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Get the best Free Cell Phone Spy without getting Access to Target Phone

In the past, it was quite difficult to find out the way to spy someone phone. No one can easily access someone phone without their permission. Today, it seems to be one of the exciting works of ever, many people use it for fun but some take help of such methods just to provide protection to their loved one from the unethical working of the social media and other working. A simple phone also helps a lot in a critical situation. That’s means in every person life the spying activities perform different-different roles. The use of this spying method must be done at that time when there is an emergency.

The development technology offers lots of ways through which a person can peep into the cell phone of someone else without any issue. But when it comes about spying that several questions come in the people mind like why there is a need for spying? Why people hire their cell phone from their partner or children from their parents? These are just glances of such questions. Every person who is using this spy app must have some reason, few of them are explained below:

LetMeSpy (LMS) is a free mobile application for your mobile phone with Android™. It tracks Calls, SMS and GPS locations of the phone it is installed. This program is very light and can be invisible to the user. Just download the installation file and install the app on the phone you want to track. By using AppSpy, you can use all the exciting features for free. Instead of downloading several other spying applications and paying for them, you can try the Free Phone Spy app. You will find all the spying features in this application. You can easily spy on anyone without them knowing. This application is trusted and available for free.

The internet is not only becoming an essential part of youngsters life but with even of children too. Today they spend half of their time searching for their study material online. But do you know in your absences what they do in their cell phone; no you can’t because they never disclose their personal life with their parents. Are we right? In this case, you can take the help of the spying methods and check out all working for your child that they had done or still doing in their Smartphone.

As you know you can’t keep them separate for long, even after your consult they visit those sites which are now mandatory for them or wrong for them. Therefore, by using these spying ways you can restrict the working of your child over the net and keep your eyes anytime on his or her activities.

As you know today not only technology has done a progress but with that relationship too, now people don’t give importance to their partner, instead of that they use to spend their half of time in chatting on their phone. This definitely creates doubt in your mind, to check this out as a partner you can make use of the hacking cell phone methods and see what the reasons is behind you partner rude behavior. In this ways, you can read out the victim phone text messages and listen to the calls that they had done or received.

The business facing lots of competitions these days, everyone one who is there in the market always try to be there on the top in the business achievers list. A company who is really is there at the top they give all such credit to the employees of their office. But among all such employees, there are few ones who use to share confidential messages to other competitors. There are some employees also who waste their precious time or office hours in checking out their social media accounts or chatting with someone else. To catch such people you can make use of the spying apps or other methods and see who the culprit in your office is.

Besides this, many people make use of this spying method just to keep the data double secure. In case they lost their phone they can easily extract the information from their phone into their control panel and can lock the cell phone which gets stolen. This shows that spying is not only for peeping out but even for the safety purpose. So, these are the reasons why people make use of the hacking apps or tools.

Now we talking about the best method which people make use of for spying and that is TheTruthSpy. It is an application form that a person has to download. Once you have installed it in the victim phone you don’t have to do anything, just access everything of the victim phone on the control panel that you can operate.

Why TheTruthSpy app for Spying without Access to Target Phone

Is this your question? If yes, then we’ll let you know the reason why this application only. Currently, when you look into the online platform, you will find that there are so many applications are available that people use for spying. But everyone is not fulfilling their promises, some offer few services only and take from you huge amount as the fee of that particular service.

Only TheTruthSpy is a site that offers quality services with effective options, they don’t play with their customers’ needs, they always ready to help their users if they are in any trouble. When you visit its official site , there you will come to know about its amazing features which become the main reason behind its immense popularity. Here we are showing you some of its features that you never get somewhere else on another site:

Manage calls– with this app you can listen to the calls which are received or done by the victim phone. All call automatically gets the record into the control panel so whenever you get the time you can listen to it. Here you can also check out the numbers with whom the conversation has taken place and with the stamp time and duration of the calling too.

Record text messages– messages is another way through which people use to communicate with others, by this app you can see with whom the victim is chatting or what conversation had taken place between the two or a group of people. This app also records those messages which are deleted by the victim immediately after reading the text.

Monitor internet activities– Through this app, you can check out which sites the victim had visited in the past few days. You can peep into its browsing history without knowledge of the suspect.

Contact Free Phone Spyfree Phone Spy

Spy social media activities- As you know every third person is now having its social media account, it may be on Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter etc. there they use to spend their huge time, so by peeping there you can check out its daily working on it. There you can also read out the conversation without any problem.

Keylogger– This is one of the most essential features that a user looking for a different platform. Through this feature, a user can come to know the password of the victim phone; social media account and so on, whatever the victim types in this phone that all comes to your control panel.

