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Commandos 3 Men Of Courage Download Torrent File

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When the main men behind the awe-inspiring Commandos 2, Spanish duo Gonzo Suarez (lead designer) and Jon Beltran (lead programmer), left Pyro Studios to form their own company, quite a few eyebrows were raised at the prospect of another sequel. Was this going to be just a last attempt to extract some more cash from one of the biggest-selling PC series in history? Could a rudderless team come up with enough surprises to match the infinite little touches of genius that marked C2 now the visionaries had left?

The announcement of a multiplayer mode seemed a clear indication that Pyro were going to push the concept as far as they could in this last instalment (for more on this see the Axis Vs Allies panel), but as we're concentrating mainly on the single-player campaigns in this review, the answers to the above questions would have to be 'sort of’ and 'not really'.

Inside And Out

In case you’re new to the series, Commandos is less a strategy game than it is a mindbending series of puzzles, where you have to figure out a way of completing missions while coordinating stealthy attacks, distracting guards and timing your actions to perfection. The only real novelties here are slight improvements in the Al and more weather effects (plus the online mode, of course). The graphics are disappointing in that the resolution is still fixed at 800x600 and there’s very little to distinguish it from the previous title. The only noticeable improvement is the new interior 3D engine, that allows more zooming and rotating than before. Even here though, should you get up close to acharacter (for example, when looking through a window to see a soldier standing right in front of you) you are treated to some shockingly low-res textures.

Commandos 3 Men Of Courage Download Torrent File At Torrentz

Commandos 2: Men of Courage is a real-time tacticsvideo game, developed by Pyro Studios, published by Eidos Interactive, and released on September 20, 2001. It is a sequel to Commandos: Behind Enemy. 1,2,3,4,5: Commando is a game of tactics in real time provided for in World War II that puts you in leading a small band of elite soldiers. Send them behind enemy lines.

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Cannon Fodder

Still, Commandos really is all about gameplay over graphics, and C2 managed to be breathtaking by the sheer detail of its levels. But there’s nothing here to compare to the incredible beauty and variety of that game, and the colours and buildings all end up looking a bit samey, despite the three campaigns being set in Stalingrad, Central Europe and Normandy. Where are the gorgeous Pacific islands, with their exotic plant life and piranha-infested sky-blue waters from the previous game? Or the architectural marvels of Far Eastern missions and incredible recreations of the Eiffel Tower and Colditz Castle?

Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Torrent

The only thing that comes close to being that memorable is the Omaha beach landing. This is a massive and very clever map, where you have to use the same tactics the Allies employed in real life: get lots of footsoldiers massacred to make slow but steady progress. For once, stealth is cast aside and it’s full-on action. You can even get a character to grab a giant machinegun from its tripod and wander around in pure Rambo style. The level works well, and provides the one note of difference from what is otherwise a retread of old ground.

There are other niggles, such as the objectives not always being clear and the need for more shortcut keys. There are fewer commandos too. No beautiful female soldier and, most disappointingly, no dog. On top of that, the sniper, thief and diver are all underused, after being so cleverly deployed last time.

Just. One. More. Go


Commandos 3 Men Of Courage Download Torrent File Online


The difficulty level is on a par with Commandos 2, although the introduction of some timelimited objectives is not at all welcome, pushing frustration levels over the edge.

Most of the time the mix between tear-your-brain-out difficulty and satisfaction is just right though. Nearly every problem and every level looks impossible at first glance, until a bit of deep thinking and a lot of trial and error (you’re likely to wear the quicksave and quickload buttons out) lets you figure out a way, leading to laps of honour around your room when you succeed (well, at least in my room).

In the end, C3 feels more like an expansionpack than a proper sequel, the fact that it took me only threedays to complete it (compared to the seven or eight it took to finish C2) strengthening this argument.

So there you have it. The single-player game is as addictive as ever, but offers little new and can’t touch C2for variety, detail, immersion and imagination.

So What’s All This Multiplayer Lark Then?

The online games carry both deathmatch and CTF options, as well as co-op against Al opponents. You can choose to play with either the Allied Forces or standard commandos, the former offering eight types of troops to choose from: gunman, rifleman, medic, engineer, bazookaman, grenadier, paratrooper and submachine gunner.

It will be interesting to see whether such a thinking tactical game, which is based around beating recognisable Al patterns, will take off in multiplayer. Look out for a dedicated multiplayer review in our online section very soon.