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Best Hindi Serials 2017

These days, every channel seems to telecast many mythological TV series so as to satisfy the viewers to great extent. Here is the list of top 10 Indian mythological TV series which are considered highly popular in TV channels.

The small screen television industry is the only place where female actresses are getting equal and sometimes, even more, remuneration as that of male actors. So, if ur are a fan of daily soaps, here is the list of top 10 highest paid Indian Television Actresses 2017. Sakshi Tanwar is the most favorite actress of the Indian. ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON Probably the most romantic and popular Indian TV series of all time. The cast, plot, great actors, amazing dialogues, exceptional undying magical chemistry between the leads Barun and Sanaya, funny Manorma (remember h. It aired on Star Plus. This serial got at the top spot through the coupling of Sanaya Irani Sanaya Irani is an Indian actress who majorly acts Read More. Aka Khushi Kumari Gupta and aka Arnav Singh Rayzaada. Arnav plays a role of an arrogant person while Khushi has a sweet and talkative nature.

10. Jhansi Ki Rani

Jhansi Ki Rani is an Indian mythological-historical drama depending upon the life history of Lakshmi Bai. This famous story was directed and written by Jitendra Srivastava and Rajesh Saksham. This story portrays the queen Rani of Jhansi and it is aired in Zee TV. One can learn the story of the brave women through this serial.

9. Santoshi Maa

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Telecasted on&tv, this mythological series was created based upon Maa Santoshi who is a goddess of love, hope, forgiveness, happiness and contentment. Moreover, it also focuses on Santoshi who is a devotee of God Santoshi Maa as she firmly believes her devotion and faith can assist her face all types of complication in an easy way.

8. Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan

Best hindi serials 2017

Airing on Sony TV, as this serial is considered as the must-watch show because it shows the life story of Lord Hanumaan and it is told from the perspective of God Krishna and Devi Rukmini. This story is regarded as the extensive star-cast and also nominated for award of best child actor as well.

7. Jodha Akbar

This tale is an interesting Indian historical drama presently airing on Zee TV. Akbar is an interesting epic drama dealing with the sixteenth century story. This story is about the marriage between Mughal Emperor Akbar and Princess of Rajput Jodha Bai. It is based on how their political marriage enhances loves between them. It also portrays the war taking place between two kingdoms as well.

6. Suryaputra Karn


Best Hindi Serials 2017 List

Suryaputra Karn is presently telecasted in Sony Entertainment Television. It is regarding the tale of Mahabharata warrior Karma who has been abandoned by the world and yet becomes as strong as Arjua and stays a favorite of Lord Krishna as well. This serial portrays the life of Karma beautifully. First, Vishesh Bansal played the role of child Karma and later the youngster role was performed by Basant Bhatt. This serial is massively watched by children, adults and women who love Mahabharata.

5. Maha Kumbh Ek Rahasaya Ek Kahani

This serial is based upon the Uttar Pradesh boy who has supernatural powers as he is unaware of this childhood. The mythological-thriller TV serial depicts how the body manages his extraordinary powers when he realize. The lead role was performed by Gautam Rode as it is telecasted in Hindi language and best tv show in india.

4. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat


This historical drama series is telecasted on colors TV. This serial was created by Ashok Banker as he is both the screenwriter and author as well. This serial is about the story of the Ashoka who is an Indian emperor during the time of Maurya Dynasty. The story starts with Chanakya who dream about Chandragupta Maurya appearing as lion and telling him about the hazard which is going to happen in Mauryan empire.

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3. Dashavatar

It is aired on the Life OK channel as it clearly depicts the life history of Lord Krishna depending upon the Leela of God Vishnu. Furthermore, it depicts the different avatars of Lord Vishnu which he takes to defeat his enemies as this is same as the Shri Krishna serial in Hindi which previously telecasted in Doordarshan channel.

2. Dharmakshetra

This Indian mythological serial was produced by Vaibhav Modi as it describes about the post-period of Mahabharata. It showcases everything in depth about the battle taking palce between pandavas and kauravas. After the end of this fight, there will be a decision regarding which warrior will goes to heaven and which one will goes to hell. The decision will be made regarding their karma which forms the heart of this show and TV Series of all time.

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1. Mahabharat

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This mythological TV series will be aired on Star Plus as it is based upon the historical-mythological based epic. This Sanskrit epic presents the story of Hastinapur Throne where pandavas and kauravas are fighting for the monarch as both the eldest sons of pandavas and kauravas were been considered to inherit the throne. This awesome story clearly shows how pandavas and kauravas lived those days. This serial also incorporates some knowledge for the people who do not know anything about Mahabharat.