Undetectable– The next best thing about this app is that no one can detect this application. it is safe and secure, in case the victim comes to know about spying then also he or she can’t get to know who is doing all such things.

Access to the multimedia files– By using this application you can even check out the victim phone’s multimedia files. You can check out the sent files and received files. The hidden files can also get extract through this app.

Like these, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy after using this app. This one app will do everything for you.

How to use TheTruthSpy App

Are you looking for the way by which you can make use of this app? You don’t have to worry anymore, we are going to show you the way by which you can make use of this app easily without facing many difficulties:

  • Download TheTruthSpy App first on the victim phone and register through it and enter the required mandatory field.
  • Through this process, an Id and password get generate and hide the icon on the victim phone.
  • Now download this app into your smartphone and enter id and password.
  • After this, your phone is completely ready to track out the victim phone information.

But on the internet platform, you will find some of the free cell phone spying application that undoubting helpful but creates trouble too later on. Many say they are offering their services for free but after completion, they take charge of you. Not only that, there is some website that does spying for you they use to connect your phone with the victim phone through a message or call and afterward you can access to its messages and other information.

In short at the internet platform, you will get many options for hacking into someone phone but the best one is TheTruthSpy only. In the last few years, many users adopted this spying application for catching their cheating spouse or to see what their children are doing over the internet whole day and night. If you think that it is a crime to peep into the other cell phone, and then it is not, it is done for a good cause. You can freely make use of such record as a proof.

Some spying apps only support iPhone. These apps are known as iPhone spying apps.

You cannot use these apps to spy on any other phone but an iPhone. You can spy on any version of the iPhone or iPad using these apps.

iPhone Spying App = iPhone Spying Only

In this article, we will learn about free iPhone spy and how to use it for spying on an iPhone.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Free iPhone Spy?
  • How to Use Free iPhone Spy

What is a Free iPhone Spy?

Free iPhone Spy is a spying app that is specifically meant for iPhone and iPad spying. You cannot use it for any other phone.

The best thing about free iPhone Spy is that it is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay any subscription charges to use it.

There are many iPhone spying apps available online. You need to check certain characterizes of the app before using it. The app should be free, easy to use, and compatible with iOS, hidden and support multiple spying functions.

Free iPhone Spy works secretly in stealth mode. It is undetectable as it doesn’t use much battery power.

Functions of Free iPhone Spy

Here is a list of all the functions of the free iPhone Spy

You can use this spying app to spy on the call logs activities of an iPhone. You will be able to see the list of call logs on the iPhone along with call duration, type of the call, and contact details.

You will be able to read all the messages on the iPhone. You can check the type of the message, full body of the message, media attached with the message along with the date, time, and contact details.

It helps you to track the location of the iPhone. You can track the live location of the iPhone. Moreover, you can also check the previously tracked location. You will get an address and map location details.

Free iPhone Spy also helps you to record the calls. You can record all the calls on the iPhone and listen to them. You will be able to listen to live calls as well as previous calls made.

  • KeyLogger

You can also use this app to record the keystrokes and get a password form the phone. A KeyLogger records all the passwords and keystrokes.

You can check chats and media from WhatsApp. You will be able to track WhatsApp activity for free.

  • Social Media Spy

You can also spy on social media activities with this app. You can check Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat activities for free.

This app also helps you to check all multimedia files on the phone. You can check the images and videos in the phone gallery.

How to Use Free iPhone Spy

Now, we will show you how to use a free iPhone spy. To use this app, you don’t have to install the app on the phone. In iPhone, you can remotely install the app.

There is no need to jailbreak the phone as well. All you need to know is the phone owner’s iTunes credentials. By using these details, you can easily set up the app on the phone.

Follow these steps to use free iPhone spy.

Step 1: Free Account Creation

The first thing you need to do is open the web browser at on your phone or laptop to start with the process. After that, you have to go to the website of the app. Enter the correct URL of the app. On the top of the page, you will find the Sign Up option. You have to use it. By doing this, you will be able to create a free account. The account creation process includes entering your personal details along with Email id.

Step 2: Enter Details

After you create your account, the next step is to enter the phone details. You have to choose the type of phone, model of the phone and enter the details.

Step 3: Remote Installation

For iPhone spying, you have to follow the remote installation process. This process is simple and easy. After creating your account, choose the phone type as iPhone and use the cloud panel option. In the box, you have to enter the phone owner’s iTunes ID and Password. After that, click on, enter, and wait for the configuration.

Phone Spy Free

Step 4: Log in

This is the last step. You have login form your laptop or phone at to reach the account.


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Now, you can use any option from the panel to spy on the iPhone. This is how you can easily spy on any iPhone model or IPad for free.