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Download 3d Pdf Converter Serial

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Download 3d Pdf Converter Serial Number

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Current Distribution Release 18.2.4: Build 4150 (2 January 2021): .zip format [ ~740 MB ]

Free 3d Pdf Download

Executive Summary ( 4-5 pgs, PDF, ~150KB, 15 September 2020 )

Revision History ( 6 pgs, PDF, ~150KB, 2 January 2021)

Introduction to WARP3D (24 pgs, PDF of a PPT set, ~27 MB, 3 Sep 2020)

Complete User Manual (600+ pgs, PDF, 37 MB, 2 January 2021)

Download 3d Pdf Converter SerialPdf

Key Workflows

  • Document. (updated 29 June 2020) Run the suites of verification analyses included in the WARP3D distribution

  • Document. (updated 29 March 2019). Convert a Patran style neutral file to a WARP3D input. Many programs generate the Patran neutral file (a text file) for the mesh, boundary conditions, … including Patran, FEMAP, CUBIT,….

  • Document. (updated 17 June 2020). Build an ExodusII (.exo) file from a WARP3D (flat) model description file and flat files of nodal/element result. The very powerful and widely used (free) ParaView software reads .exo files for post-processing.

Note Sets of Interest

  • Appendix K on Modeling Residual Strains-Stresses in WARP3D (Sep 2018).

  • Chapter 4 for an extensive tutorial development of domain and interaction integrals for fracture mechanics: residual strains-stresses , finite strains, inhomogeneous materials and impact loading (Jan 2019).

  • Presentations describing applications of the initial-state framework to compute path independent J-values for cracks introduced after process simulation (10 Dec 2018).
    (1) Reverse bending to create residual stresses followed by crack introduction: slides,
    (2) Simulated electric resistance weld in plane-strain model followed by crack introduction: slides,
    (3) 3D canoe shaped-crack in a pipe seam weld. Thermal loading to approximate seam weld, local bending/unload of seam weld, hydro test/unload, followed by crack introduction: slides.

  • Featured article about WARP3D software architecture first published in Intel's Parallel Universe magazine (Summer 2017).

  • Article about wrap-up of Intel sponsored research at the Ohio Supercomputer Center focused on WARP3D (Summer 2018).

  • sets of PDFs with examples and guidelines/hints on issues in modeling for fracture [ ~6 MB ]