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Data Backup And Data Snapshot Difference

AWS Backup VS Snapshot
Posted on: Jul 6, 2019 7:43 PM
Hi, Guys
Want to know how much difference between AWS Backup and normal manual snapshots?
I know that snapshots could have data inconsistency problem if a snapshot is created when it is still in use. So stopping and unmounting the volume before creating screenshot is recommended.
Is AWS Backup smart enough to handle the inconsistency problem properly?
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Re: AWS Backup VS Snapshot
Posted on: Jul 10, 2019 10:32 PM
I understand you would like to know the difference in the features of AWS Backup and the normal volume snapshots regarding the data inconsistency.
Today, several AWS services offer backup features that help you protect your data, such as EBS snapshots, RDS snapshots, DynamoDB backups, and Storage Gateway snapshots. All existing per-service backup capabilities remain unchanged. AWS Backup provides a new, common way to manage backups across AWS services both in the AWS Cloud and on premises. AWS Backup supports existing backup functionality provided by EBS, RDS, DynamoDB, and Storage Gateway.
So AWS Backup is a service which you can use to centrally manage all the resource backups. However, the features and functionality of the specific resources will remain the same. For example, when you create a backup plan, AWS Backup uses the EBS snapshot capabilities when creating backups on your behalf according to your backup plan.
Hence the feature of handling the data inconsistency is not in the hands of the AWS Backup service.
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