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Britney Spears Before Autotune

Britney Spears performs during her concert in Tokyo. Photo: Yoshika Horita/Creativeman Productions via APSource:AP

BRITNEY Spears is universally recognised for her dancing skills, exceptional stage shows, and absolute banger pop hits — which is why we’ve always forgiven her for covering up her presumably average singing voice with lip-synching and auto-tune.

Pop star Britney Spears became the latest showcase of all that Auto-Tune makes possible this month after an unaltered studio session voice track leaked online.

  1. Britney Spears unwittingly fell into an Auto-Tune controversy in mid-2014, when a vanilla recording of her 2013 song Alien was leaked and compared, rather unfavorably, to the autotuned version on.
  2. I love Britney, but sis needs a bit of autotune. Britney is not a vocalist, she’s an entertainer. The vocal production of her voice since In the Zone is pretty flawless tbh.

But nearly 20 years after she burst onto the scene with Baby One More Time, it seems like we were wrong about the pop princess.

Turns out ... girl can actually sing.

Britney Spears Before AutotuneBritney Spears Before Autotune

Britney’s original demo for her 2004 smash Toxic has been leaked, and it’s genuinely impressive.

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Sure, she’s no Bette Midler, but it showcases a voice vastly better than what we’d come to expect after hearing leaked snippets of her isolated microphone feed from live shows.

Britney Spears Before Autotune Free

Like this one from her a performance in Las Vegas:

The original Toxic demo release comes just days after Britney suffered yet another lip-synching fail during a show in Tokyo.

She was performing her 2001 hit I’m A Slave 4 U with a mask covering her face — and a wireless microphone attached to her head.

Mid-song, she ripped off the mask — taking the microphone with it. Spears stopped miming along to the song and appeared panicked as both mask and mic got tangled in the back of her hair.

It would be 35 long seconds of Spears crouching and clawing at the back of her head before she’d moved her microphone back into place and could resume her performance.

Britney Spears Before Autotune Download

Britney Spears Before Autotune

Throughout, the song played out, her vocals unaffected — indeed, she sounded exactly the same as she did back when the song was released in 2001.

Britney Spears Before Autotune Torrent