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Cooking Dash Download For Pciryellow

Cooking Dash Download For Pciryellow

Cooking game has been one of the most popular genres of games downloadable on websites such as GonzaGames.Com. You must have already heard and played different cooking game titles but this time, the word 'dash' is once again attached to the title itself. Download Cooking Dash and find out the reasons why.

Who knew that Flo can also cook? This time, you have to play the role of Flo, the famous name which was heard and has become known in different games that also have the word 'dash' on their titles. Cookie is Flo's master chef and she has to move out of Flo's Diner to pursue her career on a reality TV show which entails cooking.

The time Cookie left the Diner has caused a shortage of chef cook at the Diner Town. Cookie is a way to busy with her TV career because each week, she has to invite a chef to appear as a guest star to cook with her in her show. This has left Flo with no other choice but to fill the position Cookie has left behind.

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Cooking Dash® 3: Thrills & Spills Prepare for a raucous, rollicking rollercoaster ride down memory lane with Cooking Dash® 3: Thrills & Spills. Meet Flo and the rest of the DinerToons as youthful DinerTeens, working their first summer jobs at Mr. Big's theme park restaurants.

So while the chief is away, Flo and her grandma have to tend the kitchen of the Diner to meet the demands of customers that come and go. This is going to be one, tough responsibility for someone who has not been in the business of cooking. But for sure, with the help of Flo's grandma, everything comes possible and this time, she's going to prove once more that she can be called as a jack of all trades or a versatile individual who can run a business even when she's not performing a job that's not her forte!

What is even fantastic in this game is that you as Flo will be invited by Cookie to appear in her show as her chef guest star. It's definitely an amazing experience simply because this is one big Hollywood show that will make you feel elated. This is going to be your great chance to star in a popular reality TV cooking show and working with someone whom you know as Cookie will truly give the two of you one, amazing and unforgettable experience together!

Enhanced with full colors and amazing sound scoring, this dashing game of cooking will truly make you feel like a real chef you've ever dreamed of.

Cooking Dash For Laptop

Download Cooking Dash today and get that rare experience cooking in your own resto and being guested as a star chef by your former chef in her reality TV show!

Cooking Dash Download For Pciryellow

Cooking Dash Free Online