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Clear Sky Reclamation Project

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Clear Sky Reclamation Project

Decane released this Sep 21, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

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My blind playthrough of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky on Master Difficulty. Mods used: Sky Reclamation Project v1.0.4: Sky Reclamation Project (SRP) Check Out This Mod. The Sky Reclamation Project is one of the most popular bug fix mods for Clear Sky, offering what many consider to be the definitive way to enjoy the game. The pack is a compilation of community patches and fixes that aim to resolve pretty much all bugs you would encounter in the original game.

Release candidate. Comprehensively play-tested. New game required (no exceptions).

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Stalker Clear Sky Reclamation Project

  1. For Steam users, it is usually C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common stalker clear sky. If you already have mods installed, you will need to merge any overlapping files. If you do not already have mods installed, you may ignore the previous sentence.
  2. Sky Reclamation Project (SRP) Mar 6 2018 Released 2015 First Person Shooter The Sky Reclamation Project (SRP) is a community patch to address bugs that remain in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky after the official patch v1.5.10.

Changelog vis-à-vis v1.1.3-rc2:

Mining reclamation projects
  • Fixed the issue where loading a savegame would make the game copy offered but unassigned combat tasks to a Lua table intended only for assigned combat tasks, causing various bugs ranging from stuck faction wars to the robbery scheme ceasing to activate.
  • Fixed the sr_robbery scheme crashing the game if a robber squad suddenly leaves for another camp in the middle of a hold-up: sr_robbery.script:149: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by the sr_robbery scheme treating squads that have recently left the robbery camp as members of it when assigning the robbery leader role: actor_reaction.script:168: attempt to index local 'manager' (a nil value).
  • Fixed a regression that caused the map marker of a 'return item' task target item on a different map to appear in an arbitrary location on the world map.
  • Fixed the issue where the skirmish between the loners and military at the Cordon bus stop could begin prematurely, preventing the player from receiving the task to defend the loner patrol.
  • Fixed the issue where squads could prioritize secondary faction war targets over primary targets, potentially leading to absurd behavior such as Freedom preferring to send squads towards a loner-captured Barrier rather than sending them to capture the Duty base.
  • Fixed the issue where squads would readily abandon forward targets during the faction war upon loss of an earlier target even if squads at less important smart terrains are available to resecure the earlier target.
  • Fixed the issue where 'capture' tasks would sometimes be offered by NPCs even for smart terrains unreachable to them.
  • Fixed the issue where submitting the item requested in a 'return item' task would not complete the task if the player possesses multiple units of the item when submitting it. (Previous fixes will already have prevented this situation in the SRP. This fix is listed for completeness only.)
  • Fixed the issue where the player could bypass the space restrictor that completes Clear Sky's 'Find the generator' task by entering the institute building through its eastern entrance (new game required for effect).
  • Fixed Clear Sky's 'Find the generator' task being received and immediately completed if the player initially bypasses its assigning space restrictor in the institute building but returns to it after deactivating the generator.
  • Fixed the issue where returning to the Swamps for the first time would not unlock the level changers to the Cordon if Clear Sky has regressed from total victory against the renegades, leaving the player locked into the Swamps without explanation until Clear Sky advances back to its final faction war tier.
  • Fixed a regression that caused the in-game name and description of 7.62x54 mmR 7N1 rounds on localizations other than English to be replaced with their XML string IDs.
  • Made the task to rescue Hound become available only upon the player having completed the task to rescue Drifter, as likely intended, rather than merely upon having initiated it.
  • Fixed corpse map spots haphazardly failing to appear on the minimap.
  • Fixed save icon rendering in the save menu after deleting the bottom-most save.
  • Fixed an SRP v1.0.4 regression that caused the digger captives at the Garbage concentration camp to appear to hold an invisible artifact detector during their artifact search animations.
  • Fixed the 'Electronic stabilizer' upgrade for the SPAS-12 and Mossberg 88 wrongly decrementing their ammo capacity by 2.
  • Fixed medicaments becoming more expensive at the Flea Market after liberating the concentration camp.
  • Fixed the issue where stationary squad commanders would claim hostiles are nearby when greeting the player even if only neutral/friendly factions occupy neighboring smart terrains.
  • Replaced the generic masked face of the player's unarmored character model with Scar's face, as in the leather jacket armored character model (new game required for effect).
  • Added a unique name and description for 7.62x54 mmR armor-piercing sniper rounds to distinguish them from those boxed for the PKM and corrected their weapon applicability.
  • Improved Lambee's fleeing behavior (new game required).
  • Russian translation improvements.
  • Optimized and fine-tuned the DX10/10.1 wet surfaces shader: (i) slightly reduced its glossiness; (ii) restored the efficacy of the r3_dynamic_wet_surfaces* console vars on the distance at which the shader's effects are visible (regressed in SRP v1.0.4); (iii) reduced water splash size to be more realistic.
  • Reverted the hack to fix the character model switching to the default rookie jacket model upon picking up a new suit, because it introduced a bug where any artifacts equipped upon picking up the suit would also get unequipped.
  • Reversed the SRP v1.0.4 decision to make Clear Sky squads attempt to capture several further explicitly defined smart terrains after capturing the Southern Farmstead.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to previous fixes.
  • Script optimizations.