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I recently got a good deal on an Eleven Rack that did not include Pro Tools which was fine with me as I use Studio One as my DAW. Can I use the Eleven Rack as an interface with Studio One. When I have tried it I have gotten a message that says Studio One could not initialize the Eleven Rack. I suspect it is a driver issue. If you cannot use it a an interface I guess the next option would be to use it as a standalone running the Output to amp into the instument input of my interface or the line output to the line input of my interface. What is the best way. Thanks.

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I just purchased Studio One 3 Professional and an Eleven Rack. I can't get a clear answer on this but can you use the Eleven Rack as an Audio Interface? I don't have an existing interface so I was just wondering if I could just use the Eleven Rack to record guitar and vocals. If I can, can I use the effects/amp modeling on the Eleven Rack? Thanks!
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Yes! Unlike some other AVID interfaces the Eleven does work outside of Pro Tools. Unfortunately, the Eleven GUI only runs in Pro Tools and only in versions under PT11. But yes you can use it as an audio interface and fx processor in Studio One. You may find these articles to be helpful:
That being said we can help you better now and in the future with a bit more info......if you will post your system specs in your signature, (see my sig), we will be better able to troubleshoot your problems. Without knowing what type of pc you're running, what OS you're using, what DAW etc....we often can't recommend a 'simple fix'
If you have not already done so please READ THE MANUAL!
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cristofe wrote Unfortunately, the Eleven GUI only runs in Pro Tools and only in versions under PT11. But yes you can use it as an audio interface and fx processor in Studio One.

If we are talking about using the Eleven Rack gui as a 'VST' type app, then cristofe is correct - this only works in PT
There is, however, a stand alone editor app which allows you to change/save/recall all the parameters. You can find it here:
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dgkenney wrote
cristofe wrote...There is, however, a stand alone editor app which allows you to change/save/recall all the parameters. You can find it here:

Oh great! This answer is what I´m searching for
I would like to buy the Eleven Rack (new model with latest firmware and Expansion Pack) and have read that one can use the 11R and its complete features only to 100% in connection with ProTools, such as:
- the re-amping
- the expansion pack
- as an audio interface
- the editor software (standalone)
But if this all works, I would be very happy.
May you can give me a feedback, if it works with S1 Pro on a PC.
King Regards
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I was recently told that the guys/company who actually built the eleven rack they are in the works of building a similar product.
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Nice to hear. But unfortunately you do not know when it will released or whether it is built at all, and I think you can´t get the new unit for 499.-EUR
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I use the 11r as my audio interface with Studio One Pro 3 on Win 10. It works perfect. I would say its weakest point is the microphone preamp. I have an ISA Two preamp that I connect to the 11r line inputs, but you can get the job done with the 11r alone.
Hope this helps.
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so here is a quick update:
My 11R arrived yesterday and everything works perfect
- 11R comes with the newest firmware 2.0.1 and the expansion pack
- no problems installing the drivers and the editor software (PC WIN 7 Intel)
- I can use the 11R as an interface (alternative to my Focusrite 18i8, but only either or!)
- I can run S1 Pro and the standalone editor software at the same time (but not as a VST PlugIn! Works only with ProTools)
But, I must first start S1 and than the 11R editor software(ES)! If I first start the 11R ES, the 11R is looked as the system interface and is also the S1 interface at startup. I can´t change to my Focusrite, because you can only use one interface at the same time. But no problem, start S1 first, the Focusrite is my interface, than start the 11R ES and every thing works perfect. I have connect the 11R with the two XLR-outputs to my Focusrite in two XLR-inputs. In S1 you can create a stereo input 1/2 or two mono inputs 1+2, as you like and than - Rock´n´Roll
I hope it helps
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I'm looking for some help concerning my setup.
I've got:
latest Studio One 3.5 installed.
Eleven Rack as an audio interface (with Eleven Rack Expansion Pack)
Macbook Pro 13 retina ( mac osx 10.12.5.)
I am able to record through the mic-preamp (as 'min in' ) and also through the hi-z input (as 'guitar in').
I've got the output 'mirroring analog' so I can record the guitar in wet with effects.
Is it possible, with this setup, record both the wet and dry signal simultaniously, so that I could re-amp the dry signal if needed.
I can't seem to find info to guide me there.
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Outside of Protools, i dont believe theres a 'software' based way to set up the Re-Amp concept.
BUT... what I did, is set up a 1/4' Y cable on my guitar. One line goes to the Eleven Rack for 'processed' stuff-recorded on track 1, and the Second line, the 'clean' signal, gets recorded on track 2, for re-amping purposes later on.
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not really sure if you ever found an answer for your question about dry and wet tracks at the same time in studio one.
here is what seemed like common sense to me and it worked perfectly:
(running windows ME on a dell inspiron) (im kidding its a very fast pc with windows 10 but lets move on)
it doesn't seem to matter which order i open the software in, studio one uses my scarlett 18i20 by default and windows chooses the avid but im only concerned with what studio one does. but for the sake of getting throiugh this:
open studio one, start your session, then open eleven rack and make sure it is using your other interface's asio driver in the eleven rack preferences as well.
then in studio one click Studio One, then click Options, then click Audio Setup, then Song Setup, then Audio I/O Setup. i am going to assume that you have nothing already there, which you probably do, but bear with me because this could get very confusing if you are someone who's never done this before.
create one mono and one stereo input. the mono input is for the hi-z input on your original interface. label it or don't i don't care. the stereo input is for the eleven rack input. then click output. leave Main alone, but add a stereo output for channels 3 and 4. label it or dont
connect your guitar to the hi-z input of your original interface, connect two trs cables from outputs 3/4 on that same interface to the LINE INPUT on the back of the eleven rack. then, using xlr cables, connect the MAIN OUTPUT from the eleven rack into the channels you assigned that stereo input to on the original interface. depending on your interface you may have to route this in the software that came with it but what you have done is created an effects loop.
so now open your daw, create two tracks, the first track is the hi z mono input, the second track is the stereo image coming from the eleven rack, when you play now you should hear both signals provided that you routed everything correctly. in studio one, in the mix window, i assigned the output for the hi z track to be the second output i had created, that way i wouldnt hear both signals in case there was any latency, which there wasn't. it records both flawlessly.
'it only works in pro tools'
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So how would you use 11r with the Presonus Audiobox USB? Is it possible? First, I must admit that I am just starting to learn the ins and outs of home recording hardware set up. I like to play and record, but am a bit of a noob when it comes to the technical aspects.
I'm running Windows 10, Studio One 3 Artist and, again, the interface I've been using is the Presonus Audiobox USB . It came with the DAW.
I just got the 11r. I see how others are talking about connecting the 11r via XLR outs to the interface, but the Audiobox USB doesn't have inputs for that. Right now, I have a cable running from the 'Output to AMP' out on the front of the 11r into the front of the Audiobox, and I am getting a strong recording level, but can barely hear the guitar coming through my headphones. I've tried messing with the Audiobox's knobs (Mixer, Phones, Main), but nothing helps. The instrument/mic input knobs are set just under the clipping level.
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Do I absolutely need to get a new interface (that has XLR ins) to run the 11r through? Don't really have the money to spend right now, so I'd like to make it work as-is for now.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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I use the analog outs of the eleven for my wet via inputs on my interface, then I use S/Pdif for a mono feed of the dry signal that I can use with amps sim and fx etc.
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