:43:46Z trap by youngsyborg published on 2014-12-25T03:11:22Z My songsssss by kyleebishhhhhhh published on 2015-01-10T18:43:38Z good vibes. By user21227694 published on 2015-01-11T10. Producer Xavier “Zaytoven” Dotson has been instrumental in shaping the sound of Atlanta trap music as an early ally of Gucci Mane and Migos. But perhaps his most revered work is Future’s 2015 mixtape Beast Mode. At the time, Future’s friend DJ Esco was locked up abroad with the hard drive containing all of the.

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Few goodz in the cut i treat em juat like brudduss

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fav song my people's always listen to this song when i was a little kid ✌😜😜😜😜😁😁

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@da-real-ab-460014790 hell tf yeahh boaa 😩🤧

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Who else came after polo said this his fav future song

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@acenosamples Gotbeats

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Yo my nigga u good💖😍

Future Just Like Bruddas Downloadzerodigital

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@user-385890996 lmao meh

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@trey-keesaynew-979729420 same

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Dis shyt brings flashbacks on god

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Just like bruuudaaaas

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Til they call you Barbarian 🦍

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check me out for beats 😂😂😂

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A 2mg i forgot about my ex

Future Just Like Bruddas

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mad gay

Just Like Bruddas Future Lyrics

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Wtf is this shit wheres the real rap i can barely hear what the fuck hes saying, not even on beat