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Adele 25 Zip Download

Adele - 25 Zip Download rarestyle23. STEAM GROUP Adele - 25 Zip Download rarestyle23. November 16, 2015. Overview Discussions Events Members Comments. ABOUT Adele - 25 Zip Download Adele - 25 Zip Download. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) 03. When We Were Young 05. Water Under The Bridge 07. Love In The Dark.

Adele - 25 Album Download Leak



01. Hello (4:55)
02. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (3:43)
03. I Miss You (5:4
04. When We Were Young (4:50)
05. Remedy (4:05)
06. Water Under the Bridge (4:00)
07. River Lea (3:45)
08. Love in the Dark (4:45)
09. Million Years Ago (3:47)
10. All I Ask (4:31)
11. Sweetest Devotion (4:11)
Target Deluxe:
12. Cant Let Go (3:1
13. Lay Me Down (4:30)
14. Why Do You Love Me (3:59)
Adele - 25 (Special Holiday Edition) CD 2 (6 / (25:14)
15. When We Were Young (Live At The Church Studios) (04:48)
16. Hello (Live At Nrj Awards) (05:07)
17. Send My Love (Live From Joe's Pub) (03:11)
18. Water Under The Bridge (Live From The Tonight Show) (03:50)
19. Million Years Ago (Live In New York City) (03:40)
20. All I Ask (Live In New York City) (04:36)


Artist: Adele
Album: 25 (Special Holiday Edition)
Release Date: 2015
File size: 205 MB
Genre: Pop, Soul


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Adele 25 Zip Album Download

Part 1. Adele 25 – One of the Best-selling Albums of All-time in the World

Unlike the previous album releases by Adele, 25's production combined the use of electronic elements and the rhythm patterns, as well as the R&B and organ elements of the 1980s. With the first release of 25 album, it received lots of positive reviews from critics, who praised Adele's vocal performance and album's creative production.

Accolades of Adele 25 Album

With the 22 million copies sold within that year, 25 has been ranked at No. 2 on Rolling Stone magazine's 'The 50 Best Albums of 2015' and so did in American newspaper, Newsday. Besides, it earned the British Album of the Year and its first single 'Hello' won the British Single of the Year at the 2016 BRIT Award. Moreover, album 25 also won the 2017 Grammy Award for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album and the 'Hello' earned the Grammys for Record of the Year, Song of the Year as well as Best Pop Solo Performance.

List of the Album 25 by Adele

Adele-25 zip album mp3 download

Adele's 25 is consisting of 11 songs. It includes the following songs: 'Hello', 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)', 'I Miss You', 'When We Were Young', 'Remedy', 'Water Under the Bridge', 'River Lea', 'Love in the Dark', 'Million Years Ago', 'All I Ask' and 'Sweetest Devotion'. Although only 'Hello', 'Send My Love' and 'When We Were Young' are available for Apple Music at the first released time, the full 25 album can be discovered and streamed on almost all online music streaming services on June 24, 2016, such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon.

Adele 25 Zip Download

Here, you can listen to and download Adele 25 album below or through Spotify app.