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Free Android Apps On Google Play Dreams And Visions Blessings Radio- Malayalam English Christian Radio Christian Wallpapers. Several free Christian-based applications are available for those who own a smartphone with the latest version of the Android operating system. The 'Christian Chat' app lets Android phone users chat with others about their religious beliefs and opinions. Bible Storybook from the Bible App for Kids. Take the stories along with the 350+ page companion Bible made just for kids. The Bible Storybook illustrates 35 Bible stories that help children explore God's Word even further.

We all know that Android phones are great because of the variety they bring to the smartphone market. Well, that variety isn’t exclusive to the hardware itself, but also applies to the fast growing number of quality apps in the market.

Among those apps are some pretty cool Bible study apps. With such a great variety of tools available at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy having the Word with you where ever you go.

Check out these 6 that you definitely don’t want to miss:

1. YouVersion Bible

YouVersion is probably the biggest Bible app on both Android and iOS and for good reason. It’s free, has 1092 versions of the Bible (at least the last time I checked) in 780 languages as well as audio and video built in too. There are Bible reading plans you can subscribe to as well as a live feature which allows your church or Bible study to set up the verses they will look at during the sermon and allow you to seamlessly follow along on your device.

Finally, you can highlight,bookmark, and add notes within the app which you can keep secret or share with other users.

Why You Might Like It

If you are looking for a free version of the Bible with built in Bible reading plans, and especially if your church or small group uses the live feature, then this is a must have. It’s my default recommendation because it has a great user interface and will probably have your Bible version for free.

However, it doesn’t support side by side translations or have notes from commentaries and Bible dictionaries. I personally view it more as a personal Bible reading app than a Bible study app.

2. CadreBible

CadreBible is a Bible study app with a basic Bible built in. It’s free to download with the KJV and Matthew Henry’s Bible commentary for free. However you can purchase extras such as more Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, reading plans and more. You can then have these versions side by side to compare and contrast making use of the larger screen size of many Android phones.

You can also highlight and create notes as you read which you can sync with Evernote.

Why You Might Like It

If you are looking for a tool which has a wide range of options for really getting into the text with commentaries, dictionaries and especially for viewing multiple versions at once, then CadreBible is a great choice for you. Just be warned, extra versions cost more than your typical in app purchase.

3. Olive Tree

Olive Tree from HarperCollins is a collection of apps (not just Android, but also desktop clients too) for viewing Christian resources.

There is an online store where you can access a range of resources such as different versions of the Bible, Bible study guides, commentaries, maps, dictionaries, concordances and more. It also has a nifty split screen feature so you can view two resources side by side.


Why You Might Like It

If you’re John Piper than you’d like this app…No seriously this is the Bible app he personally uses and has endorsed, so that’s something. I really like the split screen function and range of resource and I’m sure you will too. However, some of the interface isn’t very easy to understand or operate. It could be a lot simple. It’s also a great choice if you already have the desktop app.

4. Faithlife Study Bible / Logos

Faithlife is a larger online Christian organization who provide resources. Their Bible app includes a selection of free resources including versions of the Bible, study guides and reading plans. However, Faithlife also provide the Logos resource system which packs a whole host of different resources for your study which you can download to your Android device and access on a computer.

Why You Might Like It

If you really want to get deep into the minute details of each word with cross references, Bible study plans, commentaries, dictionaries and more then you should check out Faithlife’s services. Just be warned, these resources aren’t cheap but pack a host of top quality resources.

5. MySword

MySword is a free (funded by donations) Bible study app which features different translations, Strong’s Greek and Hebrew lexicon, some commentaries and let’s you add your own notes as you study.

It supports tablets and phones and has some handy buttons to quickly access different options. It does follow older Android design guidelines and some of the interface is large and bold.

Why You Might Like It

If you loved the old Android design style, then you’ll love the look of MySword. If you want a free app with good basic features and a good range of resources then this could be a great choice for you.

6. And Bible

And Bible is an open source app which comes with a copy of the ESV Bible on it. You can add other resources to it such as Bible reading plans, Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and maps. In addition there are a whole range of settings and features which you can turn on or off, such as red letters, tilt scrolling (love that one), footnotes, sleep times and more. Like many other options, you can add your notes into the app as well.

Why You Might Like It

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If you are a big open source fan then this is the choice for you. It has some great options and setting which you can’t get elsewhere. And Bible has some great extra options to download with more freedom than other more restrictive systems (if you know how and want to).

My Opinion

I had been using YouVersion for a long time, mainly for it’s different language options and nice, clean interface with a great integration of Bible reading plans.

However, thanks to putting together this overview, I’m changing over to CadreBible. The extra features (especially synchronizing my notes into Evernote, the resource library, and the split screen function) really help add value to the studying experience.

What’s your favorite Android Bible study app?

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Is there anything else that you’d add to this list?

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  • Play hymns consecutively as if playing a CD, without additional clicks (“Audio Resources”). Excellent for caregivers. Have KJV and NIV Bibles read to you. Click “Bible Studies” for Studies in the Scriptures, Tabernacle Shadows, the original Towers, Expanded Biblical Comments, and more!
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