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  1. Dec 14, 2007 Little Snitch can stop outgoing connections, and on an app-by-app basis. Leopard's firewall is a whole new beast. I'm still on Tiger, so I don't know all the details. I've been using Little Snitch for quite a while, and I recommend it.
  2. Jul 05, 2017 The popular Little Snitch utility for the Mac is out with a new version that includes Touch Bar support on new MacBook Pros, a redesigned Network Monitor, and much more.

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Little Snitch

Little Snitch informs you whenever a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection. You can allow or deny these connections, or define rules to handle future attempts automatically. Little Snitch reliably prevents your private data from being sent out to the Internet without your knowledge.

Micro Snitch

Micro Snitch is an ultra-light menu bar application that operates inconspicuously in the background. It monitors and reports any microphone and camera activity to help you figure out if someone’s spying on you.

Internet Access Policy Viewer

Internet Access Policy Viewer shows you which of your applications are already equipped with an Internet Access Policy. You can use it to find out where on the Internet your apps connect to and for what purpose they do so.

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A beautiful new design, improved traffic statistics, a brand new command line interface, simplified Drag and Drop installation and the seamless compatibility with macOS Big Sur are setting Little Snitch 5 apart from its predecessor.

Redesigned for macOS Big Sur

The main focus in the development of Little Snitch 5 was on the integration of the new network filter technologies introduced by Apple in macOS Big Sur. The underlying filter engine was re-built from ground up to replace the previous kernel extension based approach which is no longer supported by macOS.

Furthermore, Little Snitch was adapted to the new, elegant design language of the operating system with great attention to detail. New design features, like a prominent search bar and a newly structured sidebar go beyond aesthetic choice and add a level of simplicity and intuitiveness to the user experience.

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Drag and Drop Installation

The simplified Drag and Drop installation has been eagerly awaited by many users. Now it’s no longer necessary to restart the computer in order to install or update Little Snitch.

Improved Traffic Monitoring


Little Snitch now captures connection information efficiently in the background. It no longer requires the Network Monitor application to be running in order to collect this information, resulting in reduced memory and CPU consumption.

Little Snitch For Mac

Little snitch mac os

The improved monitoring system is now capable of holding traffic information from up to a whole year, instead of only the last hour as before.

Command Line Interface

Little Snitch Mac Download

System administrators now have the ability to configure a variety of program settings via a command line interface, making Little Snitch scriptable for the very first time.

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This interface now also offers the possibility to report network connections in a log-based format for detailed and versatile traffic analysis.

Buy Little Snitch Macgeekstree

Free Upgrade

If you have purchased Little Snitch 4 after November 1, 2019, you can upgrade to Little Snitch 5 for free – just use your existing license key. If you purchased Little Snitch 4 before that period, you can get the upgrade at a reduced price.