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Free Imei Unlock Code Generator Iphone 5

  1. Once you will get access to the online unlock iPhone generator you need to. Unlock iPhone 5 Code Generator Guide. Enter your locked devices IMEI number, Select your device.
  2. Enter IMEI, country, and network provider that your Apple iPhone 5S is locked. Then confirm your order. Your request will be processed and within a guaranteed delivery time, you will receive an email with unlock code and simple instructions on how to unlock your Apple iPhone 5S.

Field test mode. Code:.3001#12345#. This secret code on the phone activates the field test.

Before making the final decision of buying a used iPhone one of the must-do steps you should take is to check your iPhone’s IMEI or ESN number for any activation statuses. With the free Sprint IMEI Checker tool, you can see if your iPhone is SIM locked, blocked or blacklisted. Using the IMEI code, which is short from International Mobile Equipment Identity, you can discover every tiny detail you want to know about the mobile phone device you plan to buy.

How to use the online Sprint IMEI Checker tool

The ESN, much like the IMEI code, can give a lot of information about your iPhone mobile phone device too. The ESN, or the Electronic Serial Number, can have excellent or wrong parameters. The latter can be caused by:

  • When all the instalments for the iPhone are not fully paid
  • When the device is reported as stolen or maybe lost

The IMEI code can also help you check if the ESN of the device is good or bad. If it is right, you can proceed to use your iPhone regularly, but if it is wrong, you must make sure to cover all of the three points stated above and clear the negative ESN status. For instance, to clear the ESN you should contact the carrier and report that the iPhone is no longer suspected as lost or stolen, contact the original owner and make sure they fully pay off the device to the carrier and deactivate the iPhone from their account. After you complete these steps, you will have a good ESN and an excellent mobile phone device to use.
But again, to do that you must know the IMEI code of the device. Go here to learn how to find the IMEI number from your iPhone or iPad device.

Simple Ways to Discover the IMEI on an iPhone

  • For iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone 10 you can find the IMEI code on the back of the device or the SIM card tray.
  • For iPhone 7, 7+, you can also see the IMEI printed on the back of the device, or the SIM card tray.

For iPhone 6s, 6s+, 5, 5c, 5s, 4 and iPhone 4s the location of the IMEI code is the same as for the models mentioned above, on the back of the iPhone, i.e. on the SIM card tray.

Of course, there is also another method for tracing the IMEI code, which is as follows:

  1. Open your iPhone go to Settings.
  2. Click GENERAL and find the ABOUT iPhone entry.
  3. Go there and list down until you reach the entry with the full 15-digit IMEI code.

Online check for the IMEI or ESN code

Use the online Sprint IMEI Checker tool to quickly discover if your iPhone is blacklisted, locked or blocked.

When you are doing this online, here’s what you have got to do:

  • Visit and type your IMEI in the field provided for it.

Soon you will be informed if you can use the iPhone on the Sprint network or not.

Online check for the IMEI or ESN code with Swappa

Visit the official Swappa page and enter the IMEI code in the appropriate field. Already on the next page, you will see everything you needed to know about your iPhone.
If the iPhone in question is not an iPhone by the Sprint carrier, you can use some of our other tools compatible for other worldwide popular carriers. AT&T, VERIZON, T-MOBILE…

Visit this page and type the IMEI code where it is asked. The procedure is more or less the same for every carrier, so after you enter the correct IMEI code in the correct field, you will receive a compatibility report. This means that you will know within seconds if your iPhone is compatible with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, t-Mobile, and so on. Swappa is especially useful for all those of you whose iPhone devices are from carriers which do not have an IMEI checker tool. So, in case your iPhone is not from one of the above-mentioned carriers, you can always turn to Swappa.

Phone unlock code generator free

Free Imei Unlock Code Generator Iphone 5s

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