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Effortless English Vip Lessons Download Freefasrers

“My Computer Has Trouble Downloading The Lessons”

1. If you have problems downloading:
You need WinZip to download the Lesson files (most computers already have WinZip). If your computer doesn’t have WinZip, get it free at:

Effortless English Vip Lessons Download Freefasrers

2. Your Connection May Be Slow
Your internet connection may be slow. Try to download at night, or try using a different computer to download the lessons.

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“My Download Link Expired”


If your Download Link Expired, please email [email protected]. Put “Emergency- Expired Link” in the Subject of the email.

Include the following information in your email:
Your Full Name
Date You Bought The Lessons
Transaction ID# (on your receipt)

You MUST include this information so we can renew your link.

“What Kind of Files Are the Lesson Downloads?”

The lessons are all .zip files. Zip files download faster. You need 7-Zip or WinZip to open these files. WinZip comes with most Windows and Mac computers. If you do not have WinZip for some reason, you can get 7-Zip for free at:

Effortless English Audio Book


“What Program Do I Use To Open the Lessons”


Effortless English Mp3 Free Download

Use 7-Zip or WinZip to download the files (see above question). After that, use your media player (such as iTunes) for the audio lessons, and use Adobe Acrobat Reader for the text files. These programs come with most computers.