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Full License Nsw

  • You can have your licence suspended if you exceed the demerit points limit or commit a traffic offence such as: speeding driving under the influence (DUI) street racing aggravated burnouts driving without supervision (learner licence holders). In certain instances your licence can also be suspended for not paying an outstanding penalty notice or a court imposed fine.
  • Refer to our blog article on How to get your driving license in NSW to for more information on each of the licensing stage requirements. The tables below break down the various costs for a new driver to progress from the learner license to a full license. Currently, on average the cost to get your full license is $1,450.
Full License Nsw

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Full License Nsw Australia

Full License Nsw

NSW Full Licence Certificate IV Course Outline

BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances
CPPDSM4003AAppraise property
CPPDSM4005AEstablish and build client-agency relationships
CPPDSM4006AEstablish and manage agency trust accounts
CPPDSM4007AIdentify legal and ethical requirements of property management to complete agency work
CPPDSM4008AIdentify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
CPPDSM4009BInterpret legislation to complete agency work
CPPDSM4010ALease property
CPPDSM4011AList property for lease
CPPDSM4012AList property for sale
CPPDSM4013AMarket property for lease
CPPDSM4014AMarket property for sale
CPPDSM4015BMinimise agency and consumer risk
CPPDSM4016AMonitor and manage lease or tenancy agreement
CPPDSM4017ANegotiate effectively in property transactions
CPPDSM4018APrepare and present property reports
CPPDSM4019APrepare for auction and complete sale
CPPDSM4020APresent at tribunals
CPPDSM4022ASell and finalise the sale of property by private treaty
CPPDSM4049AImplement maintenance plan for managed properties
CPPDSM4056AManage conflict and disputes in the property industry
CPPDSM4080AWork in the real estate industry

You can purchase a 1, 3, 5 or 10-year full (unrestricted) car licence. You must be licensed to drive legally and as such will have to continue to renew your licence while you wish to continue driving. This renewal process continues until you no longer require a licence or reach 75 years of age.

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Learner driver with car keys and an Australian L-plate Source: iStockphoto

Driving is an essential skill to surviving in Australia. The process and time required to obtain a driver’s license varies in each state and territory. Young novice drivers tend to need a longer period to get their license, whereas mature drivers or those with an existing overseas license can often speed up the process.

Getting a driver’s license in Australia can be a lengthy and costly exercise. This normally starts with an eyesight test when applying for a test or license, followed by a Driver’s Knowledge Test.

Full License Nsw

New South Wales residents can sit the Driver’s Knowledge Test in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. If your language is not in the list, you may be able to request an interpreter service for the test.

Drivers are issued with an L-plate after passing the Driver’s Knowledge Test. This allows drivers to start taking lessons on the road.


Before progressing to a practical test to obtain a restricted or probationary license – learners are required to pass a Hazard Perception Test that judges their ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations. Most states and territories need young drivers under 25 to log between 50 – 120 hours of supervised driving by an instructor or a person with a full license. The number of driving hours required vary in different states and territories.

Full License Nsw

Full License Nsw

Babel Youkhana is trying to gain her driver's license after resettling in Australia eight months ago.

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Foreign nationals holding a current license from a recognised country or an experienced driver recognised country can convert their overseas license to an Australian driver’s license usually within three months after arriving in Australia. The only exceptions are Tasmania where drivers will need to apply for an Australian license within three months from the date when their visa is granted, and Victoria, within six months from entry into the country or from the date the visa is issued.

Drivers holding a full license from ineligible countries are required to sit a driving test generally within their first three months in Australia.

